Early May Manga Snack

I was painfully behind on buying my Tousuisha manga.  Between this quick order and the one later this month that coincides with the release of Silver Diamond 26, I should be caught up once again.  I picked up a few additional titles I didn’t want to wait until after the 20th to get.  Expensive shipping only, so they’re already here.

The manga pictured are:

  • Ou no Ibara 6-7 by Togawa Mitomo – I have a half-started blog entry on this one.. oh well
  • Moon Trick 3 by Morimoto Shuu
  • High & High 10-11 by Kakizaki Muku  – the end!
  • Ghost Walker by Sakura Megumi
  • Ore Monogatari!! 1 by Kawahara Kazune and Aruko – LOVE
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 3 by Hatta Ayuko
  • HELP! by Akiyama Kaoru
  • Renai Nenrei 2 by Naono Bohra – oyajiiiii
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei 5 by Tanaka Suzuki
  • many by Tsutsumi Kakeru

Inappropriate workplace behavior

Cute dogs always a positive. From Help!

Freckled girl from a Hatta Ayuko oneshot acts inappropriately towards a bottle. Too bad the freckled ones are rarely presented as hot.. sigh

I ended up absolutely loving these three ❤ Need MOAR

6 responses to “Early May Manga Snack

  1. Oh, I’m reading Ookami Shoujo! But I’m already starting to feel story fatigue; obviously my endurance has been ruined by bl. How bl-ish is Moon Trick? Hmm, maybe I’ll start Renai Nenrei(although I’m not sure If I actually like Naono Bohra).

    • Ha, that’s terrible. I feel like one volume often isn’t long enough to get anything of substance going, so I have the opposite problem. Moon Trick is not very BL-ish at all–shoujo fantasy with a touch a slash if you squint hard enough. Renai Nenrei is fine–the oyaji is very tsundere.

      • I kinda have a short attention span(I drop more stuff than I finish). I do love long series(which is hard to find in BL) but it’s hard to find one that will keep my interest long term. But I haven’t given up, which is partly why I’ve gone back to shoujo.

  2. Bleh ~ that stupid bottle / lollipop / banana / whatever sucking thing is getting so old. I got tired of it after the first couple of times…can’t understand how that kind of joke can make anyone laugh (or turn them on, or whatever it is it’s supposed to do)

    Help! looks cute. I adore pet-related manga (Chii’s Sweet Home, Doubutsu no Oishasan, Pikupiku Sentarou etc., etc.) It does have something to do with animals, right? *Fingers crossed*

    • It wasn’t supposed to be a turn-on.. it was supposed to be a really awkward moment for that girl and it was.

      HELP! is nothing like those. It’s just a collection of short stories and there’s a few instances where some animals show up, but nothing big. That was just one page. There’s some cats in the last story that hang around longer.

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