Itty-Bitty September Manga Order

Although I’m still working on my backlog, I placed a tiny manga order to take care of my must-haves:  the new Hiiragi Nozomu manga and Silver Diamond 24.  Silver Diamond has been out for a few weeks.. it’s like, unheard of for me to let it linger that long~  So I ordered the past two months of Tousuisha manga and a few other books snuck into the cart.  I posted about 2 of the 3 extras already and the last one is a Manga Erotics F title that Ono Natsume pimped, so I’m very curious!  I have a bunch more I want to get, but it will wait until after Z Complete Edition is released.  I’m also eyeballing picking up another long, old shoujo series… it was between KazeKi and Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru, but I’m really leaning towards Hagio Moto.  I adore her more and there’s even more excitement now that they are releasing Thomas no Shinzou in the US!  I need to find the original editions used somewhere though.. no bunko for me.  Shipping is going to cost way more than the books themselves. :O

In addition to all that, my Nakamura Asumiko fanbook should be here tomorrow. 😀  Busy, busy.. it’s been too long since I wrote a manga preview and was thinking of doing Trafalgar… but I should probably wait until after I write those exams first.  Never enough time :-p

  • Silver Diamond 24 by Sugiura Shiho
  • Ou no Ibara 4 by Tougawa Mitomo
  • Shounen Hero by Sakura Megumi
  • Teikoku Kyoudai 8 by Kaji Eiri
  • Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Circus to Usotsuki Game~ 1 by Fujimaru Mamenosuke
  • Yuri Danshi 1 by Kurata Uso
  • Ebihara-san no Iutoori by Hiiragi Nozomu
  • Kurokami no Helga by Saku Yukizo

4 responses to “Itty-Bitty September Manga Order

  1. “I adore her more and there’s even more excitement now that they are releasing Thomas no Shinzou in the US!”

    …WHAAAT?! Who is doing this release? gaspu I feel so out of the loop. lol

    • Fantagraphics will be releasing it as an ultra swanky book and it will be translated by Matt Thorn. It will be like the second coming for manga in the US!! The official confirmation is like.. a day old, so you’re not too far out of the loop. :3

  2. Wow. How awesome is that?! Way to go Fantagraphics and Matt Thorn. Really excited! I’m already drooling about how swanky their releases are, but I’m still kinda wondering where my Wandering Son v2 went. I want it nowwww. WHERE IS ITTTTT? lol Dammit. Pretty, plush books get on my bookshelf! XD

    • We need to crack the whip… the sooner Wandering Son gets out, the sooner it can pretty up some bookshelves and the sooner we get more Hagio Moto~

      With Drunken Dream, Princess Knight, and now Thomas no Shinzou.. my own shelves will be populated by seriously high quality English releases over picking up bunko raws :3

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