August manga arrival and a mountain of Aoike Yasuko

The newest batch of manga has arrived, bloating my reading backlog to epic proportions.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous 3 was a great volume.  It was very Shimao-centric, both past and present.  However, Hazuki had a few shining moments, including an adorable gentlemanly gesture. :3  Minekura’s short story volume was conflicting–Hachi no Su is fantastic, but only about 100 pages of the tank.  The rest are Minekura’s Arcana oneshots and if you’ve read them… well, the quality difference is very jarring when placed side-by-side.  Still, with only so much material available for Hachi no Su, I’ll take whatever I can get to have a beautiful print copy!  And it is gorgeous.  I’ll have to listen to the included drama CD at some point.  The Hakkenden reprints are still impressive as well.

Apparently my daunting backlog didn’t deter me from finally acting on a title I’ve been eyeballing for months: Eroica Yori Ai wo KometeAll of it.  After regularly stalking auctions for used sets for months (and keeping in mind I’d have to pay EMS shipping), nothing good ever came up.  So I ordered volumes 1-37 as a set on bk1.  My hope is that if they’re missing one of the volumes from the original release (I dislike bunko size, even if the covers for it look epic), the whole set will be cancelled and I’ll be back to hunting versus left with a couple randomly missing volumes.  While I was at it, my love of shoujo pirates got me to order El Halcon 1-2 and Nanatsu no Umi, Nanatsu no Sora.  And my love of the Major’s hair got me to order Madan no Shashu.  It will be a great start to collecting Aoike Yasuko’s works.  7-21 days shipping, so hopefully they’ll have it and I’ll see it at some point!  Now I just need to avoid the other long, old series I’ve been stalking for a while..

17 responses to “August manga arrival and a mountain of Aoike Yasuko

  1. Ooooh, nice! I saw one of Nishi Keiko’s in the pic.電波の男よ。Have you read it? I wanted to get it too. Oh, is there any news on & volume 3?

    • That manga is mid-priority, so I haven’t really read it yet. I did start to peek at the other Nishi Keiko title, which has a guy who draws shoujo manga.. it looks cute :3 No news on & 3 yet 😦

  2. Are you aware that Amazon is selling whole series as sets? Amazon is charging ¥300 per item for shipping and it seems that one set counts as one item. For example, appears to count as just one item in terms of Amazon shipping charges. I tried placing a 10-item set in my shopping basked at one point, and Amazon treated it as one item on checkout, but things might have changed since that time. For large (or many) sets, Amazon might end up cheaper than BK1.

    I’ve had some trouble posting comments here lately. Let’s see if it works this time…

    • I had a bunch of spam bots/mail sniff my blog for some reason, so it might be related? The comment filter was working overtime. I eventually saw your latest comments in my spam folder. Since it’s acting funny, I’ll have to check that more regularly. Looks like I only have specific blacklist options and no whitelist beyond users who’ve made a comment before (which should have worked >.>).

      The main problem with is the EMS shipping. I might as well get a cheaper used set via auction and pay for the EMS shipping from a proxy or whatever. I wasn’t aware they consider a set as a single item for their per item fee–I will keep that in mind. Good backup if bk1 falls through as well.. ugh, they need air shipping. :/

  3. Wow, what an awesome order! (as usual really xD) There are lots of titles I don’t know, but I’m particularly interested in the bottom left, top right, those kyoudai, and Kyou mo Ashita mo… I mean… do they get together or not?? OH and that butler series is sooo hilarious, I’m not reading it from the beginning, only from my zero-sum, but it’s pretty awesome.
    Speaking of Zero-Sum….. I haven’t received my last two orders yet… It’s more than a month since the first order and 24 days since the last order…. I have no idea what’s going on and I can’t even check its status since it’s AirMail T____T

    • Hehe, too many pretties to read again. Bottom left is looking pretty good so far: I’ve peeked at Moto Haruhiro’s and there’s a lot of nice art, guys in suits, and even an oyaji father figure. ❤ Hiiragi Nozomu's manga right next to it is great too.. love all her stuff, so I'm trying to buy it up! Kyou mo Ashita mo is a bit frustrating in that it moves at a snail pace in terms of relationship development, but it's so cute that I end up forgiving it.. And yes, I'm really enjoying the butler series and so excited Shinemon still has a considerable role. He cracks me up. XD It’s so episodic that you’re probably getting a good dose 😀 Natsuyuki was so pretty and I have some random shoujo in that corner that also looks good. It’s hard to pick the next victim. :3

      Eek, it took a while for the very first order right? Even then, that's a long wait 😦 I wish we could track Airmail.. I hope it shows up soon 😦

  4. That was me, uhhh =.=’

  5. Hey, shinkeikaku~

    I collect Japanese manga, too. I usually get it from BK1.
    For an order like this, do you use airmail? o_o’
    I’ve been hurting from the terrrible dollar-yen conversion ><'
    I can only imagine the shipping on an order that size- is it still under 5kg?


    • Hi 🙂 Yes, I use airmail. It’s much more reliable and faster than sea. I’ve used sea once or twice with other things and I wasn’t sure it was ever going to show up after the weeks go by while air takes like.. a week and I’ve never lost a package from hundreds over the years. :3 Not enough money is saved between the two to risk losing the books I already paid for! In terms of weight, I’m not sure what that one ended up being. All my shipping runs around 40-45% of the total cost of the books. So it’s always pricey. This wasn’t as bad as the Eroica 1-37 order since the books themselves were cheaper, but many in number/heavier.

      But yeah, the dollar-yen conversion…. someone else who understands my pain ;_; It’s actually changed my buying habits drastically this past year or so. I don’t take nearly as many risks and don’t collect as many mid-tier stuff (BL is suffering, as is my junk food shoujo habit). One can only hope it will get better 😦

      • I’m not so sure if airmail is more *reliable* than sea, but it’s certainly faster. I’m always picking “sea” when I’m ordering from BK1, and packages have never disappeared. Sure, it takes a lot of time (usually 2-3 months to Europe, maximum 4½ month so far), so it means some waiting time.
        I’ve noticed that I typically end up just below the 5 kg limit if I order around 25-27 volumes (depending on volume size). 37 volumes is a lot more, so I’d expect at least two boxes for that order.
        You should also be aware that if you are ordering all volumes of a specific series, and if there are lots of volumes, it might actually end up cheaper to order them as a set from Amazon, since Amazon only counts the number of items and not the weight of the items when determining shipping costs. That way, I’m now saving $4.50 (I think) by ordering a boxed set of some American comics from Amazon USA instead of ordering the two volumes in that set separately. 🙂

        • Time is a measure of reliability for me. I’ve had just a few sea shipments, but from the same location, one took two weeks more than another order. For whatever reason. So that’s not reliable in my book. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to get here. Not worth the slim savings. It did eventually, but that package looked like it had seen… horrors!

          And I was referring to the pictured order, not the Eroica one. Not particularly more expensive than amazon EMS since Eroica books are light. The tipping point is I got to use bk1 discount while gaining back 1000 pts/1000 yen with their campaign (bad dollar to yen makes that valuable). On a heavy set of manga that doesn’t hit 10000 yen cost, it could be cheaper. Or without the campaign/discount.

          • I’ve been quietly stashing away my BK1 points like some…squirrel thing, for the future when I buy a huge order. IIRC, don’t they show up on your account at the end of the month or something?

            And as for sea mail, I get it in about 5-6 weeks. It’s worth it for me if I get a ton of manga, and it’s relatively fast. I was thinking it’d take several months. My books showed up in nice shape, too.

            I just hope for the day to come when the dollar-yen isn’t so freaking bad. I will say if it dips too low, I’ll have to stop buying manga for a while…for me, that’d under 60y-1USD. UGH I hope that never happens ;_;

            Also, thanks anon. I’ve always wondered about where 5kg is.

            • Yeah, they run their points like once a month. Keep an eye on them, as the ones from the campaign (versus the 1% from order) expire after 1.5 months. I have 2000 pts to spend from the last haul by mid Oct.

              My sea mail took minimally 6 weeks. Been a while, but it was ridiculous. I won’t be repeating it. Not worth the stress, unless shipping was free :3

              I’m not looking forward to the day the dollar dips even lower. Like you, it will just reach a point that I won’t want to spend that kind of money. I could see myself maybe buying a few favorites series and that’s it. I don’t even buy artbooks even more. I bought Nakamura Asumiko’s, but still feel like it wasn’t quite worth what I paid for… I don’t like how the changing cost is changing my buying habits and making me even more critical :/ It doesn’t help when you remember the glory days.. I think I became aware of the exchange rate buying manga when it was 120-130 yen to 1 dollar. It needs to recover ;_;

  6. Fingers crossed for the day it recovers :3

    Also, yeah, my order points didn’t show up from my last order- which I placed on the 13th of September. Was I supposed to check “Use BK1 points” at the end of my order when I was initially buying it? I really hope I didn’t mess something up. I really want to get my points from my order ;_;


    • “Use BK1 points” means that you’re paying a part of the price with BK1 points. For example, if you type in 1, you lose one point and the total price is reduced by ¥1.

      If you don’t do anything else, you’ll get 1% of the total amount back as points. If you order for more than ¥10,000, you should be aware of the “buy for more than ¥10,000 campaign: after placing your order, you are asked if you want your 1000 points or if you want to donate them to charity. If you do nothing (bad choice!), I believe that BK1 defaults to the usual 1% stuff so that you get 100 points instead of 1000.

      No points are given to you before everything has been sent. If it was sent last month, you should get your points around mid-October. If the order contains some October pre-order items, you’ll get your points around mid-November, and so on.

      I saw the Eroica discussion here and didn’t realise that this was a different thread. BTW, エロイカ always makes me think “hm, ‘ero ika’, ‘erotic squid’, what the hell is that!?” I guess I should buy it myself to find out what it really is. 🙂

      • Thank you, Anon! It made me a bit nervous to think I wouldn’t get my BK1 points.

        oh dear エロ・イカ. That is terrifying and implants a very unpleasant image into my brain 😦

      • Yes, Eroica is worth investigating. I’d cover it here, but there’s already decent coverage since it has some volumes in English. It’s a lot of things (action, adventure, comedy, parody), but erotic squids is not one of them. :3 It’s all about the characters and anything with fantastic characters that lasts for volume after volume gets my praise.

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