January Manga Order Pics and Upcoming Order

The final part of my last order arrived, so I’ve been riffling through it.  I also made an order for the end of February since the second Oyajina! tank is finally being released!

I dug into the shoujo first with Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 2.  I’m regretting not adding the rest of her manga to my latest order… next time.  At first I was upset that this tank was padded with a oneshot like the first, but it was a recent work and I rather liked it.  It was a funny romance between a kogal-type and a geeky guy.  I moved on to Pin to Kona, which I’m finding to be quite enjoyable!  It has a nice mix of characters–instead of the heroine being the earnest, bright-eyed, and kinda stupid character, it’s one of the male leads instead, ha.  He manages to come off as endearing.  The other male lead is a bit scandalous and more Machiavellian.  They’re both trying to climb to the top of the kabuki world, so there’s a lot of gorgeous clothing to enjoy along with the rather complicated love polygon that’s forming.  Other than that, here’s some random pics from the latest purchases.

Color insert for Iro by Kuku Hayate

Monogatari wa Shi de Owaranai by Tojitsuki Hajime

A*D - Tenshi no Uso

Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai has numerous gorgeous panels

Smoker = hawt (besides censoring). Better than Libre cut-out penis Ken dolls at least

Saraiya Goyou illustration book

Here’s a list of the books in the upcoming order.  There’s a large amount of BL this time.. I got daring with random purchases, I suppose.  I’m probably going to regret a few of them, ha.  Nothing risked, nothing gained.  I ended up ordering a variety of Monden Akiko–I greatly respect mangaka who write for many different demographics/genres–josei, BL, naughty seinen, smutty ledicomi.. oh yeah~

I even purchased the SuBLime release of Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou in the meantime.  Best cracky manga ever–it’s a fairly clever parody as well.  However, Libre should be ashamed of their censoring.  SuBLime confirmed it was not them, but the original publisher went back and molested the magazine chapters of this manga.  It’s worse than old school glow in the dark penises.  The area is completely white, like they were cut out, and the men look like Ken dolls.  What’s the point of publishing BL with sex in it then?  I’d rather they use angles (like from the back) where I don’t have to see the GAPING AREA where a penis should be.  I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a random Libre release again after this.  Only authors that I already love and want to support.  I read plenty of BL without sex, but when there is sex involved, it shouldn’t look so… pathetic.

  • Oyajina! ~Ryuu to Shinomiya no Baai~ by Hiiragi Nozomu – HOW I’VE AWAITED THIS HOLY DAY
  • Hatsukoi no Atosaki by Hidaka Shoko
  • Koi Suru Boukun 8 by Takanaga Hinkao
  • Mad Cinderella 1-2 (end) by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Limiter by Monden Akiko
  • 1-en no Otoko by Monden Akiko
  • Ai Koso Subete by Kinoshita Keiko – oyaji parade in the next few purchases
  • Tora to Wakasama by Miyakoshi Wasoh
  • Boku wa Kimi wo Dounika Shitai by Yoshiduka Mayako
  • Nanmi Ryuusuke no Gouman na Seisan by Fukai Yuuki
  • Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami by Mito Hitomi
  • Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou by Takatsuki Noboru
  • Kirai na Senpai by Ichinose Yuma
  • Mononofu! 1 by Kuku Hayate
  • Maou no Amai Keiyaku by Kuku Hayate
  • Taiyou no Ie 1-5 by Taamo – getting back into reading a variety of longer shoujo series
  • Aruosumente 2 by Aki
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 4 by Chika
  • Wannin! 1 by Hoonoki Sora – animal-ears, ninjas, dogs
  • Tora to Ookami 6 by Kamio Toko – the end?!?!
  • Saihate Keisatsu by Matsuhisa Kou
  • Emerald no Kaizoku by Kihara Toshie – old school shoujo pirates! boo for bunko though
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Kishi no Kokoroe 1 – ACE!!
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Sangatsu no Usagi no Kakumei
  • Joker no Kuni no Alice ~ Circus to Usotsuki Game ~ 2 by Fujimaru Mamenosuke
  • Tomodachi Ijou by Okazaki Mari
  • Ryouken Tantei – Saint Merry no Ribon 1 by Taniguchi Jiro/Inami Itsura
  • Babylonia no Shishi by Higuri Yuu
  • Natsume Yuujinchou 13 by Midorikawa Yuki
  • Zengen Yawa by Monden Akiko – the characters look ridiculously hot the cover/back cover
  • Ai ga Nakereba by Monden Akiko – smutty ladies manga – the first I’ll ever own!
  • Working Girl H 1 by Monden Akiko – naughty seinen to compare to the smutty ledicomi–should be interesting
  • Arienai Getsuyoubi by Monden Akiko
  • Aibiki by Katsuta Bun – I’m sad after Chikutaku Bonbon ended and need a fix

11 responses to “January Manga Order Pics and Upcoming Order

  1. As much as I dislike yaoi / hentai / smut, that kind of lame censoring is the absolute worst. I can’t understand the mindset of publishers who censor porn ~ for heavens’ sake, it’s meant to be explicit isn’t it!? And I don’t think that blanking out the penis and/or vagina (I remember an absolutely ridiculous page from the yuri manga Gunjou where…well, never mind) makes it any less dirty. I mean, it’s more than a little bit obvious what they’re doing, right? Sheesh…

    Aruosumente 2 is coming out? Yaay! I love Aki’s series (well, everything except Utahime, which was boring and annoying); Olimpos in particular was surprisingly intelligent. Aruosumente hasn’t reached that level yet — nor has A*D — but hopefully they’ll get there soon.
    You know, I still can’t make up my mind over whether I should read Natsume or not. Midorikawa Yuki’s usual brand of soft, sweet love stories don’t suit my tastes, but everyone praises it up to the skies and says it’s better than Mushishi (my all-time favourite manga), so I’m wavering a bit. What’s your take on it?

    • That’s a big problem I have with censoring–why show sex instead of fading to black if you’re going to mutilate their bodies? It’s not “sparing” anyone (who shouldn’t be looking at it in the first place then). Nothing like seeing a man spread his legs seductively and seeing there’s NOTHING there. It has the opposite effect and creeps me out. :OOOO I figure if I’m an adult and can legally go out and look at all the consenting penis I want, I should be able to look at some drawn on paper too, lol.

      Aki is lovely to look at and I’ve found her writing to be steadily improving since Utahime. We’ll see how Vol 2 for both her current series measure up.

      For Natsume, I have to preface that I do enjoy Midorikawa Yuki and have been reading it since Vol 1, before anyone was talking about it. But I don’t read her stuff for the romance–in fact, I like that it’s often not a big focus. I like Natsume’s wispy art and atmosphere. And I don’t particularly agree with all the comparisons between it and Mushishi. Sure, supernatural stories blah blah, but they feel so different to me in terms of characterization and execution. However, I only read the first 2 volumes of Mushishi raw a long time ago and put it down because it just wasn’t doing it for me at the time, particularly to justify the cost or harder reading level then. So I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’ve considered giving it a second chance in English sometime, but it’s not been a priority. I think Natsume is worth a shot. If you don’t like Natsume by Vol 3, I think it’s safe to say you’ll never enjoy it.

      • Pfft ~ the last few lines from your first paragraph are priceless! XDDD

        You don’t like Mushishi…? Well, you don’t strike me as a seinen person, so in retrospect I guess that makes sense 🙂
        But I guess I’ll take your advice and read vol.s 1-3 (in English, since it’s scanlated already) first.
        Thanks for the opinion!

        • lol, it is a sad world if we’re forced to solicit actual guys to get our naughty fix because they won’t provide it on paper~ 😉 3D and 2D both have their own appeal XD

          I read some seinen. It’s not that I actively dislike Mushishi, it just didn’t grab my interest when I read it, particularly considering the amount of money/time that went into reading the books. That was literally about 10 years ago too at this point ^_^;; In contrast, I was in a frenzy by the first volume of Natsume. I’d read more seinen, but again.. it’s a lot of work to read it raw and cancels out the relaxation part of my reading time. But I did pick up Ryouken Tantei – Saint Merry no Ribon in this order.. it looks worth the effort!

          • I get where you’re coming from. Actually, I don’t understand a 100% of what’s going on / being said when I read seinen titles (especially the more mature ones with supernatural mystery themes and complicated psychological musings like Mushishi) in Japanese either. I read Mushishi in English, and it was just…beautiful. I love Ginko halfway to death ~ that man is just lovely.
            Now it sounds like I’m trying to convince you to read it LOL. So I’ll stop with the ‘love rant’ 😀

            • lol I had a nagging feeling I wasn’t “getting” Mushishi when I read it raw due to the language barrier. The anime came out right when I was falling out of love with anime, so the timing was bad for me. I will keep it in mind for a supernatural series to read in English in the future. It’s been floating around in back for a while now.. mostly because I think I’d enjoy Ginko too :3

  2. Yay! Another fun order 😀

    I’ve actually got a question, since I know you order from Rakuten regularly. I placed an order on the 28th, it took about 5 days, then the shop sent me the total and I sent back the email, then, I got a confirmation e-mail from Rakuten with the total and everything, but that was like 4 days ago now, and they’ve sent me nothing about it getting shipped out- no cancelation email or anything!

    How long have you usually waited for your stuff to get sent out? I guess I’m super paranoid ’cause this is my first order from them ;_;

    • Timing will definitely vary from shop to shop. The few shops I’ve dealt with on Rakuten were quite punctual and took 2-3 days at most. 1-2 days to confirm stock, less than a day to require a confirmation email from me, and then the package was immediately shipped out. They did email the tracking number at that time as well. It sounds like your shop is a bit slower. I wouldn’t panic just quite yet–don’t count the weekend days at all. If it doesn’t ship by the Friday in Japan, I’d definitely send an inquiry. Some sellers might have only a few set days per week when they mail out packages, who knows.

  3. I live right by Kinokuniya and never had a need to buy from Rakuten. It just seems so expensive to import from Japan when Kinokuniya offers online services and will even import to a store that will ship to your home (without the burden of international shipping applied). Have you ever tried ordering from them?

    As for censorship issue, while I don’t read that stuff myself, I can understand the feeling. It’s like me watching Clannad After Story (genre = romance), and expecting to see some sort of intimacy between the two characters (a lousy kiss would have sufficed) but getting nothing but hand-holding, and then is expected to believe that they could conceive a child while sleeping in separate futons…It almost drove me nuts!

    • If I use Rakuten, that means I’m looking for something that’s long out of print. I’ve done business with Kino in the past, but they seemed more equipped to deal with stuff still in print. Like I doubt they could have found me a nice set of original Kaze to Ki no Uta manga! It is expensive and a last resort. Having older tastes can be troublesome. This order of new stuff came from bk1. I’ve used Rakuten in the past which is what the user above me is referring to 🙂

      Bleh, that sounds hard to believe. I hate it when characters have no intimacy/chemistry within the story and we’re supposed to make the “leap” ourselves. I’d rather my BL be R-rated so I still get some sense of intimacy when I’d like, but I wouldn’t be exposed to creepy empty crotch shots lol.

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