Shiny New Releases: Koi to Gunkan

Taking a look around here shows that I read some of Nishi Keiko’s manga, so I was naturally interested in her newest release, Koi to Gunkan (Love and a Warship).   What interested me the most (aside from that title) was a common cry from readers: “Wow, this was published in Nakayoshi?!”, implying it was a bit uncharacteristic/mature for the shoujo magazine.  I love things that exist outside the boundaries they’re “supposed” to remain within, so I ordered this one.  It’s pretty popular–there was even a lag in the supply, with amazon temporarily out of stock (otherwise I’d be reading it now–I’m not bitter or anything) and bk1 just recently got another batch after low availability.  So what is this manga all about?

Endou Kana is a middle school girl secretly in love with a man 28 years her senior, the town’s handsome mayor.  However, he has a suspicious relationship with an older, scruffy, and smoking ero-mangaka.  The two men wear the same cologne, have matching bathrobes, and they even regularly stay overnight together…?!  So which is the purest, most acceptable form of love?  The love of a middle school girl or adult love?  And is it really okay to let Nishi Keiko run rampant in Nakayoshi like this?

Look at that scruffy oyaji, oh yeah!  Oh, I guess the girl is cute too. Got distracted..

Apparently, it is more than okay.  Actually, you know what?  I AM bitter.  I wish I was reading this right now and not a month from now.  I’m kinda pissed that it didn’t make it into my first order. :-p  Koi to Gunkan is published by Kodansha, so there’s the usual 3-ish page preview available.  In case you’re not familiar, at least you get to see Nishi Keiko’s cute line art. :3

5 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Koi to Gunkan

  1. passing by passing by..

    i am sad no one’s picked this up to translate and i want it even if i can’t really read japanese. should have picked one up when i saw it on the “new releases” shelf last month [kicks self].

    • Nishi Keiko has very little out in English currently. Compared to her decades of work and popularity in Japan, it’s pretty sad 😦 I hope you get a chance to pick this one up again. Mine should be coming in about a week!

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  3. Just a little tip — if you log in on the tameshiyomi pages of Kodansha Comics, you can see a much longer preview of the volumes you are interested in, if they have a preview 🙂

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