Shiny New Releases: Light Novel

The first volume of Light Novel by Narushima Yuri was just released.  This one caught me off guard and didn’t make it into my last order.  Narushima Yuri is best known for Shounen Mahoushi (The Young Magician)–a dark shoujo fantasy story with a touch of mystery, drama, and violence.  This doesn’t look too far removed!  A little less supernatural, but lots of intrigue.  If you can’t tell, I’ve been trolling around hard for good manga to purchase~

Sasakura is a college student who writes light novels.  Murders start to occur which mimic those found in his books.  That’s only the beginning of the strange events–he soon meets a mysterious young boy with the same name as one of his characters.  I ♥ blood-spattered shota.

You can peek only at the first few pages on their website.  After that, it asks you to sign up.  >.>

6 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Light Novel

  1. I read and loved Planet Ladder years ago when TokyoPop began to publish it. As you probably know though, the series was still serializing and TP eventually caught up with the tanks in Japan, and I forgot how long it took the last volume to get out, but expectations were very high, mine among them. I was actually very disappointed by the ending, and I haven’t touched another Narushima Yuri manga ever since then. (ノд-。) Not that I have anything against this author (in fact, I’d love to read more some day), but err, silly as it is, I guess I just haven’t been able to recover from such a big let down. Do you have anything you can say about her recent/other works? Light Novel looks pretty, but I hesitate to buy it, especially since it’s still ongoing.

    • Of her stuff, I’ve read some Shounen Mahoushi, some Planet Ladder (not the awful ending), Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji, and peeked a bit at Fushimono Agito. Shounen Mahoushi is definitely worth a look and has that older, rare blend of mystery/drama/violence not often found in shoujo. But it has stalled–she’s unfortunately notorious for that. I’ve wanted to read her more recent title Tetsuichi, as it looks exactly like what I love, but I’m stubborn and refuse to start it until I finish buying/reading what is left of Shounen Mahoushi (Vol 7-13 for me!). Not a high priority. I wish I could say more about Tetsuichi as it looks the most promising.

      But I can’t blame anyone else for hesitating–everyone has a “breaking point” with certain authors/titles. Don’t get me started on CLAMP–I love their older stuff, but I’ve had too many “deal breakers” in the last ~5 years with them. Even though I’ve built up quite a “collection” of their works (182 things–manga, limited editions, artbooks etc), I decided to just stop buying them. The completionist collector in me cringes, but I’m stubborn and mad.

      Even a quick search on the net about Light Novel dug up a ton of comments along the lines of “I like Light Novel, but I’d rather have Shounen Mahoushi 14 instead.” I often don’t agree with random blogs, so I’m not too put off by that. :3 I wouldn’t even consider Light Novel if it had anything less than that blood-splattered little boy to intrigue me, ha. Her works are so unique that I can’t help but be lured back in for more abuse.

      • Gah. No stalled stuff for me, I’d rather just go without it than wait forever for something that might never finish. Narushima seems to get a lot of stuff out quickly though, 8 volumes for Tetsuichi already? And still ongoing, to boot! Those type of figures scare me off easily, because, well, I’m the type of person who’d rather pay in installments and get cheated overall due to interest because the sum I’m paying upfront is smaller than the total yearly plan, and ongoing is ongoing, meaning it can go go on for a looong time. >_>; Thanks for the recs though, I’ll check them out in the future one day. ;D If I find them used at a store or something, heh. I agree that her works are unique though. ;__; I really want to read them. orz

        Ahh, Clamp. ^^; I used to love their stuff too, although I can’t claim anything close to yourself. I was first introduced to them as a child, when uhh, “Cardcaptors” premiered on Kids WB. It was an instant love, but that love is kind of dead now and I find I have no interest in their new stuff at all. =/ You have quite a collection though. O_O You even know how much you have! That’s quite amazing. :’D

    • Then it’s probably not for you. 🙂 Everyone has different preferences. Actually, I bought my volumes of Shounen Mahoushi cheap and used which is another reason I haven’t finished that up–I’m a bit less monetarily invested! Even then, I can’t keep away from stalled or long ongoing series.. there’s too many good things I would have missed out on otherwise, so I deal with the heartbreak. I think the longest (continuously–no hiatus!) series I’ve been reading is Silver Diamond since 2003 and I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀

      CLAMP does inspire instant love, granted you first see one of their good series. I love still CCS 😀 I started with Magic Knight Rayearth myself and was hooked until TRC/xxxholic. I’m cheating on the numbers though–LibraryThing helps me instantly figure out how many books I own by any author like CLAMP, granted I entered everything correctly. :3 I’d be lost without it dealing with this number of books.

  2. I’m still buying new Clamp stuff, but I haven’t read a lot of their older volumes. I just can’t wait for new volumes of Kobato and I preordered the first volume of Gate 7 a few days ago, but the later volumes of ×××holic are only so-so (I still haven’t got the last one — it’s currently on a boat somewhere between Asia and Europe).

    Your extensive description of Light Novel is getting me interested, but it is hard to make a decision from just three pages. The following two pages are just white — are they also white for you, or is it maybe caused by some bug in my Linux browser+Wine+Windows plugin combination? [How I hate those annoying Crochettime sites…!]

    • I just can’t get into CLAMP’s newer stuff (at best) or actively dislike it. However, I treasure their old stuff. There’s a lot of creative freedom, less self-referencing, and Mokona drew more/was in charge of a larger portion of the art direction. I dislike Nekoi. It’s nice Mokona’s style is back in full force with Kobato and Gate 7, but I’m just not drawn in storywise or too letdown by them at this point. Not properly finishing X, Gohou Drug, Clover, or even giving the Subaru/Seishirou arc in TRC a decent closing was the last straw(s). I can’t quite remove myself completely though.. it’s too ingrained in my manga heritage or something. I’m past some breaking point, but it’s a complicated love/hate thing.

      I can see 5 pages of Light Novel (including toc), with the last being the one where Sasakura irritably tells his editor to die, ha. It’s always hard to judge–I made my decision to buy it next round through some quick googling around and literally mostly based on the blood-stained little boy—and knowing she has the ability to work that angle I suppose.

      I’m not a fan of Crochet Time and getting it to work on my new computer was annoying. I’m used to even casual browser add-ons/scripts working with no problem, so having a big company/platform that they are trying to promote widespread use of being so troublesome is quite vexing.

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