October/November Manga Orders

I have a few orders out, covering old, new, and even some English-translated manga.  To start, I placed an order to reserve a copy of the special edition of Boku to Kanojo no XXX 8.  bk1 closed off their preorder by mid-Sept when I checked (it must not have been available long after they listed it!), so I had to place it elsewhere and that order has already arrived.  At least the already released titles!


  • Heart no Kuni no Alice – My Fanatic Rabbit 2 by QuinRose / Psyche Delico – dat tongueeeee
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Futago no Koibito~
  • Inu to Aruku by Yamasaki Hiromi – even though it doesn’t have a corgi chapter, I forgive it. I was a little creeped out by the dog crying 70’s shoujo heroine style, but I like a good dog story and braved it.
  • Doko ni mo Nai Kuni by Kusama Sakae – mmm, military-themed story from her? sign me up
  • Moon Trick 2 by Morimoto Shuu
  • Koibito no Horikata by Hiiragi Nozomu – two of her other manga are out of print :/
  • Drahen no Kishi by Aoike Yasuko – I want to pick up all the nice editions of her stuff out there, so I’m grabbing a few titles here and there

Not sent yet:

  • Boku to Kanojo no XXX 8 (end!) by Morinaga Ai
  • Ilegenes ~ Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku 1 by Kuwabara Mizuna/ Ishizue Kachiru
  • Z Perfect Edition by Aoike Yasuko

I also got a used set of Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru 1-17 by Hagio Moto, its illustration book, and the Yasha illustration book.  Zankoku na Kami is one of those long series like Eroica that I’d regret if I never bought it (along with some other Hagio Moto stuff), so I’m going to pick one up every now and then before the dollar tanks against the yen any more.

I have a bk1 order that should ship after 10/25.

  • Mahoutsukai no Neko 3 by Kikuta Yui
  • Wild Adapter 1 by Minekura Kazuya – yes, I’m rebuying because I’m a Minekura freak like that.  Anything to support the continuation of this series
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 3 by Chika
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita 10 by Suzuki Julietta
  • Issho ni Neyou yo 5 by Shigeru Takao
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime 6 by Akizuki Sorata
  • Eroica Yori Ai wo Komete 38 by Aoike Yasuko
  • Omumedai 1 by Kayase Shiki
  • Hakkenden 6-9 reprint by Abe Miyuki – not much more to go!!
  • Ame Nochi Hare 4-5 by Bikke – need to catch up
  • Houou Gakuen Misoragumi 3-4 by Aki Arata – need to finish this one up. looks like bk1 might be out though..
  • Ayakari Soushi 1 by Natsume Isaku – one of her shoujo ventures!
  • Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi 1 by Yamanaka Hiko
  • Koi to Gunkan 1 by Nishi Keiko
  • Mukuro Chandelier 1-2 by Rinno Miki
  • Butter!!! 3 by Yamashita Tomoko
  • Udon no Onna by est em
  • Happy End Apartment by est em
  • Aquamarine – Aoike Yasuko Collection
  • Roman Kumikyoku – Aoike Yasuko Collection

And I’ve even bought a few translated volumes in the past few months.  Mostly to round up amazon.com orders to get free shipping, but hey!  It’s something.  It mostly consists of titles I’m too lazy to read without furigana.  I’m also going to pick up the re-release of Sailormoon.  I wasn’t going to since I own the new editions in Japanese, but I figured it was the first manga I read back in the day with Mixxzine, so I should stop being a cheap bitch and just do it.  :-p  I also have Princess Knight by Tezuka Osamu on order.. if the release ever stops getting pushed back.  I didn’t think it would happen, but I have a tiny collection of English-translated manga forming again. :O


  • House of Five Leaves 1-4 by Ono Natsume
  • Gente 1-2 by Ono Natsume
  • Ristorante Paradiso by Ono Natsume
  • Ooku 6 by Yoshinaga Fumi
  • Sailor Moon 1 by Takeuchi Naoko
  • Code Name Sailor V 1 by Takeuchi Naoko
  • Train Train 1-3 by Eiki Eiki

18 responses to “October/November Manga Orders

  1. regarding the first picture: Koibito no Horikata and Doko ni mo Nai Kuni look really interesting. i like what ive read by the mangaka so far.

    random but i love the pictures you’ve posted before of your dog with your manga hahaha
    ooku is absolutely amazing. i can finally request for it from my library *does victory dance*
    jelly of your ono natsume stuff T^T

    • Koibito no Horikata is more Hiiragi Nozomu goodness and Doko ni mo Nai Kuni is looking good so far. It’s nice to have an unconventional setting.

      lol, I secretly love it when my dog photobombs my manga pics. :3 He’s usually not cooperative with the camera and doesn’t give me cute facial expressions when I point it at him deliberately. I need to outsmart him… I kinda want a pic of the new dog manga with him. I want him to model Hoshi Mamoru Inu too. XD

      Ooku is really great. Even better if you can get it through the library! Definitely worth the time. And yeah, I like the little Ono Natsume secondary collection I have growing too :3

  2. oh jeez. i wish i could edit my comments. or can i and i just don’t know my way around wordpress?
    ignore the “then i read”. it was an incomplete thought. adkjgaslkgj. that’s embarrassing.

  3. Ah, the wonderful 予約終了 status. 🙂 I currently have the same problem myself: there’s a special limited edition that I want which is going to be published on Wednesday, but it went into 予約終了 very quickly after being added to BK1 so I didn’t manage to order it in time. While waiting for this limited edition to become available, a number of other things, e.g. Kurobara Alice vol. 6, are going into 予約終了 as well. Since I’m going to have to order the limited edition as soon as it leaves 予約終了, it means that I’m going to miss Kurobara Alice in this order. And my BK1 coupon expires today by midnight Japanese time. Grr!

    Looks like you got some interesting stuff this time too. Too bad it’s so hard to get those Morimoto Shū things with decent shipping costs — I want that book myself!

    I think the one you called “Drahen no Kishi” is supposed to be “Drachen no Kishi”. The word “Drachen” seems to be German for “dragons” and German “ch” typically becomes “h” in katakana. If you ever see a katakana double “h” (Dorahhen), a likely guess is that it’s something German.

    • Ah yes, as soon as you wait around for one, another closes.. I swear, it’s a never ending battle with the reservations closing down early.

      For what it’s worth, Morimoto Shuu’s new series is starting out pretty rough. Then again, so did G Defend and I’m quite fond of that one.

      For Drahen no Kishi, I always pick the commonly used title. The point of me listing them is so someone can do a google search and find enough info/minimally the kanji to look up the books themselves if they’re curious. There’s just more “Drahen no Kishi” listings associated with that book. There’s also a German title with Drachen (if you squint, you can see it on the cover), but that full title isn’t even associated with the manga on mangaupdates and is only on MAL because I put it there myself. It’s all about whatever is easiest to find elsewhere on the net, as long as it’s reasonable.

      • Google agrees with me on the spelling. When searching for “Drahen no Kishi”, Google suggests: もしかして: “Drachen no Kishi”
        On the other hand, *not* following Google’s advice gives more results. Stupid.

        A lot of things became available again today, included the limited edition, so I decided to place an order right away so that I wouldn’t miss the limited edition. My BK1 coupon expired yesterday, so I had to place an order without using a coupon. Of course I received a new coupon just after placing the order. Bah!

        At least I was able to order most things: only two books (including the new Kuro Bara Alice) remained as “end of preorder”, and I could preorder the new Shitsuren Chocolatier. Having seen the image on top of your blog for ages, I also decided to order Hoshi Mamoru Inu, filling out the order with Hitler (ISBN 978-4-7816-0011-6), Yuri Danshi 1, Double Juliet II 3 (didn’t notice it was out until now — I forgot to ask for BK1 reminders for new Emura stuff), Gate 7 2 and various other stuff. Will be interesting to read.

        • Trying to reason “right” answers with romanization, whether with individuals/search engines/popular websites, especially when it’s something like German->Japanese, is pretty futile. I’ve learned that from being a mod on MAL, where it’s rare to have Japanese language abilities. Been there, done that–to death! IMO, the title should be all in Japanese or all in German and not a mix of the two.. but like I said, the full German title with “ch” wasn’t helping anyone find it as much, so I go with the more commonly known one in Japanese with “h” since it is reasonable. The manga makes it very clear it’s German–it’s just that one of the “h”s got lost along the way apparently when the title spread.

          Ha, sucks to miss a coupon literally by hours! But snagging those limited editions is difficult. And Hoshi Mamoru Inu is great, you’ll probably like it. JManga translated it recently and it’s been getting good reviews (Star Protector Dog and Stargazing Dog are the English titles). Yuri Danshi is silly fun and I’m always up for more Emura :3 I don’t think I read past vol 2 for Double Juliet II.. yet another thing to do. I’ve seen that Hitler title (people on MAL get all crazy offended about it, but it’s legit manga/literature so they need to chill)–I’d like to try out something from that series, not sure which in particular and it’s not been a big priority.

          • The romanisation at Myanimelist is often not ideal. If the printed title is “ドラッヘンの騎士”, I’d search for “ドラッヘンの騎士”, “Dorahhen no Kishi” or “Drachen no Kishi”, but all of them give me the same result: “No titles that matched your query were found.” Often it’s not trivial to find out that Myanimelist has chosen to copy a typo from various other websites, or to find out exactly what that typo is, so I often notice that I have to go via Google (‘”ドラッヘンの騎士” site:myanimelist.net’) or via creator lists. I’m not too happy about the mixture of German (Drachen) and Japanese (no Kishi) either; it requires identifying the language and the word in order to properly transcribe it, which may sometimes be difficult, especially if it is a word in some language I don’t know.

            Yes, it was a bit annoying to miss out on that coupon, but I didn’t want to take any risks. I’m even more annoyed now considering that the limited edition is still in stock (“24 hours”). It’s a “limited edition” (限定版) and not a “special limited edition” (特別限定版). Not sure if there’s any difference between the two of them.

            I noticed that Hitler series some time ago and I’ve always wondered how it’s possible to make a comic version of some of those books, so I decided to try it out. Some of the books in that series are adaptations of standard novels, so it should be easy to make a comic version of them, but how does someone make a comic version of My Struggle, Capital or The Origin of Species?!

            • There’s often not many “typos” when it comes to romanization–there’s different systems, different conventions. Other actual typos come from the users who can’t submit things properly as well, etc. It’s not a system where anyone can fix it, so a mod isn’t terribly likely to randomly come across a single entry out of thousands after the initial submission. MAL mostly uses the popular choices that has persisted in anime fandom for several decades at this point. You just need to know how to search–search for a key word, not the entire title when you have an awkward mix of languages in general. “Drachen” does turn up the entry due to the German title being included (which is excluded on MU). Searching for something typed on the cover makes a lot of sense to me, yet it turns up blank on MU. But Drachen and Drahen turn up results there.

              But like I said, I’m not arguing this off the clock on my own blog. It’s a waste of time. Doing it enough on MAL where people arbitrarily want specific titles in English, others in Japanese, Japanese with different romanization, unofficial English translations, etc. (which never aligns with anyone else’s preferences for the same titles) has really made it a subject I don’t like bothering with. There’s many things to take into account when deciding how to present things to a website with over 600,000 users from all over the world. Including using romanization from the subbers/translators/blogger since they are a main source of info for an English-speaking community (not typos). There’s certainly hundreds of posts buried in the forums concerning it. Particularly rage if we ever deviate from subbers. So I’m done with it.

  4. Did you see that Nishida Higashi’s having an EDGE COMIX release in November? I can’t wait! Gaah, for as long as that President Momoi-kun manga has been running in OPERA mmmm sweet satisfaction of finally having the whole story in my hands at one time! /o/

  5. thanks for the edit!

    Hiiragi Nozomu’s artwork is SOO CUTE. her oyaji in after the child sleeps: SUPER HANDSOME/CUTE.

    okay this is random, but how would i refer to a mangaka? i mean without saying her whole name? would it be appropriate to say “hiiragi-sensei”? idk. when i type the whole name…it feels so weird…and lengthy (if that even makes sense…)

    that’s be so cute if your dog could model Hoshi Mamoru Inu!

    my dogs are not photogenic (oh gawd. like me. i trained them well. -____-)
    i bet they’d eat my manga too hahaha

    yes! i love the idea of women in power from ooku 😀

    • People commonly say Hiiragi-sensei (or I’d use the -san suffix if I were to speak to one on twitter or something), but I dunno.. I feel more weird typing that out (saying doesn’t feel quite as unnatural), so I default on using the full name lol.

      I tried briefly last night to get him to model my newest dog manga and he was having NONE OF THAT. lol He didn’t want to stay still lol. I’ll have to try again.. He’ll never eat it at least. I’d be cautious with your manga and pups! :3

  6. i didn’t know hoshi mamoru inu was licensed. i shall keep this in mind.
    LOL. okay. i think i’m going to go w/ adding a -san
    sensei feels a bit informal..to me at least.

    AWWW hahaha that’s cute! i shall!

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  8. Okay, I know it’s a stupid question, but how was Kusama Sakae’s work? I almost blindly ordered it but decided to ask someone’s opinion first xD

    • I don’t think it would be a bad blind order. XD One thing I was technically disappointed about was that “Doko ni mo nai Kuni” is just a short part of the entire book. The rest have a more conventional setting and I wasn’t gung-ho enough to finish reading it (I’m in a fantasy/supernatural mood lately!). It still looks good, but I was hoping for more of the setting of the first story I guess.

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