Shiny New Releases: Aka no Sekai

The josei magazine ITAN is releasing their first round of books on 7/7.  They all look interesting, but Bikke’s cover of Aka no Sekai is the most eye-catching.  I wish I could add onto my existing orders ;_;

Aka no Sekai stars Regulus, a cool, introverted young man forced to participate in a summer camp by his mother.  While outdoor activities and trips are fun, it also forces students to interact more, making Regulus rather nervous.

Despite trying to stay on the fringe, Regulus is caught up in trouble when a classmate paints a room an eerie, deep crimson color, sparking a huge disturbance.  ITAN is marketed as an imaginative magazine that breaks genre barriers, so we’ll see if it lives up to the claim of the story’s stormy atmosphere turning into unpredictable plot developments.

4 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Aka no Sekai

  1. Argh! I just finalized my purchase riiiiiight before I saw this post! =( Next time then…=.= I like the cover, it looks intense!

    • That was pretty much my reaction, haha. I hate making orders too early, but if I don’t, bk1 won’t let me preorder… it’s a vicious cycle and something always gets left behind.

  2. You know, I loved Bikke’s angel series, More like I didn’t expect it turn out like that at all O.o it’s kinda… magical? Tale-like? I’m sooo gonna buy her other works. ITAN also caught my eye not long ago. The series that are being serialized in it seem to be interesting, but I didn’t want to risk buying anything before reading someone’s review. But if it has Bikke, I guess other series might also be worth a try.
    Is it a one-volume series?

    • It was a good story. It had a (sorta) modern fairy tale feel to it. She’s pretty good 🙂 Of her other works, I like Ame Nochi Hare the most. Shinkuu Yuusetsu is super popular, but I prefer Angel and Ame before it. It’s a very slow-paced, slice of life manga. Not my favorite type.

      ITAN has looked promising and now that some tanks are out, it’s a good time to sample! I’ll be getting Bikke’s and maybe another.. I have a few weeks to decide. :3 Looks like they have some seasoned talent. I’m hoping they deliver on the “genre busting” stories promise. Aka no Sekai is a single volume.

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