October Manga Pics

I received the bulk of my manga ordered, with a few volumes to follow.  First up is Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru 1-17 and illustration book.  Although the original editions have color inserts, the artbook has big, clean versions of everything.  I’ve been literally devouring this.. I’m already up to volume 14.  It’s just that amazing.  I’m going to be buying more of her manga.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, but now I need to get off my ass and actively do so. I already ordered a set of Marginal.

I also found this little guy on the couch in my spot, so I put him to work modeling! He usually hates the camera, so he sulked, but stayed put due to the guilt of being caught in my spot.

Here he's modeling the obi of Mukuro Chandelier, hoping that I soon bore of this.

I had to get a pic of him and Hoshi Mamoru Inu. The sulking is strong in this one.

Eeep, he's looking at the camera. *critical hit*

Aaah, such a victory since this little guy usually will not tolerate or sit still for cameras.  Unless he feels like photobombing my manga pics.

Looks like I need to make a November order as well.  Likely two smaller ones, as I like getting some newly released titles to read over my much anticipated Thanksgiving break.  This semester is killing me.. can’t wait for some good relaxation and more reading time

12 responses to “October Manga Pics

  1. Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru, yay I love that manga. I also love Keiko Nishi, can you possibly post a review or some thoughts on Kio to Gunkan when you read it? Manga looks great and has a cute cover.

    • Yay, another big fan! 🙂 I always enjoyed Hagio Moto manga, but I feel like I’m getting more hooked.

      Sure, I’ll post something about Koi to Gunkan. I just started reading it and it looks fun enough to inspire an entry. 🙂 Probably not this weekend, but the following I’ll have my schedule open up a bit.. I’ve had a terrible habit lately of starting a manga blog entry and then never finishing it. I need to change that~

  2. Hi Shin! Is Happy End Apartment worth buying?

    • Hey 🙂 The answer depends upon if you regularly read est em’s manga or not. It’s a great manga (everything she does is good), but not my favorite of all her works. If you’re looking for *more* est em BL goodness, it fits the bill (I must complain that the color insert sucks though). If you’re looking to sample her works, I’d go for Orokamono wa Aka wo Kirau (the English translation of this, Red Blinds The Foolish, is really good), Hatarake, Kentauros!, or Udon no Hito for BL, shoujo, and josei respectively :3 The last two are really good slice of life (well, slice of a centaur’s life? lol). She has another tank coming out this month.. I’m not sure how it compares either. 😀

  3. Thanks for replying! ^^
    I’ve read Hatarake, Kentauros!. It was really nice, wasn’t it?
    I need to ask about Happy End Apartment because I have budget restrictions and therefore need to pick which ones to buy and which ones I need to put off (not an enjoyable thing to do, sigh…). I wanted to buy shoujos from ITAN, they look interesting.

    • NP 🙂 Kentauros was very cute :3 Happy End Apartment is a good book. It’s a collection of stories about a bunch of people that live in the apartment building, so it feels a bit fragmented. But I prefer longer stories over oneshots. It’s still good slice of life, est em style. I admittedly like Udon no Hito more. :3

      It’s hard narrowing things down.. sadly, I do it constantly even at the volume of books I buy, lol. ITAN has a lot of interesting stuff, but I haven’t gotten around to purchasing more of it. I was eyeballing Rockwell + Gangster because I’m a bit nostalgic for her older series Sequence and Yorozuya Tokaidou Honpo. There’s always too many books to buy!

  4. Yes, they do have interesting stuff!
    Actually I prefer one shots. Stalking websites for series updates makes me giddy, esp when I really like the series, like ‘&’ for example.

    Haha, you do buy lots of books. How do you keep up with the backlog, especially when you have a full time job? I could only read three or four mangas a week and order the books once every two or three months and even I have to let some of them gathering dust, not yet opened, let alone read.

    • Heh, I’ve been stalking & a bit myself, as Feel Young will post a sentence or two about the chapter in that month’s magazine. I can’t wait for the third volume 😀

      I guess I don’t keep up with the backlog. There’s always unread books. It works with my fickle tastes though.. if I wanted to spend a whole week reading, there’s fresh books of all types for me to choose from :3 I’ll do a lot of skimming too.. this happens if something doesn’t really catch my interest at that time. I often revisit it later. It’s part of the game to me.. I guess the books that collect dust don’t bother me too much. Sometimes I dust them off later and appreciate them a lot more then. My reading “cycles” (shoujo/josei/BL/fantasy/etc) are very fickle. :3

  5. I’ve only read the first few volumes of Zankoku no Kami, but I can see why it won the excellence award in the Tezuka Cultural Prize one year. It’s absolutely heartbreaking seeing what Jeremy has to constantly put up with.

    • Everything I’ve read that has received that award I liked, which means I should probably read the others, ha.

      There are some terrible, disturbing moments, particularly once Jeremy and Ian both have delusions which handle the narration quite clearly for the reader. Then there’s a few scattered, sweet moments that look so much warmer due to the dark story surrounding it.. I really loved this manga. Every now and then I read something in “its own class” and this was one them. The one before that was.. Banana Fish I guess. I got a little depressed reading manga after it since nothing compared, lol 😀 I hope it continues to get translated.. it’s such a gripping story.

  6. How’s Natsume Isaku’s work? I was surprised she did a nonBL one O.o
    I’m eyeing those two…. Aria(?) titles to the left of Omumedai (which I ordered *facepalm*). Btw, one of the reasons I love buying Zero-Sum is the SIZE. Omumedai page spreads look fabulous in the mag.

    I think now that I found Aria and Itan for myself, there’s gonna be a lot more things to buy :3

    • It’s been a while since I skimmed it, but Natsume Isaku’s shoujo work didn’t leave a huge impression on me ^_^;; It’s one of those things that didn’t immediately grab my attention and another shiny thing distracted me. Her BL is usually able to sink its claws into me, but maybe I was just fickle that day. I need to give it another chance. After Kamikakushi Ryou Kitan, I might be more in the mood for supernatural. 🙂

      Those books are Mukuro Chandelier and boy is that a weird series. Rinno Miki is an odd mangaka, admittedly, so I shouldn’t be shocked. I don’t even mean that negatively (unless it’s PikaPika Kachiku–that was not the good kind of weird). If you haven’t read her stuff, I suggest sampling or just getting the first volume. I like it, but I can see how many wouldn’t care for the series. Nice art and it’s quite unique: there’s a necromancer, a “monster” that eats people/feeds off of him, and the corpses he reanimates which are used as simple tools in society. Until someone shows emotion towards the corpse, then it goes into ballistic zombie attack mode. lol It’s weird in a refreshing way for shoujo manga at least.

      Omumedai is one book I haven’t really started yet.. I need to get to it 🙂

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