Arrival and Packaging of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino

After far too much drama and waiting, I finally received my copy of AkaAka.  *sob of joy* This is an “unboxing” type post so you can see what you get when you purchase a copy.

Box cover art and Animate's special postcard

Between Animate being hella slow on fulfilling orders (placed over a month in advance of release) and my proxy’s email suddenly being spam filtered, it’s been hell getting this game to me.  I’m mostly bothered by Animate–they are huge, so why can’t they be responsible about fulfilling preorders or shutting them off if they exceed their initial allotted stock?  It took over two weeks. :O And their posted “release date” already exceeded the deadline date HaccaWorks* said vendors would receive their copies.  I went with Animate because I expected the exact opposite result, lol.  Oh well, harsh lesson learned.  I’ll only deal with them for exclusives in the future.

Different stores had unique "extras" with many of them being postcards. Stores had a unique illustration and 3 other cards featuring game art.

Back of the box. Love the orange and black 😀

CD design and booklet

Inside of booklet. It's just a few pages, but nice quality. And like anything else black in my place, it must be violated by a lone white dog hair to truly belong.

Character bios from the booklet.

It figures that I’m leaving town (and my PC) early next week, thus will be unable to play this.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO

I initially considered covering some select scenes/routes on my blog.  However, HaccaWorks* posted a notice on their website asking for information about the main game not to be published on the net.  I have a hard time going against that.  :/  But I’m also disappointed because (going by page view #s), I think people get good information from my initial preview post and I’d love to help expose the game to more people and offer more resources for them to enjoy it.  If I could lock posts here somehow so random people couldn’t just fly in, that could solve the problem, but it’s not possible.  Livejournal is sometimes used in this manner, but I’m completely inactive there and it wouldn’t be seen by enough to warrant the effort.  And I hate the posting tools there.  So I guess I have to give up on the idea?  Not that I had the time to execute this idea.  *sniff*  I’ll post some screens on Tumblr though–that place is a black hole and no one will see it besides me. :3

And one last quick message:  Before some random person from Google lands on this page and asks:  NO, I will not upload AkaAka anywhere. I’m sure someone will at some point (if they haven’t already), but I will not be the one responsible for starting it.

12 responses to “Arrival and Packaging of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino

  1. *o* the box looks so pretty!!! >w< (like the movie effect with the scene! :3)
    And the colors are really great!
    *want the postcard Akaaka too!!! 8A8*

    The booklet is really nice! -the orange/green city pattern is cute!-

    i'll stalk you Tumblr to see the screens! :3
    i guess i understand them with the release and all the forbiding… well i'm happy enough to see you were able to get your hand on the AkaAka copy! =w= (please be back soon, to play it! =w=)

    • It really is a nice product. I’m glad to have it finally 🙂

      Yeah, I can’t blame them for being protective. It’s just a group of individuals who put this together after many years of work, so I have a hard time going against their wishes. Still, I wanted to do something ;_; Oh well.. it looks great. Time to binge before I can’t play it for a couple weeks. :3

  2. The only thing I can do now is drooling all over the place when I see the pics you posted, hahaha…It is so pretty!!
    Btw, OOT, is Thermae Romae worth buying?

    • It is very pretty! I binged on it for a few days and it’s been quite good 😀

      Thermae Romae is very amusing. I’ve admittedly been lazy and haven’t finished reading the second volume (no furigana makes me grouchy), but it’s a great series. I think it deserves the hype it gets at least. If you want something fun to read, it’s worth it.

  3. *drools* Oh, those postcards~ I’ve been checking Yahoo Auctions Japan for the messesanoh store’s postcards. I’m hoping Haccaworks* puts wallpapers on their site like they did with Hanakisou, since the art is so pretty.

    Also, do you know if it’s just spoilers that they don’t want going around? I uploaded some screenshots on my LJ, but they don’t have anything spoilerish.

    • I wish they posted what store was getting what postcard earlier–I would have made a different choice. But I have to remind myself that they’ll likely put out small doujinshi/booklets with art/characters/info like they did with Hanakisou. So (for once) I’m trying to practice patience. It’s hard. D:

      They didn’t want much of anything posted if I remember correctly. But derivative works like fanfiction and such was okay. I think–it’s been a while since I read that big notice, ha. IMO, livejournal is friend-lockable and an internet black hole, so it will be hard for someone to randomly come across what you posted. So you’re not really doing any harm. I posted a few non-spoiler screens to tumblr myself–like I said, it’s a black hole and no one will see, so I don’t think it’s an issue.

  4. Eh? Why did they ask not to post any info about it? Does that mean they’re going to release PSP/PS2 versions in future? :O
    I’ve put the game on-hold, because I haven’t had enough time to play it without any distractions. And btw, I tried different translation services and they don’t work. Dunno, maybe I just can’t make it work right.

    Really wanna buy it, but I’ll reserve money for the PSP version which I’m sure will come out in future :3 HaccaWorks rule xD
    Btw, have you found any walkthroughs? I haven’t searched yet though. But it’s easier for me to play with it.

    • I’m not sure why they didn’t want it posted. They claimed that they didn’t want the story spoiled as that’s the whole point/fun from playing it. Whether that’s the real reason, I don’t know. Admittedly, it did take some surprising directions and I wouldn’t have wanted to be spoiled either! But if a person is actively looking for spoilers, that’s their choice.. so whatever. :-p

      I got it to work perfectly with Windows 7/AGTH/Translation Aggregator. Doing the normal thing–nothing special/different, so I’m not sure what’s up. I was quite relieved. I didn’t want a crippled/non-functional game that I paid for. But since the demos worked before, I was pretty confident.

      I’ll buy it again if it comes out on PSP. It won’t get voiced/rereleased unless it sells well (I haven’t heard reports, but since it was fairly well known, I’m hoping it’s doing well!), so I figure I did all I can to contribute myself. :3

      I’ve been using for a walkthrough because I liked the structure. Easy to plan out my saves. They all seem legit–I finished all under the Sagano/Akiyoshi routes. There might be even better ones by the time you decide to sit down and play. I did about half the endings on several days of binge gaming~ I’ll do the rest at a leisurely pace once I get back from a trip.

  5. O God. I’ve completely forgotten about checking the release date for this game orz
    Back to hunting the net for a shop willing to sell and send this game overseas then *nod*

    • Their website listed a number of places where it’s being sold, but I don’t remember any being international shipping friendly :/ Proxy/forwarding address service seemed to be the only way to go. Either way, I’m enjoying it 🙂

  6. Could I order this game from somewhere? 🙂

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