May Manga~

Despite the arrival of summer, I’ve neglected things around here in favor of other shiny things.  Some of which include:

One of these things is not like the other.

Most attention has gone toward Diablo III which arrived exactly when I wanted a video game to binge on.  I’ve been running my wizard around like crazy. On the other hand, I’ve barely touched Brothers Conflict yet.  In due time.  If I manage to do it before I grab the Atelier Elkrone otome game.  It’s like my dirty little secret of wanting the Atelier games to be dating sims as well was heard.  I still want to loosen up Sterk… Fabulous.

I have been dabbling in manga and have received a number of them.

Caught up on Tousuisha manga purchases.  The reality of Silver Diamond ending is starting to set in. Volume 27 will be the last. I’ve been reading it continuously since.. 2004? There was a year in-between where I almost stopped reading manga, but Silver Diamond is the one thing I stayed current on.  It’s hard to imagine a manga world without Chigusa and Rakan. We’ll see where all the developments /revelations from this last volume go… I hope she doesn’t rip my heart out.

The rest of the new manga.. difficult to cram it all into frame.

I’ve been trying to chip away at them and can’t fixate my attention on just one to write up something about it.  Something from Monden Akiko (Limiter, a josei title), Almost Paradise (almost unnecessary? Matsuo Marta has no lack of fans..), Dakara Kaneda was Koi ga Dekinai, Brown Sugar, a number of things from my backlog.. being indecisive is resulting in a whole lot of nothing. I’ll have to make a concentrated effort to get back into the swing of things.

Title list:

  • Tenshi Bitter x Akuma Sweet by Chika
  • Almost Paradise by Matsuo Marta
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita 12 by Suzuki Julietta
  • Senpai by Bikke
  • Principal 4 by Ikuemi Ryo
  • Honto Yajuu 5 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Ikasama Memori 1 by Natsume Isaku
  • [sen] rasen no zyou by Okadaya Tetuzoh
  • Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi 2 by Yamanaka Hiko
  • Sansukumi 4 by Kinuta Murako
  • Ane no Kekkon 3 by Nishi Keiko
  • Muchuu no Hito 1-3 by Tanaka Suzuki
  • Dolci 2 by Hoshino Soumei
  • Are You Alice? 5 by Katagiri Ikumi/Ninomiya Ai
  • Dakara Kaneda wa Koi ga Dekinai 1 by Kazumi Yuana
  • Zeni Doku 1 by Monden Akiko
  • Message by Monden Akiko
  • Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa by Tanaka Ai
  • Tanoshii Apaato Life wo Osugoshi Kudasai by Marei Kengo
  • Bokura no Hikari Club 2 by Furuya Usamaru
  • Okashina Futari 2 by Okaue Ai
  • Yukito 1 by Monden Akiko/Oosawa Arimasa
  • Sora to Hara by Nakamura Asumiko
  • Sono Te ga Koi ni Kizuku Made by Nagisa Banri
  • Brown Sugar by Akiyama Kaori
  • Silver Diamond 26 by Sugiura Shiho
  • Rare Jewel 2-4 by Toumiya Senko
  • Kemono no Oukoku 2-3 by Sugihara Machiko
  • Kamisama Gakuen @ Armeria 1 by Kakizaki Muku
  • Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 9-10 by Kaji Eiri
  • Akubana Kyuuseishu 1-2 by Sena Masaya

The BL manga from the pile

I’ve read 3 of the 4 books in the middle. Funny thing is they are all student/teacher stories and 2 are art teachers. Sora to Hara and Almost Paradise look great next to each other–so colorful!  Both were great reads. I was delighted at the surprise fantasy story in Almost Paradise. Fantasy is just not something I expected from Matsuo Marta. Nagisa Banri (Sono Te ga Koi ni Kizuku Made) has a refreshing style. It’s not classic BL beautiful bishie that’s done to death: the haircuts remind me a bit of Mentaiko. It has a decent story for a beginner.. dramatic with a touch of mystery. Sora to Hara came with fun stickers and Senpai came with a postcard.  I’ve gotten a number of nice postcards lately and wanted to do something with them…

I think I’ve crossed some odd line.. oh well. Not sure about the photo frame for Senpai, but it was cheap and will work until I find something else. Still need a frame for the Faust postcard from Al to Neri to Sono Shuuhen so I can enshrine my oyaji love. The Ono Natsume stuff looks surprisingly great on the mantle.

I’ve started to go through these. I think Nishi Keiko is conspiring to kill me with Ane no Kekkon. I’m not sure what direction the story is going to go from here. There’s just a little hint in the cover, which is so nice that I had to make it the new blog header image.

I’ve never seen anyone so happy to get smashed in the face. I’m surprised that I relate to Maki the most. I really want it to work out for him.. I don’t know if I’ll get what I want.

From Brown Sugar. I really like this book so far–almost half done. She has excellent oji-san taste. She’s crushed because she was just referred to as his daughter.

Scene from Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa. This has some gorgeous art. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read it in earnest yet.

I usually don’t like pictures of bugs, but this one has a tea cup. This makes it okay.

& Volume 4 is coming out in about a week. That’s an instant auto-buy title, so I already placed a small-ish order. That will be my first order from honto. Yay?  After that, no more until mid-July.  I got enough crap to read!

18 responses to “May Manga~

  1. Haha, those delights are most definitely not crap. Enjoy the books. I really liked Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa. You should sit with a mug of hot tea and truly savor it. The stories are awesome. I especially enjoyed the story of the friendship between the gardener and the king. I even cried a little bit at the end. Sigh.
    Anyway, I haven’t got the chance to order books from honto. Please let us know how it goes.

    • Haha, yeah.. I’m just drowning in books. It shouldn’t be a bad thing, I suppose. Something about Chijou begs to be read slowly and carefully. So I have been taking it a story at a time.. I quite like it so far. Good purchase. This author is on my stalk list.

      The books should ship out in about a week, so I’ll let you know how it goes then.

  2. Have you noticed – Bikke’s BL stuff, like Senpai and Kabe no Naka no Tenshi seem to have a less round but fluffier art style vs her shoujo/josei that has round faces, eyes, much younger looking characters :D?

    Senpai is gorgeous.

    • Good eye! I have noticed her style changing too. Maybe that’s her way of “blending” with other contemporary BL styles? I prefer it. Although Tenshi and Aka seemed very similar to me.. at least a few character designs like blonde curly haired guy (love that one!). The older characters in Aka seemed less.. round. Senpai looks fantastic. I just started reading it, so not terribly far yet. But I like what I see.

      • Does Edge reprint sold out manga ;;? I.. don’t think I’ve seen an edge manga sell out. Hertz restocked Endoukun in february after it went out of print in december. Shimaji’s Chiisana Koi no Melody got restocked after many months!

        • Since there’s plenty of stock of their old titles, I’d imagine they’d have to regularly reprint. My Kuma to Interi copy is the 15th reprint.. so yeah, eventually. I’m not really into Shimaji, so I wasn’t following that title’s stock at all. I might be disappointed if Kaerenai Futari or Yoake no Inu was completely gone.

          • 15th Reprint – I am really glad to hear that and thank you for clarifying! Plenty of us got to the Senpai order rather late.

            Shimaji – is it the art you’re put off by? It… doesn’t seem to be as polished or pretty as other artists haha… Or that most of her stories seem to be collections of oneshots? [I will never see a conclusion to Koi no Chime]. Or the stories themselves?

            • Bikke is popular enough and it took very little time for Senpai to sell out, so I’m sure it will get reprint treatment soon enough.

              Shimaji’s art doesn’t particularly bother me. I like her coloring. It’s more like.. she bores me? I’m not a fan of slice of life unless it’s pretty good. The characters came off flat too (likely a result of the oneshot format?). I didn’t bother finishing Neko no Koi.. maybe I should. The second story could be better. The two manga I mentioned looked a bit more interesting to me.. I might give them a try sometime. I haven’t completely given up.

  3. Replying to

    The 2nd story in Neko no Koi is young Nephew x Uncle – :3 I thought you liked oyaji-moe xD.

    • I just revisited it for that. It’s hard for me to dislike oyaji~ While I was super bored by the first story, the oyaji boss/younger family member aspect of the second story was pleasing. I also liked the daughter’s role.. the disparity between the two stories for me is a bit shocking, ha. Makes me nervous to purchase her stuff. If there’s a confirmed oyaji, I’m there at least.

      • Oh gosh, in that case… This is the only one I even remember having the older man dynamic from raws. Most of her stuff’s salary man or high school boys, always a bit painful to read and sad but usually with a happy ending haha. I am a sucker for that so I hunted down her out of print Chiisana too (and the next week it came into stock on Honto). before spending anything, please check the akahoshitakuya reviews :X – i’d hate to be the cause of an annoying purchase.

        Coming to your article – I hope you do a review for Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa if you are free one of these months, I love the art style and it looks pretty whimsical!

        • It’s not a big priority, but I’m trying to keep open to her future stuff. I just have to remember how much I hated Shiro Neko and if I gave up on Tojitsuki Hajime then, I would have missed her fantastic BL/shoujo manga she’s done recently.

          I do like what I’ve read so far in Chijou–impressive stuff considering she’s a new mangaka. Although oneshots are harder to do with my format, I’ll consider looking at it after I finish my Oyajina 2 entry that’s been wasting away. Just need to stop playing Diablo III long enough..

  4. OMG! I missed Almost Paradise. I can’t believe it, I could have sworn that I add it to my order but I guess I just forgot and only remembered when I was reading your post.

    Oh, the Oyajis from Brown Sugar are hot. I’m kinda surprised because I was expecting something else.

    • Oh no! Something to look forward to at least. I forgot/wasn’t allowed to pre-order a few things like the new Takao Hiroi/Kamuro Akira title. I love them and it even had an oyaji.. sigh.

      I was expecting a bit more romance in Brown Sugar, but that was limited mostly to the last story. Still, I really enjoyed it which is uncharacteristic because it was mainly slice of life. Tasty oyaji probably helped. I can’t wait until she releases a tank of Boku no Otousan.

      • Do you use honto? I think they dropped a few things from my wishlist when they made the move from bk1. As an upside, their preordering process seems to be smoother than bk1’s.

        • I used them once and those books should arrive in a week or so. I haven’t noticed anything different. All I’ve noticed is that preorders for the books I wanted still closed to early. I managed to snag & 4 about 1.5 weeks in advance at least.

          • You don’t remember bk1? It used to be worse(at least I had bad luck with them). So far I like the new honto, especially since the shipping seems cheaper and faster. I haven’t preorder with them yet, so I’m going by with what I observe and they have every future release in my wishlist as preordernable.

            • Oh I remember–honto has been just as bad with me. I had 4-5 manga I couldn’t preorder. Shipping came out to be pretty much the same too. So far my experience has been that it’s a reskinned bk1 with the same backend.

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