The Return of Hakkenden!

I just wanted to point excited fingers at a certain line in the manga lineup of the current issue of Ciel magazine (released on 3/30).


Abe Miyuki :  Hakkenden – Touhou Hakken Ibun

Even after hearing the previous announcement, it was still hard to believe in such manga miracles.  Yeeees, my second favorite serialization is back in business!  Man, I’m even tempted to buy a copy to mark the occasion.. and I dislike magazines!  All is right in the manga world.  I’m glad she’s enjoying such deserved success with her new publisher.

4 responses to “The Return of Hakkenden!

  1. @$%@#$%&!! Ciel’s bringing us Hakkenden too?! ;A; Thank goodness! With their recent Abe Miyuki books reprint, I was hoping they’re going to bring Hakkenden back. *Kisses the ground in happiness*

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  3. Does this mean that Hakkenden will be BL now?!! OMG that would be awesome. ❤

    • I’m honestly not sure if it will change at all–some manga in that magazine are very light on the BL side and with the hints/teasing Shino gets already, it might be covered “enough.” Abe Miyuki seems to get a lot of freedom with Kadokawa. She sells lots of books for them, so I’m hoping she won’t get pressured into changing anything. But if it was heading that way to begin with, then I’m game. Although the original Hakkenden tale suggests a relationship other than lovers.. but it’s such a loose connection, so who knows.

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