Shiny New Releases: Furou Kyoudai

Furou Kyoudai is a comedy shoujo manga that started as a oneshot and was extended to a short serialization.  The tankoubon was just released and judging from the cover (which I’m oh so good at~), it looks like a lot of fun.

Kyouko and Daisuke are inseparable twins. At school, at home, in the bathroom… they are always together.

….awkward, lol.

Since this is Hana to Yume, we know it’s not like…. that (damn).  The twins are strongly attuned to the supernatural and as soon as they are separated…

… all hell breaks loose!

As long as they stick together, the ghosts leave them alone.  However, they are getting to an age where things like taking baths together might be a bit… socially unacceptable, especially when it comes to dating.  So what’s a pair of haunted twins to do?

This looks like a very entertaining gag manga with those adorable deadpan looks.  🙂  Omari’s Sister released the oneshot version and you can preview a few pages of the story at Hakusensha’s website.

5 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Furou Kyoudai

  1. I love Hana to Yume series. This one looks super awesome. I have yet to buy anything by HanatoYume though. Could you please tell us if it’s funny when you finish reading it?^^ I think I really might order it next month, totally my cup of tea :3

    • I have a weakness for them as well 🙂 It helps that they usually have a supernatural/fantasy touch to them, which is my favorite type of story. But sure, I’ll let you know if it ends up being a good tank. But I won’t get it for a while.. I ordered it with Natsuyuki Rendezvous 3, which will be released on 8/8. Add at least a week for shipping and it might pass your own order deadline.

  2. Based on the 試し読み pages, this definitely looks like something I’d be interested in! Thanks for bringing it up! I’ve now added Furō Kyōday to my BK1 あとで買う list so that I’ll remember to include it in my next BK1 order, which will probably be placed once another book leaves the annoying 予約終了 state.

    • I hope you like it! I’m glad they put up the sample pages–without them, I might not have gotten it.

      Ah, the dreaded closed reservations. I hate that thing :/ My bk1 orders are a constant juggling battle to avoid that. Between titles coming into stock and preorders ending early, something always gets left behind.

      • OK, so the “end of reservations” state changed into “24 hours”, and I was able to place my order. I also decided to order “Light Novel” that you mentioned back in May. Let’s see what they will be like.

        Usually, I manage to avoid the “end of reservations” problem by placing my orders a month before the month of publication, but in this case I didn’t find out about this book until I was just about to go away on holiday for a week, and when I returned, reservations had already ended. Sigh.

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