Shiny New Releases: Ore Monogatari!! by Kawahara Kazune and Aruko

I found a high school shoujo romance manga that I want terribly.  It’s been a while since I’ve burned with such strong manga lust.  It’s because the main character of Ore Monogatari!! is a bit different this time.

For starters, Takeo is about two meters tall and weighs 120 kg (265 pounds).

The more typical-looking shoujo manga male character is Suna, Takeo’s best friend.  Despite their gap in appearance, they’ve been good friends since childhood.  The only problem is that every girl Takeo likes ends up chasing after Suna, who never accepts confessions from the girls anyway.  However, Takeo’s luck might be turning around after one girl seems to have eyes for him and not his friend.  If only the awkward and dense Takeo could realize it.

Takeo is as pure as untouched snow–a feature typically reserved for the heroine.

I could go and on about my love for this manga, but I figure that means I should just do full entry on it sometime.  Thus, I should save something for that time!  There’s a lengthy sample available online to satiate the hunger in the meantime.

Oh god, where have you been all of my manga life?  You’re late!!

17 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Ore Monogatari!! by Kawahara Kazune and Aruko

  1. That is a hero from a shoujo manga!? O_o
    Oh, wow! I must say the mangaka is taking a big risk here; but she’ll probably get readers for uniqueness alone, if nothing else. I wonder if the handsome friend will end up with a nerdy-looking girl who doesn’t end up undergoing a “beauty transformation”…that’d be nice, because I always feel that the pressure on women to be stereotypically good-looking if they’re to be considered “worthy” of admiration / love / lust / whatever is greater than on men. But that’s in my country, of course — I dunno what it’s like in Japan or the West.

    But the plain girl x hot boy plot device is also a bit cliché in its own right, I guess. And a lot of people don’t appreciate too many morals in their fiction, so I suppose the mangaka will stop with the “beauty x geek” combinations at the main couple.
    This kind of reminds me of Aitsu no Daihonmei ~ though I don’t really follow that series anymore.

    • It’s a risk, but a very calculated one. Like you said, readers will flock for the uniqueness and shock value. Also, the author is quite popular (Koukou Debut) and will attract a base of fans. You also have the best friend to give the readers eye candy, so it’s not like they’re going without. Once you give it a try, it seems to charm you and then word of mouth spreads I guess~ I poked around a bit more and there seems to be a good number of positive opinions on it.

      It uses the same ugly/cute theme in Aitsu no Daihonmei. It’s just a more innocent and sweet romance story (no sadists lol). Any story that doesn’t require conventional beauty starts out as a positive to me. I read plenty of them with beautiful people and don’t mind it a whole lot (since it’s ubiquitous in media), but when it’s not necessary to make a good character, I’m particularly pleased.

  2. I loved Kawahara Kazune’s other works (I especially liked Sensei! 😀 )

    This looks so freaking awesome. I need this.

    • Nice, I haven’t read Sensei! It’s a bit intimidating at that length. But I’m dying for this manga. My copy should be here tomorrow actually.. can’t wait!

  3. I usually like my unattractive heroes to be in novel form not manga but I’ll give it a try if someone scanlates it(doubtful). And oh god, I think I’ve read too much BL, I got the the impression that the best friend is actually in love with the mc. Damn my fujoshi mind!

  4. i was surprised to see that this was by the same mangaka as koukou debut (which i loved). her stories are pretty unique (that part wasn’t a surprise), but i didn’t recognize the artwork. just looked through her tag on tumblr and glad to see she’s done some watercolor works!
    this is def. on my plan to read list!
    lol at your this is like aitsu w/o the sadists comment.

    • Ha, the artist is Aruko, so you wouldn’t recognize that part of it.

      You know how Satou saw past appearances and thought Yoshida was a cool person for standing up for him in AnD? The others in this manga genuinely think Takeo is cool too. They just don’t express their affection… through sadism… COUGH.

      • pfft. that makes sense.
        AWWW. love for the not so beautiful 😀
        going to miss that sadism aspect, but still sounds interesting!

        i’m a bit surprised that kazune ended up doing a duo thing…for a manga (if she was the artist for a light novel, i’d get it). i just think that normally mangaka at least remain the artist when they team up with someone else….

  5. So interested in this, I hope someone scanlates it. Kazune actually teamed up with another artist (Yamakawa Aiji of Yajirobee) in Tomodachi no Hanashi. Is she maybe taking a break from illustrating?

    • I just got that manga too and was wondering that myself. I think Kazune/Aruko is a winning team–her style is perfect for this kind of story. Yamakawa almost draws too beautifully to make the main character in Tomodachi no Hanashi deliberately appear plain. Looking plainer meant she just got smaller eyes in her design, ha.

  6. Haha, am I the only one who actually likes
    the appearance (and personality of course) of Takeo? xD
    Anyway, im looking forward to get the first volume soon!

    • Nope, I think he’s quite cute 🙂 More than one of the female characters think he’s good-looking, so it’s nice to see there’s a variety in taste and not everyone goes after Suna. Have fun reading it!

  7. Why can’t anyone give me a summary of the translation? Im gonna wait forever for this to show up in scanlation… There is only chp 1.1, i need more… But cannot read… Only know ore, suki, omae… Aargghhh… I dont care abt physical stuff, whats important is THE STORY! Koukou debut got boring after a while, i abandoned it a while ago. Ths time should be GOOD since the main character is not the typical aka boring handsome guy! I just wish i can read kanji… -_-

    • Well, now I hope you have to wait longer. You seriously should pay attention as to where or with whom you whine.

      You don’t care about the physical stuff? Well, you don’t care about the story then. That is what is keeping this manga going–it’s selling relatively well and even ranked in the lower area of the bestseller chart. The story would have ended already if it wasn’t so popular. Cry to yourself–no one gives a shit about whiny, complaining leeches who don’t support the stories we love.

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