Abe Miyuki’s Hakkenden to be animated

Two big news stories surfaced about Ciel/Tres Tres manga.  First, I saw news of Junjou Mistake being animated, rolled my eyes and shook my fist a bit, then proceeded to ignore.  After that came BIG news, plastered right in the corner of Tres Tres’s cover–Abe Miyuki’s beautiful fantasy series Hakkenden is going to be animated.  Hakkenden isn’t pictured btw, that’s two characters from Love Stage!! and Back Stage!! (Love Stage!! is a fun manga itself–animate that! :3)

Wow!  Just a year ago, I remember lamenting about how it was on hiatus and wondering if we’d ever see it resume.  Not only has it resumed in manga form (and I’ve been getting pretty reprint editions!), but it’s getting an anime adaptation!  While I certainly hope it will be an awesome anime in itself, I’m also happy that this will turn people’s attention to this absolutely stunning manga series.  It’s just gorgeous.  I’m not sure how well her detailed style will translate into an anime budget, but I’ll hope for the best… at least until I see some information about director/animation studio. :3 I’m so happy for Abe Miyuki!  She’s really gotten a lot of deserved recognition under Kadokawa.  Let’s animate all her series instead–it would help the BL anime selection greatly!

Oh, and it’s not yaoi.  The comments I’ve seen so far are just sad–people are such ignorant little freaks.  Dismissing the merit of something on genre alone is bad enough, but when someone can’t be bothered to check it first before being completely wrong… that’s just pathetic.

8 responses to “Abe Miyuki’s Hakkenden to be animated

  1. LOL! I did the same thing as you did. I rolled my eyes when I read the headline that MISTAKE was being animated, then I was like OMG YES!!! when I saw the second headline of Hakkenden being animated. xD

    I am so excited for the anime. I hope it will be animated by JC Staff, not Studio Deen.

    • Haha, yes–I went from annoyance to super excited in record time. XD

      Those are my exact hopes too. Please, PLEASE no Studio Deen. For the love of all cute, fuzzy things in Hakkenden, NOOO.

  2. uwaahhh i really can’t wait (> v <)/ I really like the manga and now i can watch it as an anime….i really find it interested to hear the character's voices in the anime :3

  3. I’ve been watching the Junjou Romantica anime here: http://www.youtube.com/show/junjoromantica?s=1

    And disappointingly enough, it’s kind of like sub-par anime — both in story, animation quality, and voice acting. Sadly, I haven’t really found a good BL anime to watch in a long, long time.

    • It really does seem subpar. I was reading the manga for a while, but just lost all patience with her writing and art. I haven’t found a good BL anime either. Good news is that Ai no Kusabi remake episode #1 was literally released 1/18/2012. Also, Tightrope by Natsume Isaku will be out, which should be pretty decent. I like the manga and her stuff in general. One can hope.

  4. I found this post about Hakkenden and I was wondering if you are watching it and what you think of it.
    I haven’t read the manga though I began collecting the scanlated chapters since it’s not licensed, but I’m watching the anime. I didn’t like the first episode but I really enjoyed it from episode 2 onwards and I like it more as episodes go by.

    • I am watching it and I think it’s a decent adaptation. Better than I thought it would be, honestly. It doesn’t shame the manga. It does take a few episodes to find a good pace. I think I just love seeing and hearing Shino in action. He’s adorable. And there’s more screen time for my favorite, Megu! That said, I still think the manga is way better (by default, since it’s great). The anime is limited by time and cuts things out. It will likely not cover much in the allotted number of episodes, so that’s too bad.

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