Conclusion of Summer of Manga 2011 – Manga Arrival Pics and August Order

My back-ordered books arrived on the heels of the main order.  Well, the books they had in stock at least! After Nakamura Asumiko’s art/fanbook was delayed to 9/10, I got tired of waiting and shipped out the rest.

Notice they randomly were out of Eve no Nemuri (3). Oh well, I’m currently on Yasha (9), so I have time to catch up.  Even though I’ve already read a few of the stories, I really like the Oyaji Catalog. :3 Random pics underneath the cut.  I probably won’t make a habit of this, but when I get so many books, I get a bit overwhelmed picking a starting spot… so I tend to play with all of them at first!

In addition to these, Natsuyuki Rendezvous (3) will be released on 8/8, so I made another order as well.

Color page of Oyaji Catalog by Aniya Yuiji. Great illustration, so many things going on.. I like how it looks like they're walking through a sea of blood and the leash looks like an intestine. And the soaked-through shirt and what's hiding beneath...!

Also from Oyaji Catalog: Hachikawa Yam's style looks like it has a dash of est em's lines and Ono Natsume's lines/coloring. I like.

Shiwo made two very handsome men for Oyaji Catalog. 😀

I found my favorite oyaji from Oyaji Kairou e Youkoso. The wavy hair (slightly receeding?!), facial hair, angular facial features, pose, thin frame...

Inside cover of Tetsudo Shoujo Manga. Too cute 😀

And for the next order arriving sometime mid-August:


  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous 3 by Kawachi Haruka
  • Kame no Naku Koe by Nishi Keiko
  • Denpa no Otoko yo by Nishi Keiko


  • Nanahikari 6 by Takaguchi Satosumi
  • Byousoku Zero Mile by Moto Haruko
  • Ijippari Yuugitai! by Hiiragi Nozomu – need to buy up the rest of her stuff
  • Hatsukoi no Nikki by Fukiya Flow(?) – my random risky title, but it looks interesting


  • Hachi no Su Limited Edition by Minekura Kazuya
  • Hakkenden 4-5 reprint by Abe Miyuki – 2 books of hers are scheduled for release each month while they catch up!
  • Rasen no VAMP by Mizuno Minami
  • Atashinchi no Danshi by Mizuno Minami – watched some of the JDrama
  • Furou Kyoudai by Shiwasu Yuki
  • Shitsuji ni Kokkyou Nante by Igarashi Ran
  • Are You Alice? 4 by Ninomiya Ai/Katagiri Ikumi
  • Gakuen Heaven Revolution 1 by Higuri Yuu (it’s Princess Comics Deluxe, so not as naughty as the last~)
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo 8-9 by Emura – looks like it’s going to get a bit steamy?!
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice – Kuroi Tokage to Nigai Aji 2
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice – Boushiya to Shinya no Ochakai 2
  • Shounen yo Tanbi wo Egake – BOYS BE TAMBITIOUS 1 by Miki Maki – it’s 4koma, but I’m looking for something amusing and high school boys learning to draw BL sounds appropriate!
  • Real Rode ~Girl Meets Prince~ – been playing the otome game

8 responses to “Conclusion of Summer of Manga 2011 – Manga Arrival Pics and August Order

  1. That Oyaji Anthology looks interesting :O I don’t particularly have an oyaji fetish, but might be worth a try :3
    Chiruhi – I LOVE everything history-related. I absolutely love manga with kimono, samurai, swords, kabuki, men with long black hair in kimono. But reading such stuff usually makes me want to become a nun, because it’s difficult to read T^T

    Kyou mo Ashita mo – Are they already together? I saw some random chapter snippets and looked like they were kinda together… I like the series a lot, but I guess not enough to buy it.

    • If I’m going to do an anthology, I like standalone, themed ones and it definitely fits that with one of the best themes EVAR XD

      I’m the same with historical stuff.. love the setting, hate the language lol. Sometimes I just regress to a childish state and think “oooh pretty pics~~”

      My impression is that they’re gravitating towards being together in Kyou mo Ashita mo, but I’m a few volumes behind. I have a big Emura collection, so I naturally just kinda snagged this series.

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  4. i’m surprised i hadn’t commented on this.
    unf. look at those smexy yamashita tomoko oyaji. could never confuse them for anyone else’s.
    what the title of that manga?
    i was wondering what you thought of aniya yuiji’s art? i remember you saying how you didn’t like bl sex scenes when the uke’s nose would run hahaha. i recall a few of those in her works.

    • Those Yamashita Tomoko oyaji are basically why I bought it. They beckon~ The anthology itself has a chapter of Kuimonodokoro Akira by her.

      In general, I like Aniya Yuiji and think she’s a good artist. Well, until it comes to any snot bomb sex scenes. I don’t want to see body fluids leaking from the face like that.. so gross. :/ She’s not as bad as some other artists when it comes to that though.

  5. awwww kuimonodokoro akira is SO CUTE. AAHHHH.

    LOL. i see. i definitely love the way she draws face expressions though. reminds me of another mangaka but i can’t remember the name
    true. i agree w/ you. personally, it’s an unnecessary addition to a sex scene haha

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