Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Confirmed

It’s already official–we’re getting a Natsuyuki Rendezvous anime in July.  I can’t decide what is more exciting:  that I get to watch this anime, that this means more people will read this outstanding manga, or that more people will discover Kawachi Haruka and subsequently fall madly in love with her work (don’t resist–it is inevitable).  I’ll have to settle for spazzing uncontrollably.

Rokka looks so cute! And all the colorful flowers are still there!

15 responses to “Natsuyuki Rendezvous Anime Confirmed

  1. I don’t usually use one-liners, but lulz @ your last sentence.

  2. Now you have to shit bricks! *prepares a bucket*. JKJK! Yay! Here’s an anime to look forward to! Hopefully they won’t screw up too much with the adaptation. DX

    • I will have to eat some in preparation. MMMM CLAY It would almost be worth it. 😀

      I hope the anime is decent and doesn’t detract from the manga. I’m still hoping the manga has an appropriate ending (ie, not sucky–usually I wouldn’t question Kawachi Haruka’s writing skill, but she mostly has shorter stories that are easier to wrap up!). I won’t find out until Vol 4 is out and in my greedy paws.

  3. Your blog is just… PARADISE.
    Really, I’m so happy I found it… It’s hard to find blogs like this one, that talks with us, fangirls, directly, about mangas that aren’t popular.
    I’m reading every single post XD
    I have a question, do you have a list of all of your mangas?
    I’m addicted in booklists, it’s wonderful to see how far a person goes into collecting them…

    Also, Kawachi Haruka is a mangaka diva, and noitaminA is heaven for anime adaptation, I think everything will be ok 🙂

    And sorry for the bad english, I’m french 🙂

    • You are too kind 🙂 I’m glad you like it–someone needs to draw attention to those unknown but awesome manga. By sharing good finds, we all benefit! I love talking manga, so feel free to leave a comment if you see a title we have in common or are curious about one.

      I do have high hopes for the Natsuyuki anime–noitaminA is the perfect home for it. I’m always happy to hear of other people who know of Kawachi Haruka’s greatness. I hope this anime expands the number of her fans!

      Don’t worry about your English–it’s easy to understand!

  4. Oh, I think I just found your booklist…
    I never heard of librarything before, lol 🙂

    • Haha, you found my master book list–it’s librarything. It keeps me from rebuying volumes accidentally! I’ve certainly gone “far” in terms of building a collection, lol. A little too far, but I love my books.

  5. There’s a lack of good romance anime recently, so this sounds interesting. I hope this turns out okay.

    • The trailer looks fitting for the manga, so hopefully it will be a good adaptation. We need more romance like this where it doesn’t stifle you with LOOOOVE POWER. Its strength comes from being more low key than most.

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! I just had to come here to spaz out, too. (Just ‘cuz you are seriously one of my favorite bloggers.) I had a gut -feeling that Natsuyuki Rendezvous would be animated. If not Sekine, then Natsuyuki. I just knew it! Though I love Natsuyuki, my soft spot goes toward Sekine and his plight, and I had hoped that directors would cast a glance that way, at least….but, oh, hell! It doesn’t matter which one gets animated because I love them both!

    My otaku life will be complete when they decide to animate Sekine.

    • Haaa, I was literally bouncing when I saw the news. Except it floored me–I didn’t dare DREAM Kawachi Haruka would get an anime. Sekine would be fun to watch too! The world might be a bit too perfect if that happened.

      We have similar tastes for this stuff 😀 Actually, that’s pretty convenient.. I was thinking I needed to do something to spread the word on Yajirobee, but you’ll cover that anyway so I don’t need to! Saves me the trouble. :3 I need Vol 2 anyway.. which I’ll order when I get Natsuyuki 4! I can’t wait for the conclusion. I’m probably a little too emotionally invested in Natsuyuki and &, lol.

  7. Speaking of Yajirobee, I don’t really understand the relationship between Seiji and Haru. Okay, so he’s supposed to be her step-father, but I wonder if Yamakawa-sensei purposefully started off the story when Haru was on the cusp of adulthood, so that we wouldn’t be exposed to a long period of child-rearing/early-bonding the way Unita Yumi chose to present the relationship in Usagi Drop. To be honest there were a few occasions where the way Seiji looked at Haru sometimes seemed a bit…un-fatherly. 1巻では誠司が葉瑠に向かって「葉瑠は葉瑠だよ」って言いましたけどそのあとふりむいて「でもすこし似ているかな」なんて言われて。。もう~本気でどきっとしましたよ。

    山川あいじさんあたしのおやじごころもて遊ばないでください!!! (・`ω´・)

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but if something were to happen, I don’t think I’d feel grossed out about it, though. ~(>_<。)\ Is that bad?

    In the second volume, there were a few really odd moments, where it makes you go ん? (Spoiler's ahead!)

    1. Haru's friend teasing her about having a fetish for older men, and adding Seiji to the picture.

    2. Seiji blushing when Haru was leaning over to mark his height on the doorstep.

    3. Haru repeatedly mentioning that she's "not [her] mother" to Seiji. (Does that confirm my feelings that he doesn't always treat her like a daughter?)


    Anyway, definitely get Volume 2. I'm starting to really fall in love with Bonta-kun. Bonta and Haru's interactions are so adorable!

    • Aah, I felt the same! Yamakawa tugs on those oyaji lovin’ heartstrings.. I’m worried she’s just teasing and building up to mercilessly crush us later. :O But that’s another reason I decided not to cover Yajirobee.. I wasn’t sure what to make of the mountain of mixed signals (those vague statements, loaded looks, etc). I need Vol 2 to get a better grasp on the story and everyone’s roles. I just ordered it and should have it soonish! But it looks like the teasing continues in Vol 2.. Yamakawa is cruel. Haru’s insistence about not being her mother is a good sign for our cause. It does avoid the creep factor that would come from her appearing like a young replacement. *BIG HOPES*

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