May Manga Order Arrival and Manga Publisher Links

My latest order arrived.  I barely survived the ridiculous hotness of & Volume 2 only to be practically finished off by equus.  I wasn’t sure what to expect out of that book, but man… it’s nice.  :3

Obligatory pics… hey, wait a sec…

I don't think Winston likes my books--I'm getting his unsubtle hint, lol. We played some fetch after that~

Threw the ball for a quick distraction, haha

I started adding some manga publisher links on the side, but it’s very preliminary.  Just the ones I like to stalk!  I haven’t decided if they are useful and should stay or just clutter.  After switching computers, I need to rebuild my previously terribly disorganized bookmarks anyway, so it’s just a little experiment.  I’m trolling all the sites looking for my next victims anyway~

2 responses to “May Manga Order Arrival and Manga Publisher Links

  1. Equus looks gorgeous. I didn’t know those thingies were golden until I saw your photo :3 I’m so gonna order it, saw someone’s review of it. Someone has already shared a volume of Thermae Romae (uh, the spelling?) and it was pretty hard to read, I even put it on-hold, so I decided to put it off for now.

    I was interested in that “&” but forgot to ask you about it. Looks neat, might order it as well. Somehow I knew by the cover that the series would be good.
    Btw, did you know that sometimes it’s possible to read the whole volume on xD I read the cake manga from Haruka-sensei there xD Loved it, loved the images sequence, loved what was going on in general. Natsuyuki’s gonna be scanlated in sumer by StilettoHeels scan group, so I won’t order it for now, however that cake manga was so awesome, I wanna own it :3

    … on a random note, AkaAka’s already available on the web ;D Saw it today, can’t wait to play it once I get home. However I think I might wait for the voiced PSP version to buy it. Have you already ordered/gotten it?

    • Ooh, good–I was meaning to message you again–my MAL inbox broke for a while and I couldn’t send messages. It happens a lot when doing mod work, unfortunately! Works again (for the moment).

      Equus is really nice 🙂 It will be a good addition.

      If you can’t tell already, I love love love &. I think it’s worth owning–as you can tell from the pic spam, it’s both gorgeous to look at it and interesting to read. If the last few chapters weren’t focusing on Shiro, I was seriously considering buying Feel Young to keep up with it. Still haven’t ruled that out!

      Natsuyuki was claimed for scanning over a year ago by that group. I see they got new editors, but I’m a bit skeptical they’ll do both volumes and wouldn’t bet much at this point. I wouldn’t risk it, but I love Kawachi Haruka too much 😀 I’m surprised the whole Cake manga was online–usually it’s just a chapter, haha! But her stuff is fantastic and good to own 😀

      I haven’t come across AkaAka yet (my game sniffing skills have lowered!). Mine is in the mail and I suspect I won’t get it until early next week at the earliest. I’m dying to play it D: I will likely rebuy if they do a voiced version. :3

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