August Manga – New and Previously Lost

It’s a whole month late, but my lost box of manga finally showed up. Why did it take 3 times longer than two other boxes that left at the same time? Well, despite the fact that honto ships internationally, they have no clue how to do so properly.

They printed the address in the wrong area and that screws up whatever sorting process is involved. Love the little label that was taped on sometime before it left Japan: “Be a sport and deliver this expensive merchandise if you could manage since the sender was too dumb to do this properly, thanks.” I’ve had 6 boxes total from honto and don’t recall the labeling on all, but this one clearly hit a snag. Considering this happened not only to me but a few people who have talked to me, it’s not an isolated incident and I’d use them with extreme caution.

As I don’t appreciate being screwed out of hundreds of dollars or the stress that comes from waiting for lost books, I’m not sure I can continue to order from them if they aren’t consistent. I have some points that expire at the end of the month, so I ordered just a few 7-21 day books and will see if this happens all the time. I don’t really have a long term plan yet nor have the patience to address it with work ramping up again. I’m mostly just interested in new releases for a while anyway. So I grabbed some manga using EMS from Mangaoh, who know how to label packages.

I was days away from ordering some duplicates of these lost ones

This annoying delay has seemingly resulted in just more manga showing up

  • salty dog artbook 7! I own a dozen of her artbooks and it’s still not enough
  • Hetalia artbook ArteStella Piccolo – I like his color work, but didn’t want to pay for the extras of the original artbook, so this was perfect
  • Hetalia 5 Special Edition
  • Ureshi Hazukashi Yasen Kunren – Ore no Baruken de Ike! – quite a title and cover
  • Oukoku no Ko 1
  • Wakudeki Shumi
  • Ane-san Countdown! 1-2
  • Aoi Kiku
  • Yakan Hikou
  • Hungry Tiger
  • Hibari no Asa 1
  • Koban 1 – I always wanted the Poe Backs version of this, but being an unknown with a high price and small page count kept me away. Now that I see what I like, I might have to hunt down the original.. now that’s it has low availability. sigh

Despite having impressive zettai ryouiki, he’s quick to let us know he’s a guy. Going for the junk grab confirmation is a risky move. From Hanazono Fantasica

MIB in Ureshi Hazukashi Yasen Kunren


12 responses to “August Manga – New and Previously Lost

  1. Yay! Glad it finally made to your place instead of lost. Lucky you didn’t make a duplicate order. Yup mine were labeled like that too, that’s why it took a long time to arrive. Is there any other place to order other than honto? Can’t afford to order from Amazon, shipping kills it.

    I love your review of Ikuemi Ryo ‘Torch Song’. never really read her works but this book look awesome 🙂

    • Never used it, but I really briefly looked into HMV when bk1 switched. But like I said, I’m not looking hard right now. I’ll pay for Mangaoh to get my stuff to me for now. A stress relief hobby that causes more stress is worthless.

      I’m glad you’re interested in Torch Song Ecology! I really liked it.

  2. Very interesting address label… I googled a bit and found which shows that other people have got similar labels. In my country, people have been complaining that letters frequently get sent to the sender even if you label them correctly, so I wonder what would happen with a Honto package.

  3. I’m not a blog person, which means that I seldom check even the blogs I’m actually interested in. Still, I’m so happy to read that your lost package arrived to you at last! Enjoy your dirty man porn! 😉

    • Ha, I’m glad it decided to show up too. I don’t like sharing my dirty man porn with strangers! That box must have gone on some wondrous journeys during that time.

  4. Koban by Ishikawa Chika looks glorious- it looks kind of like Kochi Kame- is it any good?

    • It’s quite amusing. It definitely has that gag police comedy thing going on. It’s focused on the two being an “odd couple.” One is bubbly, kinda dumb, and bumbling, yet has rare flashes of brilliance. The other is a bit older, more capable, short and bitter about it, and very tsundere. I enjoyed it.

  5. I’m probably staying with honto and crossing my toes and fingers that my books will arrive to me safely, because obviously I only learn by experience. I’ve used cdjapan but their selection is abysmal and their shipping is a bit more expensive and it takes longer than honto. I’ve also used HMV and it wasn’t that bad since their EMS shipping is less expensive than honto and cdjapan, but I’m still a cheap bastard and their selection is not as good as honto.

  6. Oh, wow… is Honto truly that different from Bk1?
    I never had any delivery problem with Bk1 in the past… the worst was only not getting the post office notification to pickup the package. Though I had a non-Bk1 package confiscated by the customs (the most traumatic… T_T).
    I’m glad it eventually reached you safely! ^o^

  7. I recently placed an order with them (I just ordered a couple of books to be on the safe side) and it was all fine. I hope maybe that they got it together and people won’t be getting mis-labeled packages anymore.

    I used to use 船便 (boat mail ftw!) with BK1 and really liked it because it was so cheap (though it took approx. 6 weeks to get where I live- not too bad) but I’m really hesitant to use that or SAL because I haven’t used honto enough to see if they’re reliable.

    • I had some points left over and did a small order myself. This was placed.. about two months ago and I still had the same problem. It took a month to get here. So hopefully they fixed it in the meantime. I have a few more points, so I might order a book and see how it goes. But I’m with you–I want to judge their reliability before doing more risky shipping methods/orders!

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