Shiny New Releases: Yuri Danshi

Can you tell I’m on the prowl? It just proves that even if you think you’re too busy, there’s always time for… a handsome man who is obsessed with yuri manga?  Sweet!  Yuri Danshi by Kurata Uso looks far too fun to pass up.

Yuri Danshi is a comedy manga about Hanadera, a high school boy who loves yuri to the point he constantly watches his female classmates and just lets his imagination run wild.  He’s living the fabulous life of a man obsessed with yuri, but this is also source of personal conflict:  if a yuri-filled world is so perfect, where does he fit in as a man?

Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s some serious work about questioning his own self-worth or that he’s the male equivalent of the supposed female fans who hate all women in BL.  The general opinion is that it is a crazy and silly gag manga.  There’s mountains of positive buzz surrounding this title and I’ll definitely be picking it up sometime.


5 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Yuri Danshi

  1. Haha I was wondering when there would be the male equivalent of Fujoshi Kanojo 😛

    • Ha, exactly! It took them long enough. Although I liken it more to Tonari no 801-chan. We have multiple series centering around fujoshi, but this is first big title I’ve seen about a guy that is crazy about yuri, particularly while still aimed at the primarily female audience of Comic Yuri Hime.

  2. Looks like a must-have! You keep finding so many interesting things.

    • I started reading it and it really is hilarious. It’s not one to pass up. His interactions with the side characters really make the manga fun, like his sister who steals his yuri manga (she hasn’t found the good, naughty stuff yet), some classmates who have “suspicious” yuri manga plot leanings toward each other, and he goes to a doujin event and meets other brothers in arms, more yuri danshi.. ha. Being a part of or just observing any nutty fandom makes you appreciate it and the satiric tone.

  3. I’ve seen this in yuri hime but my japanese isnt too good. it looks hilarious. Anyone translating it?

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