Shiny New Releases: Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Supplement Book

On 2/15, HaccaWorks* is releasing the supplement guide to their game Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino.  It will contain a visual guide and include detailed information about the characters, setting, a capture guide, and an illustrated side-story.  It’s 200 pages long and includes some color illustrations.

It will be available for purchase on several websites, including Animate, Stellaworth, and Toranoana.  So international folks are likely to need a deputy/forwarding service at this point.  Mine is already ordered from Toranoana which will supposedly include an extra postcard.  I can’t wait~

12 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Supplement Book

  1. So many AkaAka things coming out lately! The cover for the supplement guide looks absolutely gorgeous, too.

    I’m wondering what the extra postcard will look like. Too bad I ordered mine from the circle. lol I’m so cheap.

    • Yeah, drama CD is out next month, I think? The manga is starting too. lol I’m not ordering anything directly from them after they IP blocked (yay proxy?) me for posting screens of their free-to-download demo before they had any “terms of usage” statement.

      • They seriously did that? That’s kinda extreme, especially since it’s just from the demo.

        I’m definitely going to get the Drama CD (because of Tachibana Shinnosuke as Yue), but I’m not sure about the manga. Shipping costs can be hell for a single thick monthly magazine. Oh, decisions.

        • That’s what I thought–anyone can download and see what I posted for free, so it seemed a bit much. Considering I post lots of information on how to BUY the goods, lol. That and I was never contacted in any way. I’ve seen a few online capture guides disappear too, so either the owner(s) took them down or perhaps they are policing it more closely than we’re used to?

          I don’t do drama CDs often, but I’m tempted by this one. For the manga, I’ll wait for a tank release. I’m not sure how good it will be (Hanakisou’s manga was pretty meh compared to the game) and I’m not sure about Comic Gene in general either!

  2. Hooo which service did you use then? I still haven’t finished playing it, but I think I might buy this one :3
    Reading the comment above I’ve gotta agree that I don’t have really any expectations for manga. I’m interested in the drama cd though, but I’d honestly just prefer them to voice the game instead and port it to PSP T_T

    • I ended up using my usual Celga. I have a good history with them and they place orders immediately and respond to any questions (including asking the supplier about stock). There’s a few routes I haven’t completed either, but I want to make sure I get a copy of that book!

      I think it’s best to go into the manga with little to no expectations to get enjoyment out of it. Even the color illustration isn’t impressive at all and a bit scandalous compared to the normal art.. so I guess I’m just hoping for a bit different impression in the story/characters than versus playing the game. I haven’t given up hope on a voiced PSP game. Maybe if this stuff sells well…!

      • It’s GOTTA sell well. I doubt they’d be making a drama cd and all these books, the ost and whatever if they didn’t think the game was popular T_T Maybe they’ll try selling the drama cd and checking the feedback regarding the seiyuu? I hope it’s like that :3
        Also, one more question, do you have any idea how much that book weighs? Wanna calculate my shipping fee beforehand so that I can save money.

        • Well, I see it as a relative thing. It sells well enough to invest in a drama CD, which is considerably cheaper than a full-voiced PSP game. I don’t think they broke the bank on the mangaka/magazine choice either. I’m guessing they’ll watch drama CD sales closely. They made the same book for Hanakisou, so I bet they planned on doing that all along. I have no idea how much it weighs. 200 pages, paperback is all I know. My Hanakisou one (not sure on page count) seemed light enough.

  3. I wanna buy this guide and play the game so badly. But I’m on savings mode for at least a few months, so I hope it doesn’t go out of stock anytime soon.

  4. Have you thought about doing a youtube-like flip-through of the artstyle in the book like what Parka Blogs does? I’m somewhat curious about it, but of course not asking for raws (just general curiousity). 😀

    • Interesting idea.. never considered it. I’m oddly self-conscious about including any piece of me in the pics.. I feel like I’d have to get my nails done to flip around stuff and leave a record like that lol. I’m more of an occasional pedi person than manicure though. I’ll have to think about it

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