Shiny New Releases: Z Complete Edition

On 10/14, Aoike Yasuko will release Z Complete Edition, which is a full collection of Agent Z’s short stories and will include numerous color pages.  Z is a minor character from Eroica Yori Ai wo Komete.  He’s an earnest, hard-working, and capable rookie agent that even the picky Major favors.  Z’s own spin-off stories were originally published from 1979 to 1985 (her style’s golden years, btw!) and collected into two volumes of manga.  The stories tend to be more serious than the main Eroica storyline.

With the revival, Aoike herself even remarked in her blog that it will allow readers to (once again) experience some of her great years. With a price tag of 1680 yen, it must be one hell of a high quality, collectable edition!  I held off on buying the originals/earlier reprints of Z since there was news of this complete edition and I’m glad I waited.  Now that the date is announced, looks like my next manga order cut-off date is decided!

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