Shiny New Releases: Adeiro Yuugi

Adeiro Yuugi is the new manga release from Takatsuki Noboru, a well known illustrator in the BL world.  Although he has illustrations for many novels and even visual novels (Silver Chaos, Hanamachi Monogatari), his manga releases are infrequent in comparison.  Adeiro Yuugi is about Katase (Kadase?) who works at a workshop which specializes in the traditional, intricate art of yuzen dyeing.  He doesn’t get along well with others and deliberately keeps people at a distance.  This changes when he’s told to allow a friendly young man in training to stay at his place.  Cue drunken overtures, yeeeah.

Honestly?  I just love his men and I am so all over this.  Short preview available on Daria’s website (click the open book icon).  I love it when they do that.  My bank account hates it, but what does it know?!

2 responses to “Shiny New Releases: Adeiro Yuugi

  1. Silver Chaos artist! (Pardon the one-liner.)

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