Shiny New Releases: Ojikoi by Tsutsumi Kakeru

Hana to Yume launched an online magazine, which is newsworthy on its own.  There’s a number of new series featured, but a particular one immediately caught my eye and I’m compelled to write about it because–

Here’s Ojikoi by Tsutsumi Kakeru.  You can read the first chapter online and I did so while barely containing all my oyaji lust love.


They are both adorable

Sanjou Arashi is a high school girl who works part-time for a company that does odd jobs.  She’s quite serious and has a strong sense of responsibility that offsets her boss–a man who is seemingly more interested in goofing off and smoking than running the place.  In the short chapter, you can see their natural, playful interaction and it’s precious–both characters leave a good impression.

While he may seem flippant, the boss can be reliable and even helps her out after a job takes a turn for the worse and Arashi is hurt.

His reward for keeping her off her hurt ankle is a good elbowing in the next panel.

So the scruffy knight saved the day!  But then again, he does this while holding a flower bouquet (cheesy love note on a card and all) he brought for the casual date he was supposedly in route to, so he’s not the ideal knight, ha.  Considering there’s only a few pages, not much has happened yet, but I can’t wait for more.  We need more oyaji love in shoujo manga, yes!  This is highly promising.

Until next chapter, here's some oyaji sparkles!

10 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Ojikoi by Tsutsumi Kakeru

  1. *O* More oyaji characters in Shoujo! The summary makes the story sounds so crack too! Tobacco stinking, pachinko playing old man as a lover?! XDb

  2. Yummy, Oyaji. Seems interesting, and the female lead doesn’t look weak. I wonder what’s the chance of this getting localized or scanlated.

    • She seems independent, which is good. It would be easy to try to rely on an older guy (even as unreliable looking as this one, ha). Chances on getting translated are unknown.. Hana to Yume is popular in general, but the oyaji factor is not nearly as popular as the standard bishie for this audience.

  3. Ahhh!!!&#(*^$#*(^)!*!)&@!!!! TSUTSUMI KAKERUUU!! ZOMG! D8 /hugs you I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS! (and the site) thaaanks!!!

    p.s. what T_T why do i have to log onto to post a comment just for the stupid gravatar? orz this is so frustrating D8 i just want to fangirl!!

    • I was very excited to find it too–can’t wait for more! And when a volume is printed, I will buy it immediately! In the meantime, I want longer oyaji-goodness chaappters :O

      I guess that’s just how WP works–a lot of spam bots try to post stuff and it stops most.

  4. I’m back 😀

    Thanks for the kind answer. I’ll try to come here and comment more often, you put a lot of effort to keep us informed on those awesome manga, so we should make the effort to always support the blog 😀

    As cheezy said, this Oyaji is completely different from what we are used to see in shoujo…
    And the manga seems to have potential.

    I think I can’t stand anymore the typical teacher-student relationships when it comes to age gap in manga…

    Do you have any recommendations similar to this new Kakeru’s title?

    Thanks again 😀

    • Hi again and no problem 🙂 I always appreciate comments–it reminds me that people actually find the information useful. When I started this blog, I figured there was zero audience for info on raw titles (particularly non-BL) and figured I’d be talking to a wall. Exchanging info and spreading the word on good manga is always enjoyable!

      Unfortunately, I’m coming up blank for a similar manga to this dynamic in Ojikoi between a strong high school girl and a mischievous oyaji. I (sadly) closely tag all my “oyaji manga” reads on myanimelist and nothing fits the criteria. It really is pretty unique. Once we get more, I’ll have to add it to my oyaji romance list that has other age gap romances. 😀 Those women just tend to be a bit older.

  5. I just found out about this today and I finished reading it today too. It was so good! And I wish it could have continued a bit more because the story was good. The plot is strong on its own in my opinion, but it would have been interesting if there were more cases to solve and we get to see them interact more. Definitely not one of the common Shoujo titles I’ve read. It’s actually a breath of fresh air, as they say, from the common Sensei x Deshi and Doctor x Patient mangas. And to top it off, Boss is really really kawaii and cool. xD Sure he’s a little flippant and kind of clumsy, but I think that’s one of his good points. He really brings out the best of my Ossan fetish. ❤

    • I agree–this was a really nice story. I also appreciated that it didn’t fall back on the tired teacher/doctor tropes for having an older love interest. And this guy was a true ossan, not some twenty-something guy! I’ll be watching this author in the future.

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