February 2011 Manga Recommendations

It’s that time again–10 manga for the month of February (early~).  It’s a shoujo-y month apparently.  Some old, some new.  Some long favorites, some passing fancies.  All enjoyable.

February Manga Recommendations:

Golden Days by Takao Shigeru
volumes read:  8 volumes (complete)
type:  shoujo, historical, BL-ish, nice art
A good shoujo specimen with a touch of fantasy and BL–my favorite type of manga!  Soft art featuring Taisho era school boys with some Western influence creeping in.  Can’t go wrong with Takao Shigeru.

Baroque by Ueda Shinsyu
volumes read: 3 volumes (complete)
type: shounen, horror, fantasy/sci-fi, psychological, mystery
Based off the non-linear RPG Baroque, published before its 2008 remake. It’s a rather good manga adaptation drawn by Ueda Shinsyu, no stranger to horror manga. Describing it is not trivial, but the manga is more straight-forward, which is almost nice after struggling to trip the correct flags in the game!  Death is inevitable and a necessity–no progress is made without it.

At Laz Meridian by Yuiga Satoru
volumes read: 6 volumes (complete)
type: shoujo, fantasy, adventure/dimensional traveling, nice art
A bit of Arthurian legend is mixed into modern Japan.  Despite the main character being a rather generic annoying shoujo heroine (of medium grade–there are much worse), the boys are worth it and are interesting versions of Arthur and Lancelot.  It’s a good shoujo fantasy title with a dash of romance and adventure. I even wrote a proper introduction on MAL a while back!  And yes, it’s by the E’s mangaka, but this is way better and criminally unknown!

A Drunken Dream and Other Short Stories by Hagio Moto
volumes read:  1 volume (complete)
type:  shoujo, sci-fi, psychological, piece of manga history
A English translated compilation in my collection?!  Blasphemy!  But for such a high quality release, I can make an exception for Hagio Moto.  Her influence and contribution is undeniable in manga, particularly shoujo and BL.  This hard-covered, lovingly translated book with a varied selection of short stories is a great addition to any collection and includes two of my favorites–Hanshin and Iguana Girl.

Heart no Kuni no Alice – My Fanatic Rabbit by QuinRose/Psyche Delico
volumes read:  1 volume (1+ ongoing, slow)
type:   shoujo, otome game adaptation, reverse harem, guy with gun+bunny ears
The “other” serialization of the Alice otome games (not counting the bazillion anthology books I own).  This story focuses on Elliot and the other mafia family members.  Although the other characters look kinda off, Elliot himself is in great form in this adaptation:  spot-on adorable and a bit disquieting at the same time. More than worth a look if you have any passing interest in the Alice games.

Mo’some Sting by Yamashita Tomoko
volumes read: 1 volume (complete)
type:  BL, oyaji, character moe~
Reading anything by Yamashita Tomoko is a good decision and this is my favorite.  She describes it as “character moe.” 100% correct–fantastic characters!  A masochist, an oyaji, a psychotic yakuza, a feisty high school girl and… an insurance salesman?!  Trust me, it works!

Fetish Berry by Aki Arata
volumes read:  1 volume (1+ ongoing)
type:  shoujo, comedy
Features a girl who gets really worked up over beauty in certain physical traits, like boys’ hair, hands, faces… well, okay, most things!  She thinks she’s an utter pervert, but her childhood friend doesn’t think it’s so odd.  She meets a classmate who is a conglomerate of all these tasty things and her control slips.  Sensing an exploitable weakness, we quickly learn the boy is a bit rotten on the inside!  An amusing shoujo comedy romp you’d expect from Aki Arata.

Kingyoya Koshoten by Yoshizaki Seimu
volumes read:  2 volumes (11+ ongoing, 2 volume prequel)
type:  seinen, slice of manga life
A manga about manga and its effect on peoples’ lives.  Each chapter covers a different customer of a used bookstore and a manga title important to them.  The fun part is that it features real manga, like Dr. Slump and Chizumi & Fujiomi.  It’s fun trying to recognize covers in the background.  Information and a short history of the featured manga are covered at the end of the book.  It’s a manga for manga lovers.  Btw, the mangaka started out in the late 1980’s publishing BL manga in Racish~

@Full Moon by Matoh Sanami
volumes read:  2 volumes (2+ ongoing, slow)
type:  shoujo, BL, fantasy, gender bender, please-have-kinky-sex
Yes, Matoh Sanami of Fake fame.  This is a recent shoujo sequel to the old title Full Moon ni Sasayaite.  The vampire David has a lovely bride–who is actually a young man who changes into a woman during the full moon.  Marlo is a bit uptight about this–no physical activity when he’s in male form, despite David’s reassurances.  Think of what an awesome, rich, and fun sex life Marlo would have if he’s just loosen up up a bit?!  And let me seeee~ Okay, I’ll stop–I wrote a proper intro on MAL once.

Risutora Host by Sakurai Riya
volumes read:  1 volume (complete)
type:  shoujo, comedy
Previously a shiny new release.  Ochiai is a plain, chubby, 35 year old salaryman who was laid off.  His new job?  A host!  He can’t woo the ladies with his looks, but Ochiai has his own awkward charm and appeal (…sometimes lol).  Considering he wasn’t even a good salaryman, perhaps this is his true calling?!  As long as he keeps his shirt on!

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