January Tousuisha Arrival

Both old and new Tousuisha orders came in (title list).  The old ones came from a Rakuten shop and are in surprisingly good condition, although I didn’t appreciate the huge stickers I had to work at removing from the covers!  The books themselves were dirt cheap.. the shipping cost, not so much.   Still,  I’m getting ever so closer to having the majority of Tousuisha tanks!  There’s lots of good stuff to read, although I’m admittedly far more psyched about the bk1 order which should arrive by the end of the week.


5 responses to “January Tousuisha Arrival

  1. I wish they would be a bit easier to get outside Japan… I hate the express-only policy of all shops where I’ve found them! Amazon is really bad, Kinokuniya is even worse (unless the order consists of only one light item in which case Amazon [3700 yen] is more expensive than Kinokuniya [2400 yen]). I recently got an EMS shipment of some non-comic stuff via Tensō.com and decided to sneak in the first volume of “Asterisk” since it shouldn’t affect the weight too much. I want the rest of the volumes too, but I don’t feel like paying 10,000 yen Amazon shipping or 20,000 Kinokuniya shipping for something of similar weight as something which would ship for 2,700 yen BK1 surface shipping…

    • It is unfortunate. I like Tousuisha, but it would be better if their distribution was more aggressive and covered another big store or two (that offers non-EMS shipping methods). Between that and letting Hashiba Maki and Abe Miyuki out of their grasp, I really question their business sense.

  2. I’m so glad I came across your site while searching for places that carry 赤白たまご. Heading over to check Rakuten now. There are quite a few titles from this publisher that I’d like to check out, but even my local Book-off didn’t have any. Do you think bk1 do book requests for this publisher?

    • Hi 🙂 It’s always great to meet someone with an interest in titles like Akashiro Tamago!

      I’ve never tried doing a book request from bk1, so I don’t know how flexible they are. I get new releases from other sites directly and my biggest problem is the very limited, out of print stuff. Rakuten did have a number of old titles I hadn’t found elsewhere over the past few years of looking at least. Happy hunting. 🙂

      • Some time ago, I asked BK1 about some Tōsuisha stuff and an odd Kōdansha book which for some reason didn’t appear on BK1. I think the answer was something like “these things can’t be ordered from here because they aren’t listed in the inventory”, but I don’t remember exactly. In any case, it seemed that book requests weren’t available. I don’t know if it would be easier to nag on Tōsuisha instead and ask the publisher to make its publications available through BK1. Since the only shops I know of which ship Tōsuisha stuff internationally (Amazon, Kinokuniya, Mangaō) only offer ridiculously expensive shipping options, it means that I get a lot behind with buying Tōsuisha stuff and that I usually only buy the things when I’m planning to forward something else via a freight forwarder offering surface mail.

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