Shiny New Releases: Ane no Kekkon

Iwatani Yori is a 39 year old woman who leads a quiet life while working at the library.  She thinks things like love and marriage are too troublesome.  Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a romance manga if there wasn’t someone introduced to disturb her pattern.

A handsome, but suspicious man appears before her, claiming to be an old childhood friend.  Maki has cared for Yori since he was a boy, but now he’s a married man–married to a woman who looks exactly like Yori. This apparently doesn’t stop him from chasing down Yori who desperately tries to push him away. What kind of future could this love (?) have?

I’m not sure about the whole married man angle, but I liked the banter in Otoko no Isshou, so I’m willing to give Nishi Keiko’s newest work, Ane no Kekkon, a go!

6 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Ane no Kekkon

  1. The drawings look nice, but is the story also good?

    • Well, I’ll be picking up volume 2 and am getting other Nishi Keiko stuff, so it must be doing something good. Perhaps I’m a little worried about future direction–it’s supposed to be a romance story, but I find cheating to be a very unromantic subject. It is more like… a realistic, imperfect adult romance? I don’t think she’ll fumble it. I’m curious to see Yori’s changing relationship with Maki. And Maki’s motivations.. at least those beyond the surface :3 In terms of romance manga, I don’t do them terribly often, but I want to follow this one. Ah, I meant to do more on this title.. never enough time.

  2. Shin, thanks for replying. My friend just bought me this yesterday and I have read half of the book already. Yes, the cheating part is kinda… =.=
    But somehow there is something off about the relationship dynamic between Maki and his wife that I could not exactly pinpoint. Anyway, when will volume 2 be released? I am also waiting for Okazaki Mari’s & (3)! That series are nice!

    • Oh yay, you got it 🙂 Maki and his wife.. what a farce. Farce doesn’t even describe it. Yeah, we’ll go with “off.” I get that the wife is being demonized as a blatant cheater and neglectful, cold person so Maki’s own infidelity doesn’t look as bad, but two wrongs don’t make a right.. so it’s still off. I really want to know the reason behind why they are still together. Financial/family connections doesn’t seem like they’d cut it.. so I think curiosity drives me to read this series almost more than anything. That and Maki’s hair :3 I’ve not seen a release date for volume 2 yet.

      You’re caught up with & too then? YES, I can’t wait until Vol 3! That is the one volume that I’m dying for (Natsuyuki 3 is out in just a few days :D). I love love love that series.

  3. His hair? Hahaha, don’t you think it’s a bit too perfect? He looks like a college student, I find it hard to believe that he is in his 30s.

    Actually, I got hooked on Natsuyuki and & after reading you blog so thanks for the info. =) If only the books are not that expensive and if only yen is not this strong. Bad bad news for my wallet!

    • It’s perfect in its craziness.. it makes him look childish, which aligns in my head with his behavior.

      I put off getting Natsuyuki myself for a few months because the books were so expensive, but I’m glad I took the risk. 🙂 The strength of the yen has really changed my buying habits. I have a huge growing backlog of stuff and don’t troll the used manga stores/auctions as much either. :O

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