Hirunaka no Ryuusei by Yamamori Mika

Hirunaka no Ryuusei

No matter what I do, I’ll always be just a student to him

It looks like I have a small offering after all!  Recently, I redoubled my efforts in finding enjoyable contemporary shoujo manga titles outside of my normal imprints and mangaka.  I wanted to stray away from my comfortable fantasy territory and venture into the dangerous realm of high school drama and romance once again.  Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Daytime Shooting Star) was a promising lead with its refreshing heroine, endearingly awkward classmate, and hot teacher.  Particularly that last bit–very hot teacher.

Yosano Suzume is a 15 year old high school girl who recently moved to Tokyo from the countryside.  She has to adjust to her new surroundings, living with her uncle, and her new classmates.  Sounds like standard-fare for high school themed shoujo manga.  However, the events are mostly episodic and almost inconsequential compared to just watching how the various characters interact and react to these situations. For me, that’s the draw of this manga.

Suzume in particular is a fairly tolerable shoujo lead–she’s not overly nice, idealistic, naive, or awkward.  She’s somewhat aloof and often has a stoic expression on her face, and yet she reaches out and attempts to make friends at her new school.  Her first friend is Mamura, the boy sitting next to her.  He’s a bit distant himself and it doesn’t go too smoothly at first.  He’s just really shy.

That is some impressive blushing

Making friends with the cute, but quiet Mamura naturally makes her the target of the resident bitchy rival girl of this shoujo manga.  After the bitchy girl, who is of course both prettier and more popular, tries to crush the threatening Suzume in a way only high school girls can do, Suzume’s reaction is kinda interesting.  Instead of feeling bad for herself or fidgeting nervously about a confrontation, she meets the challenge head on.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good hair pulling.

Suzume shows that she’s a good person by covering up their fight and not ruining the other girl’s reputation when others stumble upon them.  She won’t be rid of her rival that easily since she decides to stick around because Suzume is friends with Mamura.  But who needs Mamura anyway when you have a hot teacher lurking about?  Honestly, my excitement for this manga almost exclusively comes from the teacher.

Soon after arriving in Tokyo, Suzume is helped by a young man who turns out to be a friend of her uncle.  The coincidences don’t stop there–this is a shoujo manga, after all!  He’s also her new homeroom teacher, Shishio.  He’s fairly popular with students due to his friendly attitude and good looks.  He’s not overly serious and feels like the type of person that can be laid back, yet reliable when the need arises. He nudges Suzume in the right directions when she’s troubled.  Suzume’s early impression of Shishio being reliable starts to morph into something more.  But she’s confronted with the reality that she’s just a student to him and her feelings could never be reciprocated.  Does that mean there’s no hope for her?  Is Shishio completely immune to her own subtle charm?  Even if he isn’t, will he actually do something about it?

Uh oh, something has started~

Shishio is an interesting guy–he reacts that way to a primped Suzume but in a later scene crushes reassures her that he would never lay a hand on a student.  Looks like the battle isn’t over yet~  I enjoy the two lead characters, their interactions, and the cute art, so I’ll be following the continuation of this manga, hoping for some hot teacher action, of course.  So this is now a Shishio appreciation post.

There was a title drop on this page, likening his sexy mole to a shooting star in Suzume’s delirium. shin approves… and wants to bite that neck

Shishio cleans up well for his “teacher mode”

Smoking is bad, mmm’kay. Even if it makes you a sexy beast.

I will continue to read Hirunaka no Ryuusei for Shishio–no regrets!

19 responses to “Hirunaka no Ryuusei by Yamamori Mika

  1. Oh, Mamura is hot too. I love student-teacher stories! Unfortunately, bl doesn’t have that many good ones, so I don’t read that many of them anymore. I’ll definitely try this one out, and as an added incentive it’s actually been scanlated!

    • Hmm, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve read a good BL student-teacher story. Too bad, I enjoy them as it guarantees one of the characters is at least in their 20s and gives it that uncertain dynamic between the two. This is a good addition to the shoujo pile of student-teacher stories at least.

      • The last decent one I read was in Furueru Yoru, but it didn’t really felt like a student-teacher one.
        I already read the translated chapters, and I can’t wait for more. I was actually hoping to see the cat fight since I rarely see a good one in shoujo, but I guess that’s later in the volume. I also really really hope there won’t be a love triangle.
        I definitively want to buy the books, especially since I need more books furigana.

        • The cat fight does come later–it’s pretty quick, but amusing enough. I’m not sure about Mamura and his possible position at the corner of a love triangle. There’s a little something developing there, but bitchy girl’s role might be in giving him something to focus on after pining a bit for Suzume or something. Suzume is pretty fixated on Shishio. I need to read vol 2 to see where that is going. I should get it soon at least.

          It’s an easy book to read, so that’s always a plus!

  2. Oh yeahhhhh! I’m a nut for sensei x student shoujos. I just started reading this too, (scanlations) and it has promise. Well, to be honest, it doesn’t take much to please me when it comes to teacher/student shoujos. Thankfully, this heroine isn’t so cookie cutter. And the sensei is sooo yummy. I only wish they had made him look a little bit older, like he’s actually in his twenties. Right now, he has the appearance of a teenager (minus the smoking? Hehe).

    And girl cat fight? Awesome, that’s so much better than always having the guy come and save you, although having sensei help out probably wouldn’t be too unwelcomed….

    Also Suzume cleans up well! She looks so pretty in that picture! Don’t get me wrong, I like her pigtail laidback look, but I’m also a sucker for pretty girl transformation stuff too.

    Anyway, I’m a fan of your blog! I stumbled onto it a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. I will check back often, thank you!

    • I’m a sucker for student/teacher stories too. I also wish Shishio looked a bit older.. Even in his clean, grown-up mode he looks 20 years old at best, ha. Dressed down, he wouldn’t look at out place next to Suzume. The mismatch between student/teacher is part of the appeal for me.

      Thanks for dropping a note 🙂

  3. That cleaning up after “teacher-mode” pic is very adorable. I like your photo posts describing what makes you fascinated about certain genres.

    • That author has a number of really cute frames like that.. I think the execution of the manga makes it seem good and not just “yet another teacher/student shoujo romance” manga. And thanks–it can be hard to convey the strengths of a medium like this without picture references and it’s always fun to see what catches someone’s eye/how that might compare to your own, etc.

  4. this is a pretty refreshing take on old shojo manga cliches. it’s all in the execution and characterization i guess, i normally hate the heroines and the downright misogynist main romance. any recommendations for similar non-shojo shojo? also, i’ve read up to chapter 24 in chinese scanlations but is that the latest volume that’s come out?

    • Hirunaka no Ryuusei (4) covers up to chapter 28. A shoujo romance manga like this one.. hmm. That’s not as easy as I thought. Since it’s rare enough, I usually run off to my shoujo fantasy/adventure stories with little to no romance or josei manga.

      Have you been keeping up with Taiyou no Ie? The heroines’ personalities and the romance remind me of each other.

      Ore Monogatari!! has a very healthy romance with no weird problems, drama, or emotional manipulation.

      Do you read Nishi Keiko? She has a lot of shoujo manga that is romance focused, yet not drowning in ugly cliches. Koi to Gunkan has a beautiful, subtle romance.. but I guess it’s easier to stray from stereotypes when it’s between two guys. Her josei manga feature good heroines though.

      I also like Shimizu Reiko’s romance manga, but I have a different vision of romance than most maybe.. she doesn’t write shoujo high school romance, but several of her series feature two androids who want to be together to the end of time (and have the capability to live that long). I find that terribly romantic.

      Those are pretty old.. something more recent maybe is Okashi na Futari. The lead is recovering from a bad relationship (not unlike what you’d see as the main in some shoujo manga) and starts to form one with her neighbor. It’s been months since I’ve read it, but I remember liking her.

      Yeah, I don’t read a ton of shoujo romance manga or at least find flaws in the ones I do, ha.

  5. Me neither, I usually give up after the first few chapters, but I loved Nana (I know, it’s josei, but Hachi acts like a high schooler in an adult world..still waiting for a continuation hopefully..) Parakiss, Akuma to Love Song (too much melodrama though) Kare Kano, and Bokura ga ita… I guess my interest skews psychological, but only because of the more developed, 3-dimensional characters, and only when it’s balanced with understated humor, which is why I loved Hirunaka’s tone. It’s angst without the Angst of unnecessary melodrama, and the understated artwork perfectly matches the story tone.
    That said, my favorite mangaka is Nakamura Asumiko, whether it’s the more hilarious slice of life doukyuusei/sora to hara or the completely twisted J no subete. I like mangas that, when they go for the melodrama, they really go for it, full on psychological horror style (but not blood and gore cheap shots that are totally unjustified). Her artwork is perfect.
    Have you read the webtoon Cheese in the Trap? Kind of fun mystery/dark romance(?) set at a university. Also, if you like fantasy, have you read the webtoon Kiss Wood? gorgeous full color illustration.

    I haven’t read most of your recommendations, so thanks!!

    • also, can you recommend some of your favorite yamashita tomoko works? besides love, hate, love, which i couldn’t find in chinese, but i’ve found a lot of her other stuff on chinese sites.

      • My favorite is Mo’some Sting, followed by Don’t Cry, Girl. I also like Kuimonodokoro Akira. Her is great, but it’s a collection of (related) short stories and I personally tend to not enjoy oneshots as much as a continuous story. Honestly, all her stuff is top notch and I can’t think of a single title that would be a waste of time/money reading. I read everything I can from her.

    • No problem. Hmm, psychological shoujo romance makes me think of the likes of Hagio Moto, Mizushiro Setona, and Shimizu Reiko. So any titles you haven’t picked up from them. Sometimes the older the story, the better it is too. I strayed from the mainstream before, but just to check–Basara, Mekakushi no Kuni, and Mars are also great shoujo romance stories along those lines.

      I’m a huge fan of Nakamura Asumiko and her range. I love how she goes from completely disturbing like J no Subete or Coponicus no Kokyuu to a hilarious parody like AnaDoko.

      I don’t keep up with webtoons, maybe some day!

  6. I just read the first volume.
    I can’t believe that Uncle is not some older oyaji uke, ehh, it’s a good shoujo, quite a refreshing and very nice artwork for shoujo I think.

  7. What do you think about the ending of the couple (Suzume – Shishio)? Coz at this rate, I am afraid the managaka sensei will let Suzume end up with Mamura instead of Shishio. I read and see many haters against Shishio as they do not like a relationship between a student and a teacher 😀 For me, it does not mind ^^
    Anyway, thank you so much for this post then I have read a nice shoujo.

    • It’s a great manga–glad you are enjoying it!

      I think Shishio is still the endgame. Right now (at least until the end of Vol 8 that I’ve read), the story seems to be pushing Suzume toward Mamura to create extra drama, prolong the story, and give a truly threatening rival to force Shishio to move. But ultimately, I still think it’s Shishio since their characters actually have chemistry. Mamura is a friend and there’s not really any attraction that is believable between him and Suzume. I was under the impression Vol 9 would ramp up the rival relationship, but it’s in the mail so I don’t know how that works out.

      People being against student/teacher relationships in fictional stories seems really silly to me. Having preferences is one thing, but actively disapproving is a waste of energy! I cheer for whichever character I like the most and I think Shishio is the winning team even if he’s down for the count right now. Mamura/Suzume would make a pretty awful story… I hope it’s not that, ew.

      • Thank you much for your quick reply ^^ Indeed, the mangaka sensei has raised up the rival relationship till volume 10 and now is volume 11. Then, I feel a little disappointed when the extra drama was added more than my initial guess. More and more moments between Mamura and Suzume have taken place without any amendment towards the “decreasing” relationship of Suzume and Shishio. In the latest chapter 69 (volume 11), I felt as if my heart is broken TT__TT when Suzume chose to give her cheering headband to Mamura instead of Shishio *sorry for spoiler* After this chapter, I still try to convince myself about the light at the end of the tunnel and hope the managka sensei will not let us down.

        Regarding the hate towards Shishio, I find their reasons so funny & silly when they are stating “gross”, “crazy”, “terrible”, even “age gap” and something like that. *lol* They have criticized Shishio of his coward decision, dishonest feelings towards Suzume while Mamura is praised so much. Well, I do not hate any character in this manga, but will support mostly Shishio and the ship Shishio-Suzume 😀

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