Shiny New Releases: Limiter by Monden Akiko

I ordered a pile of various Monden Akiko manga, including her new BL manga release, Limiter.  I did this before I saw the cover.  The cover is out.  No. regrets.

Okay, so it’s tiny, but it can barely contain that sexy beast on the cover~  It has the catch line “I’ll rewrite your memory.”  Kinda like overwriting a hard drive, but using other hard objects… yeah, I’ll stick to NOT making terrible jokes.

There’s a little blurb about the story.  The police detective Yagi partners with the younger Amemiya.  While there’s some buried feelings between the two, Amemiya is consumed by his desire for revenge on a vicious criminal from his past.  The publisher then bills it as a story where brakes can’t stop the love crisis between two police detectives.  Ha, you can kinda guess how the story is going to play out, but I found that she’s good at writing harsher, more human characters and I think she’ll pull off something worth reading.  It will be released 2/28 under the Hanaoto Comics imprint.  Is it early March yet?  I want all these booooks.

16 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Limiter by Monden Akiko

  1. Nuh! Nuh! Nuh! Nuh! I forgot to place this book into the cart. TwT!! /stabs self!!! I wonder if I can add items to my order on BK1? I know I can’t cancel an item though… D8

    • Haha, I always forget to add stuff. I already have a small pile, languishing in my cart ;_; It would be nice. Somehow, I doubt it. Certainly no auto-combine option if you have two open orders (I’ve certainly been there before). Let me know if you ever figure that out XD

  2. This sounds kind of cliché; there are a lot of seinen like this, only with one of the guys being replaced by a woman. But finding a BL with an actual plot is a huge chore in and of itself, so I don’t blame you for being excited.

    That said, I can never buy BL or GL (well, I only read non-explicit ones, but…) ~ I live at home ’cause I’m not married, and if my parents saw me reading, say, Zankoku or Acid Town or something, there’d be hell to pay >_< 😀
    Not that I'd want to, anyways. It'd be a shame to waste my hard-earned money on romance when there are so many delicious non-romantic manga out there. In fact, that's the primary reason I even read manga. Trying to find a western novel without romance tires me out, because it's basically impossible…

    • Oopsy ~ sorry for double posting, but there’s something I forgot to ask about; what are the merits of ordering from BK1 instead of Amazon Japan? I’ve always bought via the latter (I live in India), but most of the people who blog about their manga mention BK1 — though they don’t really elaborate on why they don’t use Amazon.

      Also, I’ve recently been considering buying used manga, since I can get them for about 1/10 the price of new ones. But is it risky to buy second-hand copies through a website (though I don’t plan on using anything other than Amazon for that) where you can’t see the goods before making the payment? What’s your take on it? I’m hardly rich (India’s exchange rate isn’t the best in the world) and I have more than 200 series on my reading list, so I’m pretty desperate…hope you don’t mind the question!

      • bk1 has cheaper shipping options is the very short answer. Amazon is pretty expensive (EMS) and charges a fee per item, so it’s usually not worth shopping there. The only time I stray from bk1 is if I need something published by Tousuisha, which bk1 doesn’t carry.

        For used manga, there’s risk and expensive shipping. Shops like Rakuten or amazon don’t have individual pictures, so you’re risking getting an older book not in great condition. Due to the fact the only places you can buy used manga from require EMS shipping, you don’t particularly save money in the end. Maybe you’ll get a stack of books for 5000 yen, but you’ll pay over double that in shipping. So it works out a little cheaper versus full-priced books, but you’re also getting older, used books of unknown condition. So I don’t think you gain much versus just buying from bk1 and choosing a cheap shipping option (they do have SAL!). If the book is out of print however, it’s a good option.

        • Oh, I see…Yeah, I guess that makes sense. These are the times when I wish I could visit Japan. Buying used manga there should be fine, right? In fact, I know a couple people who do just that (they’re the ones who suggested I do the same) — buy about 50 books a shot, all second-hand, when they go to Jp for work ~ and they go there on some of their holidays too. Lucky brats, I’m so jealous…XD

          Thanks so much for that info! You were a great help 🙂 I guess I really should give BK1 a go, then.

          • Picking up stuff in Japan could work.. I guess I go through too many books to fathom that, lol. But they are brats for getting to go that much, ha! 😉 I used to be able to do something like that a few times a year when I was within reasonable driving distance (3+ hours) of a Book-Off/Kino in the US.

            But sea shipping on bk1 is pretty cheap if time isn’t a factor. No problem, I hope that helps you get some manga fix.

    • The plot doesn’t sound that great, but her characters are interesting.. she writes bad boys. Like I saw the beginning of Zegen Yawa and there’s this guy who’d seduce women and then get them sold off and there’s also an assassin/barkeep.. interesting guys. Human trafficking in josei manga, lol. I didn’t finish reading it, so maybe I’m completely off~ It was enough to give me faith for this one!

      I’ve read enough BL with plot–the secret is that you have to go hunting for it. I find that many recs sometimes don’t focus on plot and characterization versus “DAAAW THEY SO CUTE” and “hothothot.” Even when I’m told it’s “so cute,” I usually just find it shallow, stupid, and sometimes not even cute! So I’m happy when I find things outside that mold.

      Similarly, I think there’s plenty of decent romance manga out there, certainly worth the money.. but they’re not necessarily the ones that get translated. So they can be buried treasures. I like to read a little bit of everything. Romance, no romance.. it’s all good.

      • Going by what you say, I can only assume that the reason I rarely hit on good BL is because I try to stay away from the explicit ones (I’m a bit more adventurous when it comes to GL, but I’ve made some pretty shocking mistakes here and there with yuri too haha ~_~) So beyond reading the stuff that’ve been scanlated (and / or specifically marked on Mangaupdates as “shounen-ai”), I don’t really venture out and try random titles that don’t have any recommendations from anyone…And of course, buying is out of the question. I wish they’d just have a digital store for these things. There must be a lot of people who can’t guy BL and GL, right? I mean, some nations have very strict laws about bringing anything “inappropriate” into the country — or so I’ve heard.

        But yeah, you’re so right about the “Kyaa ~ they’re cute! They’re hot! Go read it NOW!” deal. I was actually scared of fujoshi during the first couple years after I started reading manga. In fact, I’m pretty scared of them even now. The way their minds work makes no damn sense, and you could end up flipping their switch just by saying you prefer non-romance to romance…or something like that =_=

        • Oh…wait a second. That last bit actually sounded pretty rude. I wasn’t talking about you of course (and anyway, I don’t think you classify as a fujoshi the way Westerners use the term…). Damn, I should watch my mouth — I mean hands — when it comes to things like this; I never think before I type <_< Maybe that's how I manage to piss so many fujoshi off LOL.

        • Like anything, it seems you reeeally gotta dig for the good stuff. So you’ll hit some decent things with that mode, but some will be missed too. However, you’ll avoid the other stuff you don’t like, so that’s understandable. I really only get offended by awful writing, so I don’t have much to lose with random sampling. But I do lose sometimes.. like I just read this AWFUL BL manga that I’m still pissed about lol. Luck wasn’t with me on that one, but at least it was online. I hate it when it’s a purchased book! On the other hand, I find so much good random stuff that I’m willing to roll with the punches a bit.

          Who knows, one day the digital stuff will pick up. I’m waiting for that and also competitive pricing.. as things SHOULD be cheaper if there’s no physical copy involved. I’m guessing Japan/any license holders aren’t considering secondary foreign markets as a considerable factor yet, which is too bad. SuBLime I believe is “region free”, but they just started and it’s too early to tell. I did buy Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou from them. I don’t know if I read into it too much, but the character’s wild fantasies seemed like a clever parody of the BL genre at times. That said, it was the one with the creepy Ken doll bodies and I doubt it would be enjoyable as a parody unless you’re neck-deep in the genre’s tropes. The company might be worth keeping an eye on (although it’s still kinda pricey—at least you can download a hard copy). They did start with a Kusama Sakae title after all.. not bad.

          Don’t get me wrong, I can get excited and animated about something, but that’s not the sole criteria for my reading choices. I get scared of people who read only one kind of manga. Or they read a shit ton of one genre and relatively few (and often only relatively popular) titles of others. It seems narrow and harder to trust their opinions. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why I don’t see why something is CUTE and MOE in some random BL manga.. not sure.

          Don’t worry, I’m not offended. I just get miffed if people insist on labeling me only as a fujoshi, as it’s not an informed assessment. Like I actually own 2.3k volumes of shoujo vs 1.4k volumes of BL, let alone other types of books (or any scans I’ve read). These labels/groups seem to alienate as well, like you said you’ve had negative reactions to liking non-romantic stories. I have plenty of unpopular opinions myself.. I dare to criticize and say some stuff is shit~

          • But you know, saying you dislike romance will get you instant whiplash from most people — not just fujoshi. I was once called a “pathetic bitch who doesn’t understand men and will probably never get laid” (I don’t really remember the exact wording, but it was along those lines) by some guy on a forum because I mentioned (as an aside, not even as a main point) that I didn’t think a man needs to be obsessed with or — even overtly interested in — girls to “prove he’s straight”.

            Since then I’ve learned my lesson, and just don’t bother talking about it; unless it’s with someone like you who can actually think logically instead of always relying on her/his lower half to judge the “worth” of a story. No wonder most people who’ve heard about manga / anime think that they’re just crap for brainless, lazy NEETs and sick perverts. The English-speaking manga / anime community sometimes make me feel ashamed to even say I belong to it. *Sigh* So sad. I hope this’ll change some day, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon. The boring, cliché mainstream stuff that gets all the hype in English only makes things worse.

            • Well, between that and the guys who condemn me for being a fat ugly bitch with no boyfriend (I take general offense that relationship status can be used as a negative :-p) for reading stuff with romance (BL or not), I think we’re just screwed either way if we come in contact with idiots, ha. Such a lovely, open fandom~ I haven’t had to introduce my hobby to someone on the outside for a while, but I’d frankly be a bit scared to due to those impressions. For the most part, I can leave it at “my comic books in Japanese.” It reminds me of how being an American gamer often implies that I’m a rude little boy who loves to play shooters and curse at people online.

  3. E? Monden Akiko does bl now? *_* I read her books years ago, this is definitely a surprise :3 *adds title to shopping list*

    The comments above reminded me myself why I shy away from manga fandom since a long time ago.. I conclude nothing changed then.. T_T

    Do you happen to know why bk1 doesn’t carry Tousuisha titles? I use Mangaoh Club for anything else unavailable there, but always curious why there is no Tousuisha at bk1…

    • Well, the fandom is widely varied. There’s plenty of great people out there. And some not so great. My creed with dealing with haters (and I encounter enough due to my involvement with myanimelist and the fandom dregs there from being a mod) is if you *start* slinging shit in my direction, don’t complain if I pick it up, shove it down your throat, and move on once I bore of doing that. Such unfounded opinions have no worth outside of that entertainment.

      From what I understand, it’s a problem on Tousuisha’s side. They have a limited distribution network that is not available in bk1’s normal areas. I get them from MangaOh/amazon too.

      • True and true. Haha.. yeah, shutting up haters is *almost* fun XD . It was the bickering among fans (especially in the local community) that tires me out, and then I simply fall out of it when some favorite manga sites went inactive. Never stopped reading manga though. And I love your blog.

        Ho.. I see. So that’s why. Thanks! 🙂

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