Early March Manga Snack

Spring break just isn’t for students–I got some extra time myself and bought a few titles to read during my extra time.  But catching up on Doctor Who and a gaming binge (Half Life 2, Dragon Age 2) has cut into my manga time these past couple weeks, so this small order focused on what I wanted to read right now.

Winston continues to be unimpressed with the manga ritual.


  • Otoko no Issho 1-3 (complete) (oyaji time~)
  • Moon Trick 1
  • Kaizoku to Ningyo 4
  • Mahoutsukai no Neko 2
  • Al to Neri to Sono Shuuhen (love me some basso)
  • Koi Suru Savanna
  • Suki ni Naru to Kowareru
  • Gozen 3-ji no Houmonsha (Sugihara Machiko short story collection)

Since I got them several days ago, I’ve already read a few volumes.  I’m not sure what to think about Moon Trick.  I like that it’s more BL-ish than many other current Ichiraci series.  Morimoto Shuu resists the magazine’s great shoujo shift since G Defend started in the BL Racish publication.  But like her other works, it starts off as a bit of a mess with too many characters and an unestablished setting.  But boys turn into cute animals, so that’s enough, right?!  It probably just needs more time to get off the ground–I didn’t even really like G Defend until I read half a dozen volumes or so and now I find it quite enjoyable.

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