March/April Manga Pictures and Order

Things have been dead because I’ve been half-dead.  Honestly, this won’t change for a few more weeks and there won’t be any (relatively) interesting updates.  That’s just the way it is sometimes.  I’ve had these new books for several weeks, but haven’t gotten around to reading them much, let alone taking pictures.  However, with the release of Natsuyuki 4, I have another order on the way and can’t get too far behind.

Mostly shoujo and josei purchases. Not sure I remembered to include everything.

The random BL purchases. Oyajina! is the obvious favorite.

Monden Akiko. So many hot guys--given time, I could cover several of these titles.

I could cover Oyajina! but when it comes to Hiiragi Nozomu, Nishi Keiko, or Kawachi Haruka, I figure people are sick of me talking about them constantly.  Regardless, I might end up covering Oyajina! when I get more time. :3 Incorrigible. Once I get some free time, I’ll see if anything is screaming for an entry.

These books are going to show up in about a week:

  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous 4 by Kawachi Haruka – THE END, SOOOB. Okay, there’s some side-stories, but still…. SOB.
  • Koi to Gunkan 2 by Nishi Keiko – @$%#%
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 5 by Chika
  • Wannin 2 by Hoonoki Sora – adorable drawing style with dogs, animal ears, and cute guys abound (sometimes all at once!)
  • Golondrina 1 by est em
  • Orokamono wa Aka wo Kirau reprint by est em – yup, already own it, but when I see that cover, I just want to sink my teeth into the small of his back.. is that weird? Yeah, probably. But I don’t care.
  • Chibisan Date 2 by Himaruya Hidekaz
  • Nakasan no Nagare by basso – Ono Natsume BL, yeeees
  • Liar x Liar 3 by Kindaichi Renjuurou – I hope she gets to bang her (step)-brother~ /inappropriate
  • Satanic Sweet by Yamashita Tomoko
  • Butter!! 4 by Yamashita Tomoko
  • Kirara no Hoshi 5 by Morinaga Ai
  • Heroine Shikkaku 6 by Koda Momoko – I want to strangle Rita.
  • Vassalord. 6 by Chrono Nanae
  • Nanahikari 7 by Takaguchi Satosumi
  • Kids Log 2 by Hashiba Maki – finally, Vol 2! Such a good series–why is no one reading this?
  • I’ll call you mine by Kamogawa Teruchi – Opera BL, I’m there
  • Light Novel 3 by Narushima Yuri
  • Radical Blood Monster by Mishima Kazuhiko – YAAAY
  • Vahlia no Hanamuko by Akizuki Sorata
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime 7 by Akizuki Sorata
  • Tomodachi no Hanashi by Yamakawa Mika
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei 2 by Yamamori Mika – I’m hot for that hot teacher.
  • Yajirobee 2 by Yamakawa Aiji – I don’t know who to SHIP. I’ll stare at the pretty layouts while I decide.
  • 5-ji kara 9-ji made 4 by Aihara Miki

Several big titles are being released in the beginning of May, so that will be the next order… lots of reading to do before then!

14 responses to “March/April Manga Pictures and Order

  1. i wouldn’t get sick and tired of you wanting to talk about lovely mangaka 😀
    i’ve been interested in that manga with the man with the rifle and the dog next to him ever since you posted it on tumblr.
    looking forward to goldrina and yamashita’s stuff!

    • Ha, thanks 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to read Saint Merry’s Ribbon yet (rifle dude+dog), so we’ll see if it warrants an entry. Covering seinen that is based off a novel is harder–more work goes into just understanding the darn thing. It might be inspiring enough!

  2. Yeah, school incites that reaction on me too.
    Oh, I received Oyajina 1(along with Limiter) the other day! I’ll probably receive the second volume in 3 months(I’m so cheap). *Sob* my copy of HnA is not here yet. Boku wa Kimi wo Dounika Shitai and Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami are actually on my bk1 list, let me/us know if they’re actually any good.

    • OYAJINA! I hope you enjoy that one 😀 I need to read Limiter still.. I went straight to her josei stuff before picking up that one.

      Boku wa Kimi wo Dounika Shitai is decent–I can’t decide if the drawing style is very sketchy or just kinda sloppy. Looking at proportions, maybe a bit of both.. I liked the main story which has a bit older, scruffy guy who doesn’t know how to handle his younger, gay co-worker coming on to him. Enjoyable enough to read, but not something I’d HAVE to own. I think I still have a chapter or so to finish in it.

      Sadly, I haven’t gotten far in Doutei Hitsuji yet.. the title story didn’t grab my attention (there was a blowjob on the second page and I was a bit turned off.. I like a little build-up, thank you very much) and I got distracted by other shiny things. I should just skip ahead to the second story which has an older guy that I’d probably enjoy a lot more. A LOT MORE. I should do that soon~

  3. Several interesting comic books, as usual.

    Do you know what will happen with BK1’s international shipping in the future after the merger into Honto ( Currently, Honto doesn’t support any international orders at all (;jsessionid=A709CBFA5290C04EED55A74C585F4A36?html=faq#pLinkA3) and I’m worried that this might mean the end of international BK1 orders too.

    • I don’t know–I haven’t heard anything concrete either way. It seems like a waste to lose that function (after the bk1 site reassures us that all current functions will remain after the merger–but I don’t think foreigners count). The whole merging into one site where the main one doesn’t do international orders is not boding well. We might be boned.

    • rynisyou spied a statement in the last section of that states bk1 will continue to ship internationally to places it already does. Ah, crisis averted. I don’t know what I’d do without my loyal crack dealer.

  4. I’m now living vicariously through you and enjoying all that sweet, sweet manga through your eyes :p And you had me cracking up with the LiarxLiar comment **secretly wishes the same thing**, why isn’t anyone scanlating this anymore (wails)?

    And you have all the copies of Taiyou no Ie (I’m so jealous). How do you rank that shoujo among the ones you’re reading now? I’ve suffering a bit from shoujo overdose, but this series has been a bit of fresh air.

    • Ha 😀 I’d hope that all of us reading Liar x Liar are rooting for her to finally get some action.. from the brother, of course! It just gets better.. too bad it’s neglected in terms of translating.

      I like Taiyou no Ie. It’s not the best shoujo I’m reading (I’d have to think about that one), but it’s definitely a strong contender in the above average category. I enjoy the older guy a lot and Mao as well.. perhaps it will rank higher once we start to see a little more development on that front. :3 I do like that it’s giving time for the relationship to develop and change, but we actually see progression forward–in contrast to something like Faster than a Kiss where it feels stagnant.

  5. lol, that’s why I love Josei, we’re always more likely to get “action” than not. Unfortunately, Liar x Liar seems to be classified as shoujo, so I guess I shouldn’t hold out too much for anything too racy. I’m not too familiar with Dessert magazine, so I’m not sure if their material is generally G rated or not. I think it’s interesting that her stepbrother still hasn’t realized that it’s her. A part of me thinks that maybe his character is a bit naive, but maybe the part of him that longs for her is the reason why he’s so willing to believe such an obvious lie. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds though. (As you can tell, I also like the incest/fake incest genres too XD)

    I used to be a fan of the popular ones like Faster than a Kiss too, but much like your own reasons, I get bored of dancing around the same thing over and over again, mainly because it seems like the manga-ka is milking the series for its popularity. Skip Beat! is by and far the worst offender in this regard.

    Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my blather 😀 I can’t wait to see your next batch of mangas.

    Oh, one more thing (sorry). That’s the last volume of Tora to Ookami, right? Do you mind me asking if you enjoyed the series? I had high hopes that this would be a lengthy and involved series from Kamio Youko, but six volumes is so short 😦

    • We won’t get anything too racy, but Dessert at least references possible naughty time. There’s even a few sorta smutty titles with Dessert, but it’s all pretty tame overall. Liar x Liar was a little more adult in Vol 3 at least!

      I’m in the camp that I think the brother is lying to himself on some level that Mina is a different person. Vol 1 I thought he was completely aware and just playing along because it was the only way to make it work. However, Vol 2 was a bit different–he was truly heartbroken when he thought he’d never see Mina again (while Minato was still around), but that could also be because he lost that special relationship.. Vol 4 looks like it will complicate this setup. Vol 4 isn’t out until Feb next though.. the wait, oh god :O

      Oh god, Skip Beat just needs to throw those two in bed together or something.. it’s just too drawn out. After a while, that stuff really gets on my nerves.

      Thanks 🙂 And yeah, that was the end of Tora to Ookami. Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable title. But it ended too quickly in my opinion. I also wanted it to be long. It’s not my favorite series by her, but not my least either (Cat Street is–unpopular opinion right there). I was amused because the mangaka trolled us a bit at the end.. sneaky little thing. Overall, still worth reading and still a strong shoujo romance series. I love Kamio Yoko anyway 😀

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  7. Hey 😀

    What’s the name of the first manga in the first picture?
    It’s a beautiful cover!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Oh, it’s Tomodachi Ijou 😀
    Found it 🙂

    Thank you anyway, and nice blog!

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