Thanksgiving Manga Arrival / Orders

Thankfully both my Thanksgiving break and Thanksgiving reading arrived.

Poking through the books a bit:  It looks like things are heating up a bit in Ane no Kekkon.  There’s one scene that makes you a bit flush~  Konoyo Ibun 5 is filled with more incredibly gorgeous men (and spirits).  Dolci has a surprising (but tiny) amount of BL-ish fanservice, which is always a welcome addition to my shoujo manga.  I’m going to tear through these books 😀

I made another small order since numerous books have been announced long after I placed the earlier order (which ships after 11/28).  I also need some more Nishi Keiko books in reserve.  This order has a few 7-21 day shipping books, so we’ll see what goes through.

  • Koguresou Monogatari by Miura Shion / Yamazaki Dodo
  • Stranger by Kuku Hayate
  • Dounika Shita Hi by Sankakusha Pie
  • Sansukumi 2-3 by Kinuta Murako
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 1 by Hatta Ayuko
  • Mesh 1-2 (Perfect Editions) by Hagio Moto
  • Hanshin (Perfect Edition Short Stories) by Hagio Moto
  • Anisan to Boku by Nishi Keiko
  • Chiharu-san no Musume by Nishi Keiko
  • Houkago no Kuni by Nishi Keiko
  • Nishi Keiko no Konnan Demashita Kedo, Miru? by Nishi Keiko
  • Taiyou no Shita no 17sai by Nishi Keiko

I picked up a few English translated manga:

  • A Bride’s Story 1-2 – I figured I’d try the nice-looking English before buying any more in Japanese
  • Love Song: 4 Tales By Shojo Manga Artist Keiko Nishi – Matt Thorn translation, I’m in
  • La Quinta Camera: The Fifth Room by Ono Natsume – I hadn’t bought it in Japanese yet, so why not
  • Gente 3 by Ono Natsume
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 2 by Naoko Takeuchi
  • Codename: Sailor V 2 by Naoko Takeuchi

I’m going to follow up with a small order at the very end of the month for some very specific purchases.  Still not decided, but definitely eyeballing

  • Super Lovers 4 by Abe Miyuki – this is an auto-buy title
  • Hatsukoi by Abe Miyuki
  • Dame BL Anthology – considering est em got a threesome with two centaur okay’d, I’m dying to see what is dame for her :3
  • Kemono no Oukoku 2 by Sugihara Machiko
  • Akuhana Messiah 1 by Sena Masaya
  • G Defend 39 by Morimoto Shuu – I can’t believe this will have 40 volumes soon.  It will soon overtake 3×3 Eyes as the longest series I own

Another long term series I’m looking to get is Kaze to Ki no Uta by Takemiya Keiko.  I’d like to buy it as a reward for surviving a hellish semester, but I need to find an appropriate set.  I might not get to read it until summer, but I’d like another long shoujo/BL series in reserve.  That and a backlog of Nishi Keiko and Hagio Moto will set me up nicely for a while.

12 responses to “Thanksgiving Manga Arrival / Orders

  1. Hello, I just stumbled on this blog a couple of days back. Nice place! It’s really informative (though I can’t read Japanese >_<).

    I was just wondering — that dark-haired kid on the covers of Kemono no Oukoku — is that a guy or a girl? Could you please let me know?
    And another thing; have you read "Rare Jewel" by Toumiya Senko? If so, could you tell me whether it's a romance series or not?

    Thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy all those new books! (You're reading Light Novel, huh? I'm sooo jealous! Having to depend on scanlators is, well… XD)

    • Hi and thanks 🙂

      The dark haired kid (Miyabi) is a boy. The main characters in that manga are all male. I’ve read the first volume of Rare Jewel and I don’t think it’s going to be a romance story. Something happens in the first chapter that kinda rules it out. She’d have to take the series in another direction to do so, but I haven’t read volume 2, so who knows. They steer away from using the word “romance” when describing the work, so I’m guessing it will stay focused on its school of sparkly students who are studying acting.

      Thanks and I will 🙂 Light Novel is interesting, but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on.. the language isn’t the hardest thing about it. It’s a mystery, literally! But yeah, it’s nice being able to pick out your own reading material :3

      • Thank you for the quick reply!

        I’ve been a fan of Narushima Yuri’s ever since I read the first couple volumes of Shounen Mahoushi (and Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji wasn’t bad either; didn’t fancy Planet Ladder much, though). Hopefully Tetsuichi will get scanlated to completion, since the plot is shaping up in an interesting way.

        Speaking of knowledge in Japanese — how did you learn? Do you have a family background, or was it from language classes? I hear it’s much trickier than English; is that true?

        You seem to like shoujo, so have you read Yamazaki Takako’s “Zero”? I recommended it to a scanlation group once, but they wanted to know exactly what it was about and whether it had any (het) romance in it (they won’t work on it if it doesn’t *sigh*). If it’s not too much trouble, could you let me know?

        I’m too full of questions, aren’t I? Hope you don’t mind! ^_^

        • Haha, no problem 🙂 I never shut up when it comes to manga, so I’ll answer anything possible.

          Nice, I’ve been a fan of Narushima Yuri for a while now too. I need to catch up reading Shounen Mahoushi. I told myself I wouldn’t get into Tetsuichi until I did.. so I’ve only peeked at what’s online so far. It does look good.

          I learned Japanese in college. I had to take a minimum of two years of a language anyway, so I went with a fun one and kept taking classes until I graduated. Since then, it’s all been self-practice with books and games. I think I’d pity someone learning English more than someone learning Japanese. Once you get over having a different writing system, Japanese seems more systematic at least.

          I’ve only read the first volume of Zero that Boku-tachi scanned waaaaaaay back in the day. From what I’ve seen around, it doesn’t focus on romance as much as action and the sci-fi world it builds.

          Although… I must say, that’s a terrible reason not to work on a manga. It almost takes more skill to write a great story that doesn’t rely on romance. I read tons of awesome manga without a drop of romance 😀

          • English is more difficult than Japanese!? Wow, now there’s something I didn’t expect to hear! But I guess the reason English seems easy to me is ’cause I’ve been learning it since I was 3 (and my native tongue is supposed to be one of the easiest languages to learn, according to a German friend of mine)…but still, Japanese has always struck me as being very complicated, what with all the kanji you have to memorize (though I guess the language isn’t to blame for my god-awful memory >_<)

            Pity about Zero — but looking back on it, their response wasn't very positive in the first place, so they probably wouldn't have taken it up even if there had been romance. Oh, well…

            And I totally agree with you! It’s a lot more difficult to build up personalities and create believable motivations for the characters when the authors don’t resort to “…and love conquers all so they lived happily ever after”. But you know, in that aspect I’d say manga / anime are pretty good about it; I’ve found plenty that don’t have any romance, as opposed to only a handful of Western books / movies which portray something other than love affairs as the central focus of emotions and relationships. But of course, that might just be because the media brought over to my country are only the ‘popular’ ones (and such titles always have romance), Idk.

            • Ha, I think your start at a very young age was a big factor 🙂 I regularly hear English is difficult to learn while I didn’t think Japanese was difficult at all (I’m a native English speaker–no other languages!). It just takes time and effort, particularly to deal with the writing. If you work at it, it starts to overcome your terrible memory, at least it did with mine :3

              Hmm, although perhaps your literature/movie sampling is biased, I think there’s a large emphasis on romance as well in Western works. It’s often forcibly injected into plots for no other reason to be there it seems. At least those works I’ve encountered.

              Or maybe I’ve just gotten really good at picking out manga that don’t fall back on that element 🙂 It’s a refreshing change for something besides love to conquer all :3

  2. Whoa, a Nishi Keiko fest! I am so jealous! =P

    Btw, Shin, Konoyo Ibun is essentially a short story collection? Which means that you can read the newest volume without having to read the previous ones?

    • 😀 I want a big stack of Nishi Keiko and Hagio Moto hanging around so I can read a new one whenever I feel like it. I really want Nishi Keiko’s old shoujo/BL works, but I need to figure out which/if I want out of print stuff, etc. Looking forward to it!

      Konoyo Ibun is a story that jumps between couples, so it’s not a short story collection. Like the first two volumes focus on the first couple, then it shortly shifts to another, then onto another.. all the while these characters are related and make cameo appearances, so you’d be confused. She never intended on making the story this long, so I guess that’s how she stretched it out. It’s still a good story (one of the better BL supernatural ones out there) and the artwork is gorgeous, so I’d recommend all the volumes 🙂

  3. Hmm…tempting. I like Merry Checker and ‘work in’ so I am quite interested in her other works.
    Is Dolci good? The cover is cute!

    Any comment on 姉の結婚 volume 2? Please don’t spill the story as I am waiting for the book from BK1 hopefully by the end of this month. =)

    • Well, next time you want something fantasy/supernatural within BL, think of Konoyo Ibun. It’s a good choice 🙂

      Dolci is exactly that: cute. It’s a fun, light read. There’s a couple of pretty good moments, but overall it’s not the best, but respectable and enjoyable enough. So while not exactly a high priority, I’ll get the next volume.

      Ane no Kekkon–I think you’ll be surprised/drawn in by the story. I feel like Vol 1 was setting the stage and Vol 2 was just fantastic. There’s so many complicated emotions swirling around like mad now. :O I went from curious about what was going to happen (always keeping the actual title in mind, ha) to really, really wanting the next volume. It’s something for you to definitely look forward to 🙂

  4. I’ve also ordered Dame BL, haha, I think it’s irresistable xD
    Koguresou Monogatari – is it any good?
    And now that you mention it, I should buy Ane no Kekkon sooner or later. for now I decided to buy mags to see whether there are any nice series currently running.

    Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – I’ve read the first two chapters. It’s fun but I guess it’s still your usual shoujo? But I did like it :3

    • Just the fact that it says “dame” makes you want it moooore. It looks like a pretty solid collection of stories so far too. I think you’ll love it 😀

      I don’t know about Koguresou Monogatari.. it hasn’t shipped yet. ;_; Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji was backordered for 2+ weeks and held up the entire order. I wanted some junk food shoujo, picked that, and its popularity ended up backfiring, haha. At least I got the small order with dameBL and I have another from early October that should arrive in the next few days. New Nishida Higashi ❤

      Ane no Kekkon is pretty fantastic. It didn't *really* draw me in until the second volume, but now it's one of my more anticipated continuing series. It's worth picking up.

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