January Manga Pics

Several batches of manga have arrived.  The title list is here.  Lots of books, so individual pictures were easier.  First group contains a few recent titles, including & 3!

Naturally, I immediately read & and went into a frenzy.  You know that annoying person who screams at the TV while watching sports?  That was me.  My dog was thoroughly alarmed.  Volume 4 is too far in the future.

That's right, Shiro. HAND HER OVER. YEAH. GTFO kekekekeke

Snapshot from Boku to Kanojo to Senpai no Hanashi

Silver Diamond's Prince--How could you not want to scoop that up immediately and never let go?!

Next are the out of print Nishi Keiko titles.  If you’re interested, I scanned and posted a bunch of the covers to my tumblr.

Nishi Keiko stockpile of BL and shoujo. To be consumed in small doses.

Himegimi no Jouken

Tenjou no Ai Chijou no Koi

Finally,  the KazeKi stash.  I look forward to reading this one.  It’s interesting to think when I first encountered it, I couldn’t read any Japanese.  I’ll finish this series using my own abilities.

Kaze to Ki no Uta

10 responses to “January Manga Pics

  1. & volume 3 looked promising. Can’t wait to get to read it.
    Your reading pace is really fast. Do you still need a dictionary? I know I do since I really suck at Kanji. =P

    • It is really good. I wasn’t disappointed at least. Vol 4 looks even better, so it’s not like the story has peaked yet either!

      Do I need a dictionary? Yes. Do I use a dictionary? …. :3 I’m pretty content with understanding 80%-ish and then moving on if it’s just casual conversation. If the characters are making srs eyes at each other and it looks like the line is actually important, then I’ll look it up. Or if I draw a blank for a big gap of text. I’m sure that keeps the pace up. Having an interesting backlog while being lazy keeps it brisk.

  2. Shin, I just finished & 3. How could the mangaka leave the story hanging like that! Gah! Now I have to calm myself and patiently wait for volume 4. Poor Shiro. But since I have a soft spot for older men, I am still in Sensei’s team, haha.

    • She’s torturing us. It’s not nice! I’m feeling a bit bad for Shiro too, especially with that sneak peek panel of him for Vol 4–crying and shirtless >.> When we learned more about Sensei’s situation, my heart cracked even more. Now to wait..

  3. Oh man, Boku to Kanojo color insert looks fabulous :3 I actually saw this manga on amazon.jp not long ago and thought about buying it. I’m not too fond of skater-type men though.
    Akunin ni Nakaseru Houhou is also on my list. Actually I saw a lot of titles posted one after another on your Tumblr. Don’t tell me you just randomly clicked titles on amazon like me xDD Sometimes I actually find good stuff there.
    On a random note, have you read Sengoku Strays? I’ve noticed that there are already 9 volumes out while we’re only on the 4th volume. I’m dead curious how the whole thing’s developing.
    Sensei’s situation? :O What happened to him? :O I haven’t read & yet, but I’m more or less aware of what’s going on there.

    • Boku to Kanojo/Ore to Kanojo aren’t romance focused and he changes outfits too, so it’s not a big deal. They’re supernatural stories that are pretty interesting and border on the creepy side sometimes. They’d be very comfortable next to Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan. I like them.. I need to finish reading Boku to Kanojo (the prequel).

      Akunin ni Nakaseru Houhou seems decent. I got halfway through it just last night.

      And I always click on random stuff XD Amazon, bk1, 7net.. I call it fishing or prowling :3 If it was the Monden Akiko stuff, I think I first really noticed her thanks to Nakama and 1 en no Otoko.

      Sengoku Strays–I bought volume 1 when it was first released, before the scans, and just didn’t keep up with it after that. Not a priority. So I don’t know where it’s going.

      Without spoiling everyone :3 : Yagai has some personal obligations that heavily weigh on him (and he’s choosing to shoulder that burden) and it keeps him from pursuing anything else, including Kaoru. It’s heartbreaking.

  4. Mukuro Chandelier is……. WEIRD. But the main character Zen makes it more interesting. But the whole concept is definitely not for everyone. I think I’ll make a post about it if I get to it. Btw, finally got a camera, so am back to updating :3
    Oh and I’ve got Monden Akiko’s “Message”, haven’t read it yet though. Wanna see the first few pages?

    • lol If I had one word to describe her body of work, it would be “WEIRD” Believe it or not, Pikapika Cattle was even weirder >.> But not necessarily as good as MC. What I like about MC is that Zen doesn’t have this shiny golden heart beneath his exterior to smooth out the harsher parts of his actions. He’s not necessarily a bad person, but she didn’t feel the need to make him the dark yet “redeemable” guy. I appreciate her not following that tired trope.

      Yay for camera 😀

      Ooh, sure–I’d like to see a good snapshot of what the guy from Message looks like in the interior art.. I’m kinda curious. He looked interesting. If I end up liking the pile of stuff I ordered from her, I might get it in the future.

  5. Hey! Just wondering where you bought your manga? Getting it shipped from Japan seems expensive, and many publisher’s don’t offer overseas shipping. :C

    • Hi! I order regularly from http://www.bk1.jp/ They offer a number of shipping options and it works well for books still in print. Some of the out of print books pictured here also came from http://global.rakuten.com/en/

      Shipping is expensive, that’s just a fact.. you’re internationally hauling books from an island country and all. You can do yourself a favor and cut costs by shopping smart, such as not making small orders (bigger is better for costs!) and choosing the cheaper shipping options when available.

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