Shiny New Releases: Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Kishi no Kokoroe~

As a fan of QuinRose’s Alice otome games, their manga releases (outside of the main manga serialization) are a guilty pleasure of mine.  I own almost all of them and the quality wildly varies, particularly considering the books are expensive at 998 yen a pop.  For the most part, the books are a fun supplement for fans hungry for more.  Unlike the main serialization, you get different manga that individually feature all major (and popular–a few are neglected lol) characters as Alice’s suitor. What surprises me is that, despite his wild popularity, Ace doesn’t have much dedicated to him.  Only Clover no Kuni no Alice ~ Heart no Kishi features Ace as Alice’s love interest.  While it was a pretty decent manga, I want more!  But his nature often secures him a supporting, antagonistic role instead of crazy-ass lover boy.

Back in July, online bookstores listed “Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Kishi no Kokoroe~, which would obviously star Ace.  However, the book was never released and fell off the radar.  Until recently!  It’s back as Clover no Kuni no Alice ~ Kishi no Kokoroe~ and this time it’s labeled as only the first volume, so we’re going to get even more yandere lovin’ than previously planned!

I’m pretty excited for all three QuinRose releases this month.  Elliot has been growing on me too and I enjoyed the last manga that featured him.  While I don’t believe they can be placed on the same level as the Heart no Kuni no Alice main serialization (not sure about Joker yet!), I think this will be a decent appetizer for this Ace fan.  The cover illustration is lovely at least!

I’ll be getting my copy in early March along with my next big order, which I need to type up still.  I still need to take some pics of the freshly arrived batch as well!

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