Another Manga Order (Spurred by Oyaji Obsession)

I’m still working my way through my last order, but oyaji and centaurs forced me to shoot off another order.  More modest this time, particularly because a number of titles I’ve been wanting lately are always 7-21 days to ship on bk1.  I’ll need to do a separate order for those at some point.  There’s just a few titles on my “must have right now and preferably yesterday” list and & by Okazaki Mari is one of them.  That oyaji drives me crazy~  I ended up grabbing two manga from the on BLUE imprint.  The rest were mostly playing catch up with a few titles I’ve been meaning to get, including some I’ve already read.  Whoops!

  • & (2) by Okazaki Mari
  • equus by est em
  • Amai Hari by Meiji Kanako
  • Haikyo Circle 1 by Watanabe Yuuna and Yuuki Azusa
  • Thermae Romae 1-3 by Yamazaki Mari
  • Tesoro by Ono Natsume
  • Konoyo Ibun 1-2 by Suzuki Tsuta
  • Don’t Cry My Baby by Nishida Higashi

I just can't say no to that face.

7 responses to “Another Manga Order (Spurred by Oyaji Obsession)

  1. hello…again i have a that a manga with a title when i point the cursor on the picture it says oyaji that a manga or another illustation?hehehe..thanks for your time and reply..

  2. ah…hehehe…i thought it is manga..thanks..and btw you seem online 24 hours hehehe…so fast…

    • No problem. I often work at my laptop unless I’m teaching, so I am fast unless I’m busy. Being summer, it’s not very busy! I’m always looking for a 2 minute distraction!

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  4. Shin, is Tesoro good? I am reading La Quinta Camera now and I like the style and the story. So I am thinking of getting Nigeru Otoko and Tesoro. I saw you snippets on Nigero Otoko and I quite like it. Not sure about Tesoro, though.

    • If you like La Quinta Camera, you’ll like Tesoro. Although smaller, I think I liked the short stories in Danza even more. Which isn’t saying much–they are both good.

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