Lots of Aoike Yasuko to read

My Eroica set scheme worked–I got Eroica 1-37 in new condition.  They’ve been actively reprinting them.  My volume 1 copy is from the 59th printing, haha.  That’s great she’s seen enough success over the years to warrant that.  First editions aren’t important to me over manga in good condition. :3

I posted over a dozen select cover and back cover scans to my tumblr.  Actually, I’ve spammed a number of Eroica images this past month, so check the archive if you’re interested. There’s more images under the cut that illustrate the high quality of the 3 hardback books in the bottom row.  They all have multiple color pages and are made from high quality paper/materials.  I’m quite impressed and even met my new manga crush.

My favorite Eroica cover, no contest.

One color insert from Nanatsu no Umi Nanatsu no Sora

You can see the paper texture in the lighting on this pic.

There's multiple color pages. 80's style Klaus is so hot~

But the dark horse purchase of this order was Trafalgar.  I think I’m in manga love.

A color page from Trafalgar

I thought I just liked shoujo pirates, but my love has expanded to shoujo maritime.

Where have you been all my manga life? I have a new obsession~

I love the men from this drawing era of hers.  They are gorgeous and have defined facial features while still having some nice bulk to their bodies. Apparently she likes em bulky 😀  Admittedly, her most recent facial features drawing style isn’t nearly as pleasing to my eye.  Except those bunko covers–is it bad I’m still lusting for Eroica bunko just because I love the covers?  Terrible…

Smile for all the pretty books!

And now to start tearing through my ridiculous backlog!

4 responses to “Lots of Aoike Yasuko to read

  1. Wow, what an awesome purchase. I’ve definitely been benefiting on my tumblr roll… the water hose picture is one of my favorite that you’ve shared so far too. YAY 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked the pic spam. 🙂 And yes, the hose picture… oh my. It’s such a rare, unguarded moment and Klaus really does drip beautifully like Dorian says. He really has unparalleled taste in everything. :3

  2. Oh, wow.. *o*
    Despite my curiosity and fondness of classic style shoujo manga, I never got around and buy Aoike Yasuko’s works, the sheer volumes just too daunting.. TAT Still hoping the local translated manga publishers would tackle her works -_-
    But.. now.. looking at this.. I am most definitely getting Trafalgar! XD
    Maybe I should put your blog to the “read with cautious when broke” category ^^;

    • I started out similarly, but then I made the mistake of dabbling and looking into her works and decreed that I must have them. I’d rebuy Eroica in English if it was rescued.. there’s lots of text and it would be easier to glance at then.

      Haha, glad you liked the navy pics.. it’s a gorgeous book. One volume too! So it’s not an investment like Eroica. But yeah, be prepared I guess if you stop by? :3 It’s like going grocery shopping while hungry–I know I shouldn’t and know I’ll pick up some extra crap, but I never learn :-p

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