Last Manga Haul of 2011

I finally got my last shipment of manga for the year (thank the manga gods there’s only one week left in the year~).  Title list given in this post.  Just in time–I’m leaving town for 2 weeks and need some good reading material.  It basically takes me most of the day to get to my destination and I need some airport friendly reading material.  Thus, the man pr0ns stay behind.  Don’t worry, I already read Stranger and absolutely adored it.  The communication and bonding between the two characters that didn’t require words was lovely.  So much better than the common setup between two foreign people where one of them ends up as the other’s love slave or something. >_> Dounika Shita Hi looks like cracky fun that I can look forward to later.

I have like 5 hours before I leave and I’m still fighting over what to take, haha.  Definitely Poe no Ichizoku 1, Chiharu-san no Musume, and Taiyou no Shita no 17-sai (Nishi Keiko BL that doesn’t look very BL on the outside, whoooooo~).  After that, I’m not sure.  Maybe Sansukumi. Poe no Ichizoku 1 is BIG and should take a while.  But I’ll throw in a few more.. I hate being left bored with no good reading material. I’ll also be packing a good game or two, like Anniversary no Kuni no Alice and Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3.  If you’re traveling this season, have a good trip~  I’ll be without my scanner, but still floating around.  Since & Volume 3 comes out in the beginning of January, you know I gotta make an order soon enough.

4 responses to “Last Manga Haul of 2011

  1. *O* I’m drooling all over your Nishi Keiko books! Have a safe trip!!

    • Thanks 😀 I’m loving Chiharu-san no Musume. It has the cutest old lady EVER. It’s so amusing.. it faithfully captures the shenanigans of crazy old moms. Chiharu is the best~

  2. This haul looks pretty awesome!
    I also wanted to order that Nishi Keiko’s latest tank about the girl and two men, but had to move it to my next purchase, since my last purchase of the year amounted to 15 or 16 books including Zero-Sum xD

    I’m particularly interested in “…monogatari” and “Chiharu-san”, the one with the blue-haired boy on the cover and the very right ones.
    P.S. You liked Stranger? I’ve gotta admit, it looks gorgeous and the sample pages too, but…. dunno…. the overall style is a bit weird for me. IS the plot itself any good?

    • That’s a lot of books! They will be great reads until you get Koi to Gunkan :3

      I’m not really into 4-koma, but I think Chiharu-san no Musume is very cute. I find it’s a nice book to read after you’ve moved out/gotten some adult independence and then go back and hang out with your crazy ol’ mom. The blue-haired one is interesting Nishi Keiko BL from the mid/late 80’s–I really liked the “Barahime” story in it. I like my old school BL in general.

      Sansukumi (on right) is good josei moe. Not terribly deep, but adorable in its own way. It’s not easy finding moe titles that aren’t obnoxious for female audiences.

      I like Stranger. Her style is different, but doesn’t really bug me (hot muscled guys, a beard, dark skin, I’m in~). It had a nice atmosphere–BL in the wild west! It’s interesting seeing a common American theme in a Japanese story. The plot was fine for a single volume of manga. Like I said up there, the communication between the two that didn’t require words was very enjoyable. I got a nice feeling of friendship and *bonding* that I don’t see very often (as opposed to just lust-based or shallow interactions).

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