June Manga

My first order from honto came.  Nothing really has changed. Similar shipping charges, similar preorder lock-out made me miss no less than 4 books in this past order. Waiting for the 500 pts from the campaign/or see if the 10000 yen/1000 pts took from the banner I saw intermittently.  Just as slow as before, if not more so.. not very impressed with their point system so far. At least I got books.. sigh.

More pictures and some & spoilers (that you could have seen coming miles/volumes away) under the cut.

I grabbed some recent releases and worked on my Natsume Isaku collection.

  • & 4
  • Utsubora 2
  • Junjou Drop
  • Nijiiro Days 1 (already did a blog entry)
  • BxP Anx 1
  • Tsumasaki ni Kourozu
  • Hayabusa 2
  • Himegoto Asobi 1 (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
  • Love Stage!! 2
  • Unknown no Madousho
  • Wasurarenai
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier 4-5
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 1
  • Free Punch
  • Kiraboshi Dial
  • Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo 1-2

I thought enough time had passed that I could get over my hate of a certain bitch in Shitsuren Chocolatier and catch up, but I forgot I didn’t have Vol 3 and got only 4-5. Not too bright… I need to check my own LibraryThing account more apparently. So much for catching up.

& 4 was why I placed the order and certainly not a disappointment. We get to see more of Kaoru and her growing sense of determination. Yagai voices his fears.. my heart almost broke when he made a comment that he’d be thrown away soon enough since he’s a man whose life is more than half over. But it’s such a good half!

Lots of intimacy in this volume–nice striping effect here.

Uh oh, confrontation! Yagai spoke of his admiration of Kaoru’s drive. He’s showing his mature side more versus just awkward / childish / tsuntsun.

Then there’s Shiro.. you could tell it was going to get much worse when a character was introduced with the role of being his dirty-little-secret-plaything at the end of the last volume. Sorry, I can’t sympathize him after his behavior towards that girl. Moments of weakness don’t give you a free pass to take advantage of someone else’s feelings and feeling bad about it doesn’t wipe away the mistake (that is then drawn out longer). Have a little class. At least the girl caused trouble herself.. if you use someone, don’t complain when they fuck you over~ I wasn’t even that mad that she was playing dirty at that point. But then it blows up. The wait for Vol 5 begins.

You busted and you know it.

I picked up Suppli in English as an appetizer in the meantime. Although Tokyopop is gone, you can still find new copies online for normal prices, so it seemed like a good time to grab them. I’ll have to grab the rest as raw volumes. They are expensive and the language is likely going to be painful at times with the work jargon, which is why I put it off for so long. However, having the first half translated is a good advantage and sadly cheaper.

Random pic time~

Utsubora chapter page. I was thinking of taking this on a trip soon to read, but there’s full nudity of what an manga-untrained eye would think is a very under-aged girl… maybe not the best to travel with.

Best part of BxP Anx was just a few pages in

The pacing is wonky in the beginning of BxP Anx. Lots of characters are introduced and the pacing/direction is seemingly aimless in the first 50-ish pages. Not much variation on the B-boy style that it touts.. clearly too spoiled by Tojitsuki Hajime. There’s more punk at least. It doesn’t feel like something I need to own.. that’s 2 for 2 of her latest works. I won’t be buying the third blindly… I should pick up a copy of Endless World instead.

Tsumasaki ni Kourozu color insert. Now THAT is a nice color insert

Aoi Aki has an interesting style. She uses photos as backgrounds which isn’t too uncommon. Sometimes it just… doesn’t mesh well and looks like her characters aren’t a part of the world. Hyper detailed backgrounds, sparser, less-toned characters.. kinda throws me off. Maybe this panel can illustrate what I’m talking about?

He’s not quite blending with the forest.. gives it an odd feeling

Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of gorgeous panels. Sometimes there’s just too much detail.  Here’s something that looks great:

I haven’t really read it yet, so I can’t comment on the content. I was just gaping at the style.

I forgot to include Kakemakumo, Kashikoki in the photo, but I do have an inner photo. I’ve had a thing for foxes since I was little, so having foxes and fox-eared characters illustrated by Takarai Rihito is fantastic. Just started reading this one.. looks like nice shoujo fantasy eye candy manga.

Currently putting together a rather large July order that I want to place in about a week. I have that month off and I’m determined to do a lot of relaxing and less fretting. I’ve been posting a bunch of pretty covers on tumblr. I’m hoping honto will be more gracious with points.


12 responses to “June Manga

  1. & has some of the most elegant paneling that I have seen in a manga yet.

    • She has a great eye.. I didn’t even skim the surface of all the beautiful pages in just that volume. You can see more in Suppli.. while it’s older and not as polished, you can see her current style developing. It looks like a good study for paneling.

  2. Gah! &4 and Utsubora 2! *frothing at the mouth*

  3. that color insert *____*
    so beautiful!
    i’d also like to know your thoughts on endless world.

    • Endless World was gorgeous–the imagery, raw emotion.. I keep expecting her other stuff to contain that too. But I’ve not found it again at the same level. The execution and writing direction were lacking in comparison to Endless World. They were also pretty boring and failed to move me, so.. meh. I’m done blindly buying her on the faith Endless World built.

  4. I love Aoi Aki’s style; there’s also a fox-eared character in her book.

    Are you sure Kakemakumo, Kashikoki is not bl? It even has an entry in chil-chil.

    • chil-chil.net has entries for even non-BL stuff, like manga from avarus, Ichiraci, Aria, B’s Log, flowers, Hana to Yume, Wings, Zero-sum/Ward, etc.. lots of shoujo/josei titles. KK is shoujo as it was published in Wings. The premise is that the guy accidentally became engaged to a fox spirit, but that doesn’t mean there’s any romantic inclinations between the two. The fox is kinda pissed because he was *supposed* to get engaged to a hot fox-tailed woman, but those plans were interrupted. I haven’t read that far, but that’s what it looks like so far. There’s some undeserved negative reviews out there boiling down to “I expected this to be BL but it wasn’t.” They clearly weren’t paying attention when they bought it.

  5. That Tsumasaki ni Kourozu color insert is absolutely beautiful!!!
    And from the pic of your order, the one that immediately stood out for me was Himegoto Asobi. Probably because I’m too much in love with that series and the characters. And I am happy to see that you love the book!
    I heard that it comes with an extra too, though I only see an image of Saji wearing a gakuran in tumblr.
    Thanks for your interesting post!

  6. I got my last BK1 order a few days ago. Surface mail is so slow… Do the Honto orders come with the same kind of packaging, or has it changed to something worse, such as Amazon-style packaging? Also, have you found out if there is a way to avoid the claimed regional restriction on e-books? I think that the e-books labelled “水城せとな単行本未収録作” look interesting and there are no paper versions…

    • That is a long wait. I’ve been awaiting the second box of my latest order. The first box arrived a week ago and second one (with 30 books in it) hasn’t shown up yet.. since it was airmail, this is troubling.

      The packaging and packing material is the same.

      I don’t know how to get around the regional restriction–I’ve admittedly not given it any thought. No paper versions in all her collections/bunko? That’s odd.. she is crazy prolific though.

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