Tousuisha new releases order + other things that tumbled into the cart (oops)

It’s that time again–new Silver Diamond volume, so time to stock up on Tousuisha releases.  Added a few more things I wanted to read immediately that should last me until the next late June/early July order.  Other than Silver Diamond, I’m probably looking forward most to Light Novel, Ane no Kekkon, and Yuuutsuna Asa (volume 3~).  Hayabusa has a really nice cover and her art doesn’t look as horrific as the stuff at the end of Tokaido Hisame Kagerou.  I really need to catch up on G Defend.  I’m ridiculously behind at this point!  But I was busy reviewing Silver Diamond.  The new volume has a few fantastic panels of the prince 😀 😀  Titles after the cut.

  • Silver Diamond 23
  • OH MY VAMP 5
  • G-Defend 38
  • Ou no Ibara 3
  • Koi Suru Cosmo 8
  • Teikoku Kyoudai 7
  • High & High 9
  • Rare Jewel 1
  • Light Novel 1
  • Kirara Hoshi 2-3
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita 9
  • Ane no Kekkon 1
  • Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 1-2
  • Yuuutsuna Asa 1-3
  • Paji
  • Hayabusa – Sanada Dengekichou 1

10 responses to “Tousuisha new releases order + other things that tumbled into the cart (oops)

  1. Waaah, nice! I wanna read Silver Diamond but somehow won’t get in the mood for that. But that black-haired guy sure looks yummy :3
    I see you’re also fond of Yuuutsuna Asa? I feel like a crazy fangirl, but I so love this series, its emotions, characters, art, plot – everything. I think it’s the first time in my whole manga life that manga made my heart skip a bit when anticipating a particular scene. And I can’t repeat enough how much I adore Katsuragi’s character :3 I also ordered 3 volumes of it, they’re on their way, yay! Btw, did the 3rd volume have any tokuten stuff? Like an additional comic or something. I even ordered this month’s Chara Selection, because there’s gonna be a color page for Yuuutsu and the chapter as well :3 To my disappointment it’s released bi-monthly D:

    And lol lol, Kore wa Koi no Hanashi is my secret perverted fantasy, I’m totally into the series , even though I read here and there how it’s sick to even draw manga about a 30 y.o. man and a 10 y.o. girl. But I totally love the idea 8D
    Btw, let us know your thoughts on Light Novel once you finish it, it looks nice, as well as Ane no Kekkon.

    Oh and I loved that CG from Tsubasa-something PC game you uploaded to Tumblr xD How’s the game itself? Looks saucy.
    Can’t wait to order all Kamisama volumes but that’ll have to wait. Maybe it’s cheaper to sub to Hana to Yume =.=
    And uh, it’s a pity you told me about Natsuyuki after I placed my order T_T That’ll have to wait now. And BK1 also didn’t have Match Uri! I was waiting for Yuuutsu 3 to come out, then order, but when it came out, Match was out of stock and got back once I placed my order, they must be kidding me D: And of course they’re very sorry but they can’t add it to my order T_T Mah, I ended up ordering 15 books in total anyway :O Some of them are just books though. It was hard to stop T_T I so feel you now T_T

    • You have to be in the mood for a long fantasy story for Silver Diamond. But yeah, Chigusa is always a pleasure to stare at 😀

      I’m really into both her works Hana wa Saku ka and Yuuutsuna Asa. Both of them have a great overall appeal and balance like you said—Yuuutsuna Asa is just a bit harder and desperate, which isn’t a bad thing. 😀 Every frame Katsuragi is in drives me nuts. It’s the attitude/uniform/black hair :3 The third volume was normal, nothing extra. Took a quick peek since I’m not quite there yet, but looks gorgeous. Definitely worth owning! You asked me what else is like it.. it’s not easy to match and depends upon what aspects. For me, it’s all about the power play >:-D Too bad my “power” tag on MAL is broken ;_;

      Lol, I saw Kore wa Koi no Hanashi and the 30 year old x 10 year old and had a pervy oyaji moment myself. XD I just had to see how it would play out. It helps that the guy looks so.. rough. I’ll get into it more soon.

      Light Novel is… mysterious, haha. I’m not sure where it’s going, but I’m hooked. The whole first volume is the setup of one big mystery. It’s a bit confusing (kinda typical for her), so it’s best to read tank (versus individual chapters) and due to all the layers being built, it looks like it will take a while to resolve. Still, it makes you want to find out what’s next very badly :O Any shoujo that incorporates mystery and horror elements is awesome and she’s a pro at it. Love my bloody shota~ I can’t wait for the next volume.

      Ane no Kekkon has a similar feel to Otoko no Isshou. I’ve only read a bit of her romance titles, so maybe they are all like that? Not a bad thing. I’m interested to see how/if they are going to redeem the guy’s character: he’s cheating on his wife (although technically she’s cheating even worse, but two wrongs don’t make a right) and literally stalking the main character lol. I’m curious as to how this is going to work out. *stares at the title* It passed the “first volume test” though and I’ll be getting the next.

      Tsubasa no Oka no Hime: I love the art and colors and it is definitely saucy. I think that’s the first game I’ve played that described things like anal sex and double penetration, yet it was somehow done in a not so incredibly explicit, nasty way rofl. My main beef is that only one character is “capturable” the first time thru and he’s gotta be the worst/most boring one. His path basically explains the lore/mechanics, but still…. ugh. I started the oyaji route and like that much more. Lots of angry, bitter feelings and power play.. and a bit more 😀 But I read there are NO ERO SCENES with him. FFFFFFFFFFFUUU It’s an ERO GAME. Still, I give it full props for the oyaji~

      Kamisama Hajimemashita is great.. all her stuff is top notch actually 😀 When you can swing it, it’s worth getting. Mmmm, Tomoe~ At least the tanks are cheap!

      Sucks that you couldn’t get Match Uri—bk1 has issues with restocking sometimes. Match Uri in particular was a pain. It must have limited print runs–it took months to be stocked after having the preorder shut down rather early even before its initial release. But still, 15 is a great haul! What did you get? And yeah, it’s incredibly hard not to keep piling more books into the cart ^_^;;

      • Yeah, I’ve figured I might be into power play from on xD However I haven’t really found anything similar yet. Maybe there is but among old BL manga and I’m not really into that. But oh well, Katsuragi’s enough for me for now :3 (more than)

        I’m playing Tsubasa right now and I sort of like it. However I was only able to find the…err… not the iso but the exe file, and it already has all the saved data with the game fully completed, unfortunately. But that means I can take whatever route I want and I’ve almost finished Tees’s route. He’s so lol. 「あ、立った。」 「何が?」 「俺のポケットモンスター」 Looks like he’s got the sexiest route xD And I adore that CG with him smoking and peeling the potato. My man 🙂

        I got:
        Hana wa Saku ka 1-2
        Yuuutsuna Asa (1-3)
        Chara Selection mag July issue
        Moe Danshi Gatari both volumes
        Kokujou Megane Danshi (with Hidaka’s cover art, I’m weak against megane and Hidaka-sensei, so I couldn’t resist xD)
        Kabe no Naka no Tenshi
        Utsukushii/Itoshii Koto BL Novel 2 volumes
        and two books by Okuda Hideo: Kuchuu Buranko (the one that has anime, loved it) and In the Pool.

        There are 70 more items in my Buy Later cart ….
        I’m kinda torn between stuff that I’ve already read but wanna own and new stuff that I’d like to read. I seriously need Scrooge’s savings xD

      • Oh and chapter 15 of Yuuutsu is awesome ;D but I’ve seen only chinese scans T_T But pictures… and the general flow. You’ll get it once you see it ❤ (i think it must be in volume 3)

    • I can’t think of a specific example like Yuuutsuna Asa, but I’m still a big fan of old BL manga. I think it’s downplayed too much these days in favor of a flood of generic, but current titles. 😦 Or the shoujo BL that founded it all.. BL history!

      Haha, Tees did seem fun. I’m curious about our proud virgin prince/fluffy puppy~ and his route. His voice was so shocking that I actually liked it, haha.

      Nice, lots of great books there and lots of Hidaka XD I’ll be reading Yuuutsuna Vol 3 soon enough to see that scene 😀 But yeah, that’s the biggest problem—there’s always a huuuuge waiting list of stuff to purchase and balancing between collecting old/experimenting new.

  2. I am very curious, how do you store your manga? Any picture? :3

    • I have basic bookshelves, but they were custom-made for the original house/room. (Most) every book has a clear plastic jacket cover. I have some out-of-date pics from 2008:

      The book count has admittedly grown a lot since then and everything is double-deep stacked at this point.

      • Ah, the problem with paper publications. I have lots of comics myself and way too little storage space…

      • *sigh* those pictures made me all fuzzy inside (Yes, I love staring at shelves of (privately owned) books X3 ). And now I really want some bookshelves… haha

      • I love pics of books too. Nothing like a good set of shelves to make you enjoy your books even more. :3

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