Quick July Manga Order

I made the mistake of missing Hiiragi Nozomu’s newest manga on my last order, so I made a small one to make up for it. My other two July orders are on the way.  So let the flood begin.

He's waiting not so patiently

Since he’s insisting on helping out, he’ll model Docchi mo Docchi’s obi.  I usually throw these out, but this one amused me.

"Seme vs Seme?! I'm on top!!"


  • Docchi mo Docchi by Hiiragi Nozomu – YAAAAY.  Already read this one.  It was exactly what I expected: fun and cute.
  • Honto Yajuu 3-4 by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Gush ManiaEX Batsuichi
  • Koi Suru Cosmo 9 by Kazusa Kakeru/Toumiya Senko – the end!
  • Kemono no Oukoku 1 by Sugihara Machiko – animal ears~
  • Black Sun Doreiou 2 by Ogasawara Uki – excited for this to finally end!
  • Aka no Sekai by Bikke

8 responses to “Quick July Manga Order

  1. You still have another two shipments?? Please show us those too! =P
    Is Aka no Sekai good? I really like the cover, but you know…sometimes it is misleading.

    • I’ll post pics once I get them. End of the week if I’m lucky, next week realistically. 🙂 I posted the title lists back in June. If bk1 will cooperate, I need to order Natsuyuki Rendezvous Vol 3 on 8/8, so there will be a few more coming..

      Aka no Sekai is surprisingly good. I’ve read 3 of the 4 oneshots and I think it’s her best work yet. Beautiful stories, laced with a bit of sadness. I really liked the second story about a young woman whose fiance is sent off to war. You just have to read it yourself and let it unfold (no peeking ahead :3). I’m quite pleased with the purchase. If someone were to ask me what Bikke work to buy, I’d point to that one. She’s really growing as a writer.

  2. I see, so Bikke’s Aka no Sekai is good afterall :3 Good, I’m gonna order it in August now 8D
    Docchi mo Docchi looks very interesting, is it as funny as Oyajina? Oyajina’s seriously epic….. but what’s more important… DOES IT REALLY HAVE TWO GUYS THAT ARE ORIGINALLY SEMEs?

    Katou Setsuko’s cover of ManiaEX looks nice, love her art, even though her stories are lacking most of the time :S

    On a very random note, do you if anyone’s read No.6 novels? I wanted to take a look at a couple of pages to check the language and see if I’d be able to read it, but it’s impossible to find -.-‘ It’s manga is running in Aria, but it’s way behind the novels. I’m thinking of subbing to Aria now >.>

    • Yes, I’m enjoying Aka no Sekai very much. I think it will be a good buy. 🙂

      Docchi mo Docchi is pretty funny, but not as funny as Oyajina. I mean, that’s almost unfair… *nothing* matches that level of epicness. XD Even then, it made me smile. It does have two guys who are tops, at least in attitude and intent. One is bi while the other claims to not really do guys. They get into a teasing (almost childish lol) power struggle, trying to put the moves on each other (to prove that the guy who falls for the other is the loser). So there’s some struggling about who is going to be the alpha male 😀 I live for those kind of storylines XD

      Actually, that’s exactly what I think about Katou Setsuko. I think she needs a little more experience or better yet–a good writer to pair up with.

      I don’t know anyone directly that is reading No. 6 novels. I vaguely recall someone mentioning it on MAL, but I was too busy laughing my ass off at all the “eeew, so gay I’m gonna drop” posters.

      Aria has a lot of interesting looking titles, but it’s hard to decide what tanks to buy. Lemme know if you come across any other titles of theirs that are good :3

      • I agree about Katou. She’s already released quite a few titles, yet I can’t sense her development as an “author”, so maybe she just should draw illustrations for novels or something…

        Y’know, actually a few hours after reading your reply I found a good soul that’s already translated the first volume and is working on the second one, not to mention he/she uploads the Japanese text as well! A bit too hard for me for now, so I’ll stick to the translated material.

        Heh, my sole reason for buying Aria would be to read No.6, I’ll probably buy it once at first to see if it’s worth reading. The only mag I read everything from is Zero-Sum for now, and then probably go Avarus and Feel Young, so I can’t help but compare the rest of the issue to these three. For instance, if not for the furoku, I have to admit Asuka was a waste of money D: I read only 2-3 series from it. …. so now I kind of understand why you don’t buy mags, uh.
        P.S. I got my mags today, so I’ll scan Heart no Kuni no Alice for you during the weekend (chapters 2,3), if you still need it though^^

    • Speaking of Asuka, Odagiri Hotaru is another mangaka I think works better in an illustrator only role. They both seem to struggle on sealing the deal when it comes to storylines. But I might just be biased.. I tired of Uraboku by the second volume, haha.

      But yeah, magazines just don’t… fulfill? me in the way tanks do. Inevitably, there will be some series I just don’t follow and since I don’t have unlimited $$$, I just go for collectable tanks. But Zero-Sum, Feel Young, Avarus (and Opera) are the ones I’d be most interested in since they do have a ton of series I would follow. Still, shiny tanks call to me~ On that note, I’d like to read some Joker no Kuni no Alice 😀 😀

      Aria would be a good one to sample. I’m curious, but just not sure if I’d like some of their series or not. That’s cool that someone is already translating the No.6 novels though. I’ll have to look into that. 😀

  3. Your dog is making me miss mine! ; _ ; So cute!! *hugs* >_<

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