July Manga Pic Spam

The first of two orders arrived.  The next one should be along in a day or so.  Title list here.  I’ve been at a loss where to start.. most likely Super Lovers and Tora to Ookami, followed by Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka (that is a thin book!).

Lots of cute color inserts and images, so I decided to take some quick pics.  My camera is crappy per usual, but it was quick to process this way and no book bending. 🙂

Color insert for Super Lovers 3

More underneath the cut.  Also, there’s a pic with female nipples, so there’s a mild NSFW warning.

Come up with an excuse for *this* pose! Love Ren's expression.

Aah, Higuri Yuu~ Insert for Gorgeous Carat: La Esperanza


One of 3! color illustrations for Renai Idenshi XX

Cowboy America from Hetalia 4's Special edition booklet. Lots of cute illustrations

From Nokemono to Hanayome. Is that... a bear suit with assless chaps? Oh Nakamura Asumiko, you've done it again.

We get to see more of Itaru. How I missed Nakamura Asumiko's beautiful men~

7 responses to “July Manga Pic Spam

  1. I don’t know what’s with me, every time I see a Super Lovers pic I get all >.< and I have barely read it. I feel like a perv haha.
    You got Arashi no ato! 😀
    The one with the animals (Shiina-kun) looks so pretty ^^

    • Well, I get kinda pervy too, so you’re not alone. The work itself has gotten a bit pervy lately. XD

      I’m trying to sneak in some tanks I want to collect. I’ll also be getting Shiranai Kao later. 🙂

      Shiina-kun has so many colors due to the animals! I like it. I’ve only started to glance at it, but it looks fun.

  2. Haaaaah? Shiina-kun is thin? This is always such a disappointment. Just like the Are You Alice? anthology I have, it’s also pretty thin.
    I’ve seen that SL chapter in Chinese, I think. I love all those moments they get caught/almost caught xD Ren’s always =.=, while Haru’s *O*
    Tora to Ookami’s development is rather slow, but I love the series. I used to do summaries for it, but I don’t do it for now. I’ve read up to chapter 16, I think.

    Lol, I’m not a fan of yuri, but those boobs looks beautiful. What is it about?
    Kusama Sakae’s work also nice. Btw, have you read any of the Ergo anthologies? It’s a “Konohara Narise’s anthology”. I always see Kusama Sakae’s illustrations on the cover.
    And I’m at a loss here: I have to choose between the latest Aria issue (it has a No.6 clear file, but that’s not the point really -.-‘) and Bikke’s latest work under Itan. Which one would you choose? =.=””

    • Shiina-kun has a little over 170 pages.. so while not devastating, it looks a bit thin. I have other avarus tanks like that, but they still catch my attention next to 200 page tanks. Same with BexBoy tanks.. I think they’re both a bit thin for the listed price (more so BexBoy).

      Haru just can’t keep his hands off Ren and others are good at interrupting. One day, it will pay off~

      Tora to Ookami might end up being one of those loooong series. It’s taken to volume 4 for “the bitch” to show up. I’m still enjoying it because she writes great characters (Ookami luuuv) 🙂

      Renai Idenshi XX’s setting is a sci-fi future in which all men died out. To keep society from crumbling, some women are chosen to act in “male” roles and are trained accordingly. It is kinda interesting–on the surface, it’s a girl school drama with ~forbidden love~. Underneath, there’s this oppressive society that *assigns* these roles to people that cannot be disobeyed and this practice is just accepted and rarely questioned. Except by the main character, of course 😉 I’m a sucker for anything written by Eiki Eiki.

      I’ve not read any of the Ergo anthologies, but anything with Kusama Sakae on the cover is doing it right~ :3

      Honestly, for me, it’s no contest and I’d pick Bikke’s work. You can have scattered pieces of multiple stories or a gorgeous tank full of impressive oneshots. I’m not even a big fan of oneshots, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and setting (think of the countryside during wartime back when there were phone switchboard operators and carrier pigeons). All the oneshots are loosely linked too, making it a nice, cohesive package.

  3. Normally, I’m not that much of a fan of yuri (I do like well-written shoujo ai though), but Eiki Eiki (If that’s the mangaka–sometimes I get her confused with Zaou Taishi)’s yuri is totally hot. That mangaka’s style, whether yuri or yaoi oozes pure sex appeal — gender regardless.

    • I think Eiki Eiki/Zaou Taishi are the ones who really dragged me into yuri because I agree that their stuff is universally hot, so I’ll read whatever they draw! I’ve still only read so much. That title is a collaboration between the two with Zaou Taishi as the main artist. I’m cool with that, I think Eiki Eiki is the better writer of the two.

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