Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2012 List

The top 20 manga for Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2012 have been posted to 2ch. So here’s the romanized list.  A detailed explanation is available in last year’s post.  It’s a survey that introduces the most “interesting” manga published in the past year, giving a chance for good (but not necessarily best-selling) titles to shine.  There’s two lists, for male and female-oriented manga, respectively.

Female-oriented manga:

1.  Hana no Zubora Meshi by Mizusawa Etsuko and Kusumi Masayuki
2.  Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu by Kumota Haruko
3.  Udon no Hito by est em
4.  Ane no Kekkon by Nishi Keiko
5.  Chijou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa by Tanaka Ai
6.  Chihaya Furu by Suetsugu Yuki
7.  Umimachi Diary by Yoshida Akimi
8.  Pin to Kona by Shimaki Ako
9.  Mirror Ball Flashing Magic by Yamashita Tomoko
10. Mikake no Nijuusei by Tsubana
11. Liar x Liar by Kindaichi Renjuurou
12. Kimi ni Todoke by Shiina Karuho
13.  Tetsudou Shoujo Manga by Nakamura Asumiko
14.  Tsunagu to Seiza ni Naru You ni by Kari Sumako
15.  Tonari no Seki-kun by Morishige Takuma
16.  Sansukumi by Kinuta Murako
17.  Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito by Ikebe Katsumi
18.  Tanin Kurashi by Tanikawa Fumiko
19.  Hatarake, Kentauros! by est em
20.  Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago by Shinohara Chie

Male-oriented Manga:

1.  Black Jack Sousaku Hiwa by Yoshimoto Kouji and Miyazaki Masaru
2.  Gurazeni by Koji Joukura
3.  Mashiro no Oto by Ragawa Marimo
4.  Hunter x Hunter by Togashi Yoshihiro
5.  3-gatsu no Lion by Umino Chica
6.  Dogesen by Itagaki Keisuke and Rin
7.  Ano Hi Kara no Manga by Shiriagari Kotobugi
8.  Shingeki no Kyojin by Isayama Hajime
9.  Meshibana Keiji Tachibana by Sakado Sahee and Tabi Tori
10.  Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku by Ishii Ayumi
11.  Ao no Exorcist by by Katou Kazue
12.  Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue by Kokonoi Ryouko
13.  One Piece by Oda Eiichiro
14.  I Am a Hero by Hanazawa Kengo
15.  Gin no Saji Arakawa Hiromu
16.  Nejimaki Kagyu by Nakayama Atsushi
17.   Asahinagu by Kozaki Ai
18.  Hanamote Katare by Katayama Yukiwo
19.  I by Igarashi Mikio
20.  Hoozuki no Reitetsu by Eguchi Natsumi

The bolded ones are manga that I’ve read and those in italics are ones that have caught my interest and I really need to check out.  So what do you think they got right and what is missing?

For the female-oriented list, the cover of Hana no Zubora Meshi looks adorable.  Itan manga got two of the top five spots!  On the other hand, no manga from Aria made it.  There’s a definite leaning towards josei over shoujo in the list.  It’s great to see Udon no Hito and Ane no Kekkon in the top 5!  est em made the list twice with Hatarake, Kentauros!, but Nishi Keiko didn’t get her second title Koi to Gunkan on the list ;_;  Nakamura Asumiko and Yamashita Tomoko made the list with their newest works.  On the other hand, I’m so over Kimi ni Todoke that it doesn’t even register anymore…  Sansukumi is pretty fun, although top 20 is a bit surprising.. I guess the two latest volumes on the way will catch me up on the hype.  I need to break down and order Umimachi Diary, but I want to finish Yasha first (halfway through.. all the medical terms :O).  I wonder if it’s just that I’ve had a longer chance to get to know the titles, but I find more titles appeal to me on the 2011 list than 2012.

On the guys side, I don’t know nearly as much.  I enjoy I am a Hero.  Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue is yet another centaur moe manga that made the lists, haha.

These lists offer good ideas for future reading!  I need to look into some of these titles more.

14 responses to “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2012 List

  1. *O* This list is actually pretty good, Rakugo, Udon no Hito, Ane no Kekkon… I think I need to read more male-oriented manga now. D: I don’t think I’ve even touched half the title in there, but I’m glad 3gatsu no Lion’s in it. This list reminded me to read the latest HxH chapters since he came back from hiatus!

    • I like their lists a lot.. I’m going to have to make it a point to hunt down a few more of these series. There’s quite a few titles that I don’t even recognize on the male list.

  2. Hi, I recently discovered your blog, and it’s one of my favorites now! I truly envy your life; that you have so much time and money for all those mangas…..I’m a college student, but hopefully when I’m older I’ll also have the resources to get my hands on all the manga I want to.
    Also, just out of curiosity, how did you learn Japanese? Because it seems like you have quite a lot of insight into Japanese manga culture. And also, from where do you order your books? I get the impression you’re getting them from Japan. It must get quite expensive.
    Finally, have you ever been to the Kinokuniya store in NYC, and do you know if they stock BL manga there? I’ve been there several times but havent seen (well, haven’t specifically searched for really) BL manga; I have seen anthologies though….

    • Hi, thanks and welcome! 😀

      Ha, thanks, but there’s not much to envy.. years of really hard work went into getting here. I started collecting in college myself, so you have a lot of time to catch up! It serves as my main stress relief (and my job creates a lot of it!). It’s my major hobby that requires money, so it gets a good chunk of the disposable income.

      I learned Japanese while in school. I was required to take a foreign language anyway, so I went with a fun one. It was a pretty intensive program at a major US university, so I built up as much knowledge as I could before I finished my main, unrelated studies. Manga and games help me (selectively) retain that knowledge. I suppose I pick up on certain trends in manga culture during my hunts for the next great thing to read. There’s always more out there..!

      I order my books from a number of places. Primarily bk1. When that fails, amazon.co.jp, mangaoh, yahoo.jp auctions, and rakuten shops are back-up (and generally more costly). I do get them from Japan and it’s terribly expensive shipping. I’m shocked the US postal service is struggling now because I figured I was keeping them afloat personally. ;-P Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near bookstores, so that’s what I have to deal with.

      I’ve been to the NYC Kinokuniya before, but it’s been a couple years since my last visit.. which wasn’t long after they moved. From what I remember, they don’t have a dedicated stock of BL manga, but if you look, you’ll find a few titles hidden within. When I was there last, Yoshinaga Fumi had a few BexBoy reprints and I found Honto ni, Yasashii prominently displayed and some of her other BL manga in the bunko section. That was about it though, ha. Still, I was excited because I never even found that much in the previous years I visited! I guess it has to be a popular author to be stocked in store. Even when I could make the trips, I could never count on Kinokuniya or Book-Off to meet my BL needs.

  3. Shin, what’s number 19 on Male Oriented Manga List?

  4. i do somewhat agree w/ you on kimi ni todoke
    when it first came out, i was like “aljflaksfj how cute”, but then all the excessive fluffiness and yeah. not into it anymore.
    how was Mirror Ball Flashing Magic?
    and i remember the cover you posted of udon no hito. so cute >.<
    i've been meaning to read 3-gatsu no Lion, but the scanlation is so slow and behind, i've been hesitant on doing so….

    • Mirror Ball Flashing Magic is great.. it’s a nice mix of Yamashita Tomoko oneshots. She writes such good female characters and there’s a ton of them, so even better. It’s basically what you’d expect from her.

      I haven’t worked myself up to trying 3-gatsu no Lion yet. I wasn’t feeling H&C, so I’m not buying into the hype at this point… so I won’t be the inspiration to get anyone started :3

  5. I think they also have このBLがやばい! I am curious about that list.

    • I remember seeing that one last year, but after looking at the line-up, I dismissed it. There wasn’t any awesome hidden gems on it. Lesse.. http://vitasfifs.blog26.fc2.com/blog-entry-443.html 2011 list. It just seems more predictable to me I guess? I mean, they get credit for great titles like stuff from Nakamura Asumiko and even Oyajina made the list! I just can’t learn anything new from it like the Kono Manga ga Sugoi lists since it’s a more narrow field I suppose 😦 I’ll still check out the 2012 list.. can’t hurt :3 It’s only been out for a few days.

  6. Haha, yeah, I also think BL is narrower. I think stuff like equus and Merry Checker should make it inside the list.

  7. I’m kinda not surprised Hana no Zubora Meshi made it to the top, judging by its summary. It’s like, everyday life of a Japanese woman that is married to a salaryman xD But it looks pretty interesting anyway.
    Kumota Haruko’s series must really be pretty awesome, Sugoi’s rating usually gives me a push to buy some new titles.
    I’m also surprised Pin to Kona made it here. I’ve only read the first 2-3 chapters, but it’s… average shoujo? At least in the first two chapters. It’s also weird to see Kimi ni Todoke, it’s a good series, but it’s definitely not on the level of, let’s say, est em.
    Tanaka Ai’s work – wanted to order that one but hesitated.
    You know, I actually got ITAN last month and I found it to be a rather awesome mag. But for some reason bk1 didn’t say it was a mag in the list, they called it a book. It’s full of unique, potentially interesting stories. All of the chapters are the continuation of the series, but there is one new series and it’s by Bikke!! I’ve been dying to make a post on my latest purchases, including Itan series but I can’t find at least a camera to take pictures. Or a scanner T^T It feels really bad to not be able to share your love with others D:
    Mirror Ball Flashing Magic by Yamashita Tomoko – this.Have you read it? I wanted to buy it but for some reason there are tons of bad reviews.

    From the male-oriented Mashiro no Oto looks interesting. I’m surprised 3-gatsu no Lion is male-oriented O.o I LOVE the series. I LOVE Umino Chica. I absolutely love her works.
    Shingeki no Kyojin – the cover alone looks scary. The summary doesn’t sound that interesting. What’s so cool about it?
    Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue – I’ve been eyeing this one for a while, might as well order it then.

    It’s funny how not even half of the titles listed above are on MAL xD I find it a bit hard to keep interested in male-oriented manga, but josei anytime for me :3 But anyway, there a lot of seinen titles I’ve never heard of, so I’m gonna dig deeper to find more about them :3

    Oh almost forgot, Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Let this year be full of manga as well xD

    • I’d buy Kumota Haruko’s ITAN manga if it had furigana.. I’m just particularly lazy these days about that (so out of practice), particularly if they are subjects I’m not familiar with. Same for other ITAN titles.. they look good, but I limit my non-furigana titles since it’s not a relaxing read after a long day of work~ Tanaka Ai’s work almost made it several times, but not yet. I’ll definitely pick up Bikke’s work!

      I’m not sure why Pin to Kona made it so high. I bought it out of curiosity, but I’m expecting it to be mindless shoujo fun (after all, it’s in Cheese! lol). It won’t arrive until sometime in Feb though.

      Mirror Ball Flashing Magic is fine.. I’m not sure why it would get a ton of bad reviews. She’s auto-buy for me, so I never looked at the reviews. It’s a collection of oneshots on various subjects.. some serious, some silly (one was all about BOOBS~). No big overall theme, which might hurt the work overall. Is it her best work? No, not at all. It’s mediocre for her, but mid-level Yamashita Tomoko is still pretty good. She set her own bar high, higher than most. I don’t regret buying it. I want to own everything she does~

      There’s really nothing THAT cool about Shingeki no Kyojin. I found it entertaining, but it’s nothing to go super crazy over.. it’s pretty good for an action shounen title, for what that’s worth, ha. If I HAD to read shounen, it’s a good choice.

      I don’t know a lot about the seinen titles. You know how reliable regular MAL users are for adding raw manga, ha. I have to add the vast majority of what I read myself XD

      Thanks and I hope you have a good new year as well. It’s too bad you can’t find a camera.. it is hard if you can’t gush with others about your shiny new books. ;_; My camera is a junky piece of crap, but it’s still functional at least. It would be great if you find some way to share things sometime 😀

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