Shiny New Releases: Paji

I’m a bit smitten with Murakami Takashi’s style (points to blog header), so I’m ecstatic that Paji is getting a reprint with a ridiculously adorable cover.

Momo is a 4 year old girl who lost both her parents.  She now lives with her grandfather, who she calls “Paji.”  Paji is shortened from a phrase (パパ代わりのおじいちゃん) which just says he’s a substitute father (Papa+Ojii-chan=Paji).  The story is about their simple, but warm life together in their friendly neighborhood.  It’s supposed to be a very “human” story.  Considering his ability to make good slice of life manga (which I normally steer clear of), I believe it.

This reprint is a compilation of the “best” material from the original 9 volumes that were published from 1999-2004.  There will also be an original story, new illustrations, and afterword included.

2 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Paji

  1. Shin (can I call you that? What should I call you?), I saw this in Kinokuniya last week. The cover looked really cute. Is it good? I was thinking of ordering this along with the other books from bk1 next month (OMG, my bank account =.=)

    • Ha, sure–lots of people call me shin. Tis easy that way 🙂

      Paji is certainly cute. A couple of things: it’s a compilation of his older work and mostly in 4 koma format. I usually don’t like 4koma, but it works for me here. He’s good. :3 Paji is something I like to read in little chunks. I’ll pick it up and read like 5-10 pages and put it down again (not done yet!). So that’s still a bunch of short storylines technically (some strips are related as well). It’s not engrossing, but I think it’s actually worthy of “heart-warming” (not much warms my cold heart~ lol) and “adorable.” I like the fact it’s a compilation. I don’t see me enjoying 9 volumes of this, but one volume of hand-picked strips is satisfying. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, it’s a good choice.

      But yeah… manga is the nemesis of my bank account. D:

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