Shiny New Releases: Cubism Love

Cubism Love sounds like it starts out like a fairly typical shoujo romance story.  Noriko is a young girl who got into an accident on the way to a game.  When she awoke, there was a young, handsome doctor looking worriedly over her.  Shinoda has a warm, childish smile that makes her feel at ease, but then he tells her some shocking news. Noriko lost her body in the accident and now is just a brain kept inside a box.  Thus begins their pure love story~ (?!)

Easiest. Character Design. EVER.

Stop poking her box, Shinoda. …………..buahahaha.

Lucky for us, there’s an online preview available!  Yes, I shall be getting this entirely for shits and giggles.  I’m a fan of Matsumoto Temari and her hotties anyway and it’s great to see her do something besides the Kyou Kara Maou manga (STILL).


7 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Cubism Love

  1. I didn’t mean to comment on every post you make to make myself look like a stalker, but O__o xD Reminds me of that brain dude from Ninja Turtles xD Very unusual, to say the least xD I think it’s the first time in manga [that I’ve come across] that doesn’t technically show the lead. I wonder how the plot’s gonna develop. Makes me want to have high expectations for this :O
    Oh and about Are You Alice? and Kanaria (from another post). I originally played AyA game first, then listened to drama cds. All in all I’m not satisfied with its manga adaptation. It’s…. dry. And Kanaria’s not as good as AyA but really worth listening to as well.
    I personally thought AyA game was the best, because it combines both drama cds and manga, that’s why neither are “complete”. So maybe it’s the same with Kanaria.

    • lol, I don’t mind at all. I try to post stuff interesting stuff after all. I think I’d be sad if no one else had the same reaction to me at the box girl here. :3

      Honestly, I have no clue how this is going to turn out. Not having a “face” will be difficult when it comes to interactions/emotions, etc. So I’m getting it (ordered it yesterday even.. weak) for the lulz AND curiosity to see if this can be pulled off. I suspect it will be mostly good for laughs and not that great overall, but I could be wrong. Natalie is power pushing it, so it shouldn’t be terrible at least!

      I don’t think I’ve read a manga that didn’t show the lead either. Some have cheated by putting chibi heads in speech bubbles with the appropriate facial expressions, but the few panels I’ve seen with this one weren’t. Either way, I’m happy to see a new Matsumoto Temari hottie.. it’s been years! 😀

      Ah, that makes sense! I’ve not played the Alice game (PSP right? I didn’t figure out how to emulate and buy games sparingly on it). I have always felt like something was missing from the manga, like it was basically an advertisement/cash in attempt for the other forms. I still appreciate it on a shallow “oh so pretty” level at least. Because it certainly is. :-p

  2. hi! odd question to ask, but what manga or perhaps illustration is your avatar from? It looks cute and i’d like to check out the artwork , thanks!

  3. They finally translated cubism love — and it’s slightly odd… The main character still retains much of her humanity and acts almost normal even though she’s just a brain in a box. I think most people in a scenario like that would be frightened and, well, not want to exist like that.

    • She keeps her innocent personality and just kinda accepts anything and everything.. skipping over anything like denial, anger, bargaining, ha. There’s a novel and I don’t know if it’s fleshed out any more, but it’s a very simple story in the manga.

  4. How many volume of this manga so far?

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