April Manga Order Arrival

Timely arrival of my end-of-the-semester manga order.  Title list here.  I’m a bit miffed–after splurging a bit on this order (with the full intent of another small one early May), my gaming PC died the very next day and needs replaced.  But since the books are bought and paid for anyway, I might as well enjoy them.

Going to start off with Tora to Ookami since I just caught up again.  It has similar structure to Hana Yori Dango in terms of characters, but the drama has been toned down.  I’m enjoying it a lot.  A little Engei Shounen after that–I still love Morinaga Ai’s humor and cute boys. Also some Hatarake, Kentauros, which contains 4 Be x Boy Gold  published stories, so I’m curious to see what’s all in her equus tank that was released today.


2 responses to “April Manga Order Arrival

  1. Shoko Hidaka’s “Hana wa Sakuka” is fantastic. It’s one of the most well done BL manga I have ever read.

    Did you finish reading it yet? What did you think of it?

    BTW, your blog is nice! ^_^

    • I’ve read both volumes–love it. Can’t wait for volume 3! I agree that it’s definitely one of the better BL titles I’ve read recently. It’s beautiful–I love the art, the pacing, and the natural flow/interactions between characters. There is something intoxicating about Hidaka Shoko’s way of drawing black-haired guys and older men and this work has both! XD

      Thanks, glad you like it and I’m glad to have another Hana wa Saku ka fan around. 😀

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