April Manga Order

It was time for a sizable manga restock.  Since the dollar bounced back against the yen slightly, I even bought a couple of volumes that I’ve technically already read, but need in dead-tree format.  The best format, of course.  Still lots of backlog to go though. 😦

There’s a ton of great stuff in this order, like new works from est em, Yamashita Tomoko, Ono Natsume, Takaguchi Satosumi…! /spaz


  • Hatarake, Kentauros by est em (the cover… /thud)
  • Engei Shounen 1 by Morinaga Ai (really looking forward to this one.. she is queen of ugly cute)
  • Natsume Yuujinchou 11 by Midorikawa Yuki
  • Ouji to Majou to Himegimi 3 to by Matsuzuki Kou
  • Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen 4 by Ogura Akane
  • Issho ni Neyou yo 4 by Takao Shigeru
  • Kawatare no Machi by Katsuta Bun
  • Aruosumente by Aki
  • Vassalord. 5 by Kurono Nanae


  • Sakitcho Dakedemo by Tojitsuki Hajime (wouldn’t have bought this without Nakama’s sneak peek~)
  • Ayashi no Kimi no Koi Moyou by Kuku Hayate (shoulda grabbed the first too.. oh well)
  • Nanahikari 5 by Takaguchi Satosumi
  • Hone Made Aishite 1 by Takaguchi Satosumi
  • Ameiro Paradox 1 by Natsume Isaku
  • Hana wa Saku ka 1-2 by Hidaka Shoko
  • Samishi Zashiki Sora no Nagusami (? *squints* lol) the new Renaissance Yoshida tank.  God knows I’ll mostly stare at it and go cross-eyed before reading/understanding anything.  WORTH IT
  • Adeiro Yuugi by Takatsuki Noboru
  • Show ga Hanetara Aimashou by est em
  • Age Called Blue by est em
  • Illumination by Yamashita Tomoko (caught up on their print copies~)

“Other” (bit of josei, seinen, shounen):

  • Fujun by Cherry
  • Mirror Ball Flashing Magic by Yamashita Tomoko
  • Daddy Long Legs by Katsuta Bun
  • Saraiya Goyou 3-5 by Ono Natsume
  • Nigeru Otoko by Ono Natsume (I have no clue what this is about, but I’m already spazzing)
  • Sensei no Kaban 1-2 by Kawakami Hiromi / Taniguchi Jiro (OYAJI)
  • BUTTER!!! 2 by Yamashita Tomoko
  • Zoku Hoshi Mamoru Inu by Murakami Takashi (I’ve gotten a dog since I’ve read the first one, yay!)
  • Teiichi no Kuni 1 by Furuya Usamaru

I even bought some English translated manga the other day!  *gasp*  I know, I know.  But I was out at a closing Borders store and since it was stupid cheap, I picked up Ohoku 1-5, Ai ga Nakute mo Kutte Yukemasu, and Hetalia 1-2.  Basically wordy stuff I’m too lazy to read in Japanese.  /incorrigible.  I almost grabbed some Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin, but since it’s 14+ volumes ongoing, I’m not sure I want an unfinished series or to pay full price to keep buying it in English.  Maybe raw someday.. if the dollar bounces back more!

5 responses to “April Manga Order

  1. Not much I recognise in there. I’ve planned to buy Ōoku for a long time, but her Aisubeki Musumetachi was a bit hard to read, so I have postponed buying Ōoku so far, thinking that it might be of similar difficulty.

    Let’s hope you get your stuff soon. Currently, I’m a bit upset because of delayed release dates: first Love Buzz “shinsōban” volume 3 was postponed from 25 March to 25 April (delaying my March order) and then two Madoka volumes were postponed so that also my April order was delayed. Have you experienced any annoying delays like this lately? I’m wondering if this might have something to do with the 11 March happenings.

    On a side note, have you received any of those nice ¥300 BK1 coupons lately? I haven’t got one for quite some time now, and for that reason I haven’t preordered any May titles yet. I’m glooming at Shimura Takako’s Aoi Hana vol. 6 and Mizushiro Setona’s Nōnai Poison Berry vol. 1 and I’d like to order them right away, but it is always nice to be able to use a ¥300 coupon at the same time.

    • I have two volumes of Ohoku in Japanese and it’s very wordy and full of politics, so it’s a difficult read for me. So I picked up those English translated volumes and actually read up to volume 5. Problem is… I know there’s a dialect thing going on in the original, but now the very Japanese setting has people speaking awkward ye olde English. It’s something that tests your tolerance. But it’s a great story and not something to be missed, so I’m dealing.

      My stuff already shipped, including recent releases, so those publishers were not affected. I’ve not personally seen any more lingering delays on those I follow, but I heard Madoka specifically was pushed back. It’s likely related to the anime being delayed (self “discretion?”).

      I’ve not gotten any coupons for a while. Last one was before 3/11 actually. Since it’s been over a month, I gave up. They took down their big notice about possible difficulties with shipping, so I was hoping that meant they’d get back into regular business soon (and start sending coupons!). I want to get Nounai Poison Berry too.. looks good 😀

      • Finally! I just got this:
        Now I’ll be able to order Nōnai Poison Berry and the other stuff. 🙂

    • Yes, I just got that too. It’s about time! I’ll need to order equus and such soon then. Glad it’s not gone for good.

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