Conclusion of Summer of Manga 2011 – Manga Arrival Pics and August Order

My back-ordered books arrived on the heels of the main order.  Well, the books they had in stock at least! After Nakamura Asumiko’s art/fanbook was delayed to 9/10, I got tired of waiting and shipped out the rest.

Notice they randomly were out of Eve no Nemuri (3). Oh well, I’m currently on Yasha (9), so I have time to catch up.  Even though I’ve already read a few of the stories, I really like the Oyaji Catalog. :3 Random pics underneath the cut.  I probably won’t make a habit of this, but when I get so many books, I get a bit overwhelmed picking a starting spot… so I tend to play with all of them at first!

In addition to these, Natsuyuki Rendezvous (3) will be released on 8/8, so I made another order as well.

Color page of Oyaji Catalog by Aniya Yuiji. Great illustration, so many things going on.. I like how it looks like they're walking through a sea of blood and the leash looks like an intestine. And the soaked-through shirt and what's hiding beneath...!

Also from Oyaji Catalog: Hachikawa Yam's style looks like it has a dash of est em's lines and Ono Natsume's lines/coloring. I like.

Shiwo made two very handsome men for Oyaji Catalog. 😀

I found my favorite oyaji from Oyaji Kairou e Youkoso. The wavy hair (slightly receeding?!), facial hair, angular facial features, pose, thin frame...

Inside cover of Tetsudo Shoujo Manga. Too cute 😀

And for the next order arriving sometime mid-August:


  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous 3 by Kawachi Haruka
  • Kame no Naku Koe by Nishi Keiko
  • Denpa no Otoko yo by Nishi Keiko


  • Nanahikari 6 by Takaguchi Satosumi
  • Byousoku Zero Mile by Moto Haruko
  • Ijippari Yuugitai! by Hiiragi Nozomu – need to buy up the rest of her stuff
  • Hatsukoi no Nikki by Fukiya Flow(?) – my random risky title, but it looks interesting


  • Hachi no Su Limited Edition by Minekura Kazuya
  • Hakkenden 4-5 reprint by Abe Miyuki – 2 books of hers are scheduled for release each month while they catch up!
  • Rasen no VAMP by Mizuno Minami
  • Atashinchi no Danshi by Mizuno Minami – watched some of the JDrama
  • Furou Kyoudai by Shiwasu Yuki
  • Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante by Igarashi Ran
  • Are You Alice? 4 by Ninomiya Ai/Katagiri Ikumi
  • Gakuen Heaven Revolution 1 by Higuri Yuu (it’s Princess Comics Deluxe, so not as naughty as the last~)
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo 8-9 by Emura – looks like it’s going to get a bit steamy?!
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Kuroi Tokage to Nigai Aji 2
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice – Boushiya to Shinya no Ochakai 2
  • Shounen yo Tanbi wo Egake – BOYS BE TAMBITIOUS 1 by Miki Maki – it’s 4koma, but I’m looking for something amusing and high school boys learning to draw BL sounds appropriate!
  • Real Rode ~Girl Meets Prince~ – been playing the otome game

8 responses to “Conclusion of Summer of Manga 2011 – Manga Arrival Pics and August Order

  1. That Oyaji Anthology looks interesting :O I don’t particularly have an oyaji fetish, but might be worth a try :3
    Chiruhi – I LOVE everything history-related. I absolutely love manga with kimono, samurai, swords, kabuki, men with long black hair in kimono. But reading such stuff usually makes me want to become a nun, because it’s difficult to read T^T

    Kyou mo Ashita mo – Are they already together? I saw some random chapter snippets and looked like they were kinda together… I like the series a lot, but I guess not enough to buy it.

    • If I’m going to do an anthology, I like standalone, themed ones and it definitely fits that with one of the best themes EVAR 😄

      I’m the same with historical stuff.. love the setting, hate the language lol. Sometimes I just regress to a childish state and think “oooh pretty pics~~”

      My impression is that they’re gravitating towards being together in Kyou mo Ashita mo, but I’m a few volumes behind. I have a big Emura collection, so I naturally just kinda snagged this series.

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  4. i’m surprised i hadn’t commented on this.
    unf. look at those smexy yamashita tomoko oyaji. could never confuse them for anyone else’s.
    what the title of that manga?
    i was wondering what you thought of aniya yuiji’s art? i remember you saying how you didn’t like bl sex scenes when the uke’s nose would run hahaha. i recall a few of those in her works.

    • Those Yamashita Tomoko oyaji are basically why I bought it. They beckon~ The anthology itself has a chapter of Kuimonodokoro Akira by her.

      In general, I like Aniya Yuiji and think she’s a good artist. Well, until it comes to any snot bomb sex scenes. I don’t want to see body fluids leaking from the face like that.. so gross. :/ She’s not as bad as some other artists when it comes to that though.

  5. awwww kuimonodokoro akira is SO CUTE. AAHHHH.

    LOL. i see. i definitely love the way she draws face expressions though. reminds me of another mangaka but i can’t remember the name
    true. i agree w/ you. personally, it’s an unnecessary addition to a sex scene haha

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