Hanamaru Manga – new BL anthology from Hakusensha

The publisher Hakusensha (Hana to Yume, LaLa, etc.) is releasing a new BL anthology on 7/28, Hanamaru Manga.  A new issue will be released every 3 months.  I normally don’t do anthologies, but they are really testing me with a line-up that includes Nishida Higashi, Honma Akira, Okadaya Tetuzoh, Aoyama Toomi, and more. Just check out the link and Ogura Muku’s cover illustration.

Also, you must look at the image for Honma Akira’s story:

It’s an adorable monk with his adorable bald head. *dies*  I just had to let that out *ahem*  980 yen is pretty pricey for something I don’t normally collect, so I’m probably not going to get it… but I will drool most profusely.


11 responses to “Hanamaru Manga – new BL anthology from Hakusensha

  1. OMG, I want it D: What a nice line-up.
    Shibito’s in it as well ❤ Actually I liked her megane oneshot from Megane anthology, her story was the only one that had two megane and both of jerked off to glasses, lol lol [my ideal fantasy], but I'd love to read more from her. Won't be getting it this month though T^T

    • I’ve not read anything by Shibito, but that sounds interesting, haha 😀

      But yeah, I have enough back-catalog that I need to buy that I probably won’t buy this. If only the yen wasn’t so strong :/

  2. Anthology? Or is it a new periodical magazine? 😮

    • Well, Japanese publishers are much more loose with the term “anthology” than we tend to be. It will be periodically released with sequentially numbered volumes, so we tend to think of that as a periodic magazine. But it gives the impression that it won’t consist of a bunch of serialized works, so that is more like an anthology 🙂 I do see that Okadaya Tetuzoh’s work uses characters from [sen] zyouya no chigiri, so it’s not all standalone oneshots.

  3. Ho.. this looks very interesting., I remember Hanamaru Manga as Hakusensha’s long defunct BL magazine. –a I suppose the BL industry got really well that they (re)start their BL line.. I’m waiting for Kodansha and Shogakkan to start theirs too XD
    Chirping in on the difference of manga anthology and magazine in Japan, I was told it was on the ISBN, anthology has one and magazine does not..

    • Yes, I’m glad they are dusting it off. Here’s to hoping other publishers will try to catch up 😀 Ichijinsha with gataeu, Shodensha with onBlue… lots of recent developments. I’d like to see one from Kodansha :3

      I think the ISBN issue was true at some point (I vaguely remember hearing that too), but I know some magazines have ISBNs. Take the latest Ichiraci for example. So I was trying to comment on how the content differs. Magazines are often meant to contain ongoing serializations (plus some oneshots) and thus more “disposable” in nature while many anthologies contain more stand-alone material and often have a longer stocked shelf-life.

  4. What? *o* now they’re putting ISBN on magazines? Oh my.. this is too confusing OTL
    Yes, I do agree with you about the general content of magazine and anthology, but sometimes the contents get rather blurry (not literally ^^;;) and the ISBN is (well, was..) the easiest way to differentiate them. Especially for someone like me who tend to separate books from magazines :3

    • Yeah, it’s too complicated now! So I use whatever term they advertise it as. 😀 As a result, I just tend to lump anthologies/magazines together in their own category, separate from books.

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  6. The contents look interesting, but I rarely buy magazines (too expensive when taking shipping in account). I’m having a big problem with your site: you are mentioning too many interesting things, so my wishlist gets too long!

    There are ISBNs and there are 雑誌 codes, but I keep seeing the latter on most/all books and now you’re saying that there are also some of the former on some magazines… Can books and universally be distinguished by paper quality? Probably not, since I have some 1930s and 1960s magazines with paper quality better than that in Hakusensha’s current Hana to Yume Comics books. Argh!

    • The eternal problem of manga–way too much cool stuff out there! But I’m glad you find the mentioned titles interesting at least. :3

      Honestly, I find the whole ISBN/magazine codes confusing due to this cross-over that occurs between them now. :-p I was curious to see if there was a difference in the numbers themselves, but it looks like no
      Ichiraci 9/2011 (magazine):
      ISBN-10: 4864231281
      ISBN-13: 978-4864231282
      Ou no Ibara 4 (tank):
      ISBN-10: 4864231265
      ISBN-13: 978-4864231268
      …this is why I give up and just believe whatever they tell me it is!

      But yeah, the paper quality of Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume comics is deplorable. My old ones look pretty bad compared to others. 😦

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