The Spring Break of Shoujo Manga Pictures

My spring break is here and so are my books!  My original order with Oyajina! will be here in just a few days as well.  In the meantime, I’ve been gorging on my shoujo junk food manga.

First batch--I'll likely be hitting up Hatta Ayuko manga next. So colorful!

I’ve already read Liar x Liar 1-2.  I need the third volume (out at the end of this month)!  My heart was breaking a bit at the end of Vol 2.  At first, I was feeling bad for the brother (does he really not know? I have serious doubts~), but now.. poor Minato.  She has a harsh road ahead of her.  It’s a love triangle (square counting boy #2) and she’s two of the corners?! I also finished a chunk of Heroine Shikkaku.  I adore our faulty shoujo manga heroine and her many hilarious faces, but the main guy Rita is really bothering me.  Hatori, you can do so much better than that indecisive, waffling, not 100% faithful slug!  She’s a great character and an interesting reminder of all those ugly, mean things we’ve said or done at some point that we want to grow past as a person.  Since there’s some information out there about these two titles, I don’t foresee me covering them, but they do catch my interest enough that I would have definitely considered it!

The random "others." The Kanno Aya collection contains Eien no Honey.

I had a few more manga purchases–I ended up ordering Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin 1-11.  I really like this series and have wanted it for a while now, but held back because it’s kinda cumbersome to read raw.  So I technically ordered the English release, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.  Between the exchange rate and shipping costs, it worked out better that way.  Buying raw used to be much cheaper when I started this hobby, sigh.

I also got a Kindle Touch for reading on the go and decided to pick up one digital manga release for the novelty of it.  Mofuku no Dinner Party (Mourning Dinner Party) sounded the most interesting, so I grabbed it. I haven’t finished yet, but I’m a bit disappointed that the text isn’t as crisp as I thought it would be.  I’m sure it’s not that particular manga’s fault, just the medium in general.  Looks great for regular books at least!  Anyway, the pricing model for those digital manga releases is outside of my interest.  I just had to test out the new toy!

Despite my now EPIC backlog, Koi to Gunkan 2 will be released in just a few days and I want it desperately.  We’ll see… and we’ll see how much of this gets read before I buy Mass Effect 3 and officially become dead to the outside world for minimally two days.

5 responses to “The Spring Break of Shoujo Manga Pictures

  1. Wow, a huge pile of shoujo :O Unusual seeing what I often see in your blog :3
    I also follow Heroine Shikkaku, read all the existing volumes and also follow some summaries, because I’m eager to know what’s going on there. Although this manga is interesting, I can’t really say I’m super excited about it. It’s like Tonari no Atashi. The male lead is irritating. Well, TnA’s male lead is disgusting to the point I started to hate the series. Rita’s close to becoming the same. Hatori kinda reminds me of my former self a bit, so she’s a bit predictable xD
    Is Liar x Liar that interesting? I started reading it but I wasn’t all that hyped up after I read the summary. Is it funny or dramatic? I started pitying her brother right after I read the synopsis lol.
    Kimi wo Chuushin ni Sekai ha Mawaru’s cover looks soooo yummy :3 Please let me know if it’s interesting once you finish it!^^
    And also Mako to Aki-chan, Hirunaka, Yajirobe….

    UHHHH, nevermind, all the titles look appealing *q* I’m not a fan of shoujo, but maybe it’s just because of spring? 8D

    Btw, have you read Kanno Aya’s Akusaga? I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I was VERY impressed, and it was the beginning of my manga life xD I wonder if this collection of oneshots by her is as good.
    5 to 9 – I saw the Chinese scans. Looks like she keeps on sleeping with one and then with the other guy and then back to the monk, wth. Does it have furigana btw?

    Ohhh, I was wondering, do you do series like Yankee-kun to Megane-chan? There’s a new series by Yankee’s mangaka, I like it a lot already :3 I’d gladly buy both series but it has waaay too many volumes. And have you read Asano Inio’s works?
    I’m currently saving to buy Macbook Pro in April or May so my orders are super limited T_T
    I’ve been into artbooks recently. They’re pretty pointless but I still wanna buy an artbook, dunno which one, lol.

    Also are you going to buy AkaAka drama cd?

    Ahh, having a bit of free time and reading your blog makes me way too excited xD

    • Unusual? lol who’s blog are you thinking about? 🙂 Usually at least half my orders are shoujo. It tends to be more fantasy based imprints like Zero-Sum, Aria, avarus, etc. This ended up being like a Margaret and Dessert comics catch up order.

      I like Heroine Shikkaku for Hatori, nothing more. I think we’ve all seen a little Hatori in us at some point :3 But yeah, I’m starting to really dislike Rita and his shitty waffling ways. I’m hoping he doesn’t ruin it for me.

      I like Liar x Liar. It’s low key in that the male lead is extremely quiet, but that doesn’t mean he’s shy—his step-sister is trying to reform his women-eating ways. It’s not terribly funny or hugely dramatic. I’d label it drama first, but it’s more subtle that you’d think.

      Of those, I’ve really only read parts of Yajirobee and it’s GORGEOUS. The art, the layout.. she knows what she’s doing and the characters seem nice so far. Vol 2 just came out.. definitely getting it. Maybe another book by that mangaka too. But yeah, they are ALL a mesmerizing bunch. I wonder if spring makes us all want to read fluffy shoujo manga…

      I read Akusaga years ago.. I don’t remember much other than liking it enough to pick up Otomen Vol 1 when it came out (when no one knew about it yet). Eien no Honey was a good oneshot. I’m guessing the rest will be once I get to them~

      5 to 9 does have furigana. It’s pretty trashy in that it has the mangaka’s usual antics. I think the heroine, despite being stronger and more sexually liberated, got locked in a room by a guy again at some point lol. That said, I will have a blast reading it and love dat monk.

      I’ve only glanced at Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, so no opinion yet (I was also put off by the series length and figured I could wait for English stuff at that point). I’ve read a number of Asano Inio. All good. Maybe great actually. Very talented.

      Ha, artbooks are very counterproductive to saving for a computer. 😀 I used to buy them regularly and own over a 100 of them. However, after the yen got too strong, the cost of artbooks became more than what I wanted to pay for one and buy them very limitedly now. To think after conversion and shipping (since they are heavier) they can easily hit $50… bleh. Sadly, my artbook era is over.

      I don’t plan on picking up the AkaAka drama CD. I haven’t really listened to any drama CDs in several years… so yeah. I got my supplement book as my sign of support~

      lol I can’t blame you–mountains of books are very exciting things :3

  2. Hi, just found your blog via google and I am very impressed by your knowledge, so I am hoping that in your collection or reviews, you might have come across a shoujo manga translated into Chinese (of which the title I have forgotten and so did the name save for a chinese word 夏 and what made me remember this manga was the front cover of a girl hugging the boy and the back cover of a girl holding a mask). I just saw not too long ago but unsure if it is 2012 or prior to this year… gomenasai. If not, maybe a site to find manga covers. I am still haunted by the face of the girl holding the mask, eerie but beautiful/ hauntingly beautiful… thanks for sharing and thanks for reading my short comment.

    • Thanks for the compliment! Now I have to disappoint you.. I don’t think I’ve seen that manga. The back cover sounds the most unique, but to see it.. I’d most likely have to own it. The only manga I’ve bought this year with 夏 in the title is Natsume Yuujinchou and Natsuyuki Rendezvous. So I don’t think I’ve seen it, but it sounds interesting.

      For manga covers, I usually check amazon. If amazon fails (more common with older titles), I’ve found has some of those gaps filled. Usually lower quality, but more old manga than amazon. It also allows browsing by demographic/publisher, which could help if you could remember the imprint.

  3. Hi no problem, gonna check that site, but I think it is a Taiwanese print since the wordings were traditional because I can’t read most of them, otherwise I could have remembered the title, and sorry about the info above because I was typing too fast, it was the author that has a 夏. Anyway, will let you know once I find out the title. Keeping fingers cross.. XD

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