June Manga Arrival

Books, books. Already read two of them. I accidently left Cubism Love out of the picture, oops. It turned out to be rather cute and I’ll be buying the next volume. It had an unexpectedly fat guy in a shoujo manga that wasn’t a loser friend/sidekick. You don’t commission Matsumoto Temari to draw fat guys… or do you?!  She did a good job.  I liked him a lot actually. :3

The Hakkenden reprints are quite nice–new covers and the color insert is the old cover illustration. Considering Tousuisha has discontinued color inserts, this is awesome and I’ll be buying the remaining volumes!  Definitely worth the money–I love that they give her work the respect it deserves.  😀 Must…not…buy the other reprinted titles… :O

Speaking of color inserts, I feel like I’ve hit a bad streak of getting frankly shitty/lazy color inserts… Koi to Keiji and Yakozen both were incredibly underwhelming. If I’m paying for a color insert, then don’t do a half-assed job. I know you can do much, much better than that!  I’ve seen it.  😐  At least the covers for Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai are gorgeous and shiny~  The picture doesn’t do the beautiful yellow on volume 2 justice.

Cubism Love got replaced by a random dog body part, per usual.

6 responses to “June Manga Arrival

  1. interesting selections! I actually made my first purchase from bk1 after reading your blog and decided to try some of your recommendations, like Merry Checker and Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Btw, how long is the shipping lead time for you? I am based in Singapore and it’s been almost two weeks since they sent me the shipment number. I chose the shipping by 航空便, btw.

    Anyway, really like your blog! Keep on writing!

    • Thanks for stopping by. 😀

      Oh, those are two great choices, I hope you enjoy the books once they get there! Getting new books never gets old.

      I don’t know exactly since it’s a different country, but since you did air mail, I bet your books will be there literally any day now. It typically takes a week to a little over a week for me (in the US, not by a major international airport). That said, last year I had a shipment randomly take two weeks to the same address, so it might be a case of bad timing. I’ve never had a shipment (out of well over a hundred, so sad haha) go missing. Air mail is very reliable, but sometimes they take their sweet time.

  2. @Julia, dude I chose airmail and I live so far away, aka in Russia and my second order was delivered in 1,5 weeks to me, which is SUPER fast and I suspect it could’ve come sooner if not for the laziness of Russian post. So if your order still hasn’t been delivered, most likely blame it on your local post xD

    Hakkenden reprints look really cute! I love Abe Miyuki’s current artstyle, she probably has one of the best artstyles right now. I can’t say anything about her works though, since the only thing I’m folloeing is Super Lovers and I still haven’t touched Hakkenden.
    About color inserts. I’ve never appreciated them much until recently. I have quite a few magazine scans of Yuuutsuna Asa and, obviously due the series’ popularity it has TONS of color pages. But to my great disappointment, we get only a couple of those in the actual volumes, and the supposed-to-be-colored pages are black and white and just have more screentones. That was VERY disappointing, honestly speaking. Maybe it’s better not to buy the mag at all then xD But I can’t, since I don’t want to wait for another year for another volume.
    From the ones that I got I REALLY like Match Uri’s color insert. and Hino Garasu’s color insert. Castle Mango somehow sucks in that sense. Oujisama wa Inai and Ringo ni Hachimitsu also have nice color inserts.
    Btw, Sai no Kami, how good is it? Zero-sum has an advertisement of it. As for the other series I’m still waiting for some kind of short impression from you 8D I mean at least regarding the ones you liked :3

    I also noticed that you started reading Donten ni Warau. How do you like it? And did you find it online or you bought it? I wanted to buy the first volume but it still wasn’t released when I was ordering. I really love that manga’s narration style and artstyle.

    Btw, Natsyuki ch 1 has been released. Everyone’s lol’ing @ screentone nipples xD But a very interesting beginning, indeed.
    Also, I wanted to ask, do you know anyone who’s got Zero-sum issues? The latest ones. I bought #7 and it’s my first issue. I’m looking for the first two chapters of Omumedai by Kayase Shiki.
    On a random note, holy cow, did you know that Zero-sum is HUGE? IT’s A4 and 700 pages thick! While Chara Selection is half of its size and costs the same if not more D: I refuse to buy tiny Zero-sum series volumes from now on *^*

    • Hakkenden is simply gorgeous and I can’t wait for the rest. It’s like reading it all over again. 😀 I absolutely adore this series, more so than Super Lovers (which is quite good as well!).

      Color inserts are something I think I take for granted until they are gone and/or suck, lol. I’ve noticed a lot of suck lately. >:O Considering it drives up book production costs and the price, it shouldn’t look like an afterthought. Castle Mango was way better than the other two I mentioned and even then it was very “meeeeeh.” I would have preferred the take 1. image in color ❤ Match Uri was nice 😀

      Yakozen in general is.. very forgettable. I still have a chapter or so to finish I guess. After Ai ga Love Shite You Nanosa, I thought I could buy her works blindly, but I don’t care for this one. I should have just bought a copy of Endless World. :/ Her lack of backgrounds was jarring again since I read another Abe Miyuki title before it.. I need to stop doing that, lol. I won’t bother covering anything about it ever, so thought I’d give a fair warning.

      Sai no Kami.. I've still only properly read a volume of it, but it has a unique flavor I enjoy. I like horror elements in shoujo manga, so when it's drawn by a mangaka known for horror manga outside that demographic, it comes off pretty well! I like his works in general. I haven't decided if I'm going to read the rest now or save it for an upcoming trip.. I'm on the fence about a couple of titles with that.

      Donten ni Warau was something I was considering getting (all avarus titles get consideration haha), so I tried it online. Actually, I'm glad I didn't buy it. So far, it's not doing it for me, so I'll wait until I get a better taste to see if I want to purchase or not. The characters/story just aren't clicking for me yet. So I went and read some Hayabusa instead~ It's a bit more goofy, but I got a shoujo action title fix somewhere at least.

      I was excited to see Natsuyuki out and felt a bit vindicated that the nipples were eye-catching to others lol. I have a dirty little fantasy of Kawachi Haruka writing a BL title someday (not just tastes from Cake/Ohmi), but those nipples need some work before that happens~

      I don't talk to anyone who regularly buys Zero-Sum. I heard they were beefy, lol. I absolutely love my series volumes though and would never trade them for magazines.. they look so pretty lined up~ Actually, I'm never satisfied with a chapter at a time release. I need a hunk to read at a time, unless the series is already established. Omumedai looks interesting.. I'll likely consider the tank when it comes out.

  3. Ah! The package came in today! Will hibernate this weekend and enjoy the books…Thanks, shin and lee!

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