Shiny New Releases: Ebihara-san no Iutoori

Rejoice, Hiiragi Nozomu just released a new manga!  At least I’m crazy giddy about it. Ebihara-san no Iutoori sounds like more Hiiragi Nozomu genius for us to bask in.  If you’re not familiar with her work, that must be fixed!  Stop by my Oyajina! and Docchi mo Docchi manga previews and wallow in her greatness. ♥  For now, let’s take a peek at the premise of the manga.

Taira works part-time at a convenience store with his senior, Ebihara.  Taira just can’t get along with Ebihara.  He’s a blunt, yet good-looking guy who effortlessly attracts lots of attention from many different female customers.  Taira is the serious kind of guy who stays loyal to a single girl, thus it’s impossible for him to relate to Ebihara.  After scolding Ebihara’s ways one day, Taira inadvertently stirs those powerful pheromones…?

Between this and Silver Diamond 24, I’ve been needing to place a modest order.  I can’t wait! There’s just a few preview pages available, but enough to send me into a wild frenzy.

Aaah, between that cute blush and the “I’m a sexy bitch and I know it” pose, this looks great. :3

7 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Ebihara-san no Iutoori

  1. I read her oneshot “after the child sleeps” a while ago and i thought it was sooo cute!
    i shall painfully await the day i can read and buy raw manga and/or when more of her stuff gets scanlated….
    i thought oyajina looked interesting T^T

    • That was a cute story too. Not even one of my favorites though–she has just that many good stories :3 She’s one of my current favorite BL mangaka and needs so much more lovin’ in English 😀 I’d love to see Oyajina! in English the most, but it doesn’t really fit the “mold” of most groups out there ;_;

  2. Whee~ more Hiiragi Nozomu! Who cares about mold and genres, just lookit that gorgeous art >_< Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes! She has such fun facial expressions and body language. I’m always hoping that her art will convince someone to take a crack at translating something different but brilliant like Oyajina! 😀

  3. Where did you buy this?

  4. I’ve buy it and…. I can’t read Japanese (—^—”)
    But, who care ~ It’s cute… that all ♥

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